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Alba Iulia
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

We have not hijacked the Dialogue process or Sidelined ZCID-Church Mother Bodies

Headlines We have not hijacked the Dialogue process or Sidelined ZCID-Church Mother Bodies

Leaders of Church Mother Bodies addressing a media briefing at Kapingila House today
Leaders of Church Mother Bodies addressing a media briefing at Kapingila House today

The Three Church Mother Bodies have clarified that they have not hijacked the dialogue process or sidelined the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID).

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Board Chairperson Bishop Paul Mususu says ZCID is still a stakeholder in the process.

Bishop Mususu says the Church Mother Bodies will continue to work and are finalising a framework for the intended National dialogue and reconciliation.

He was speaking on behalf of the Council of Churches in Zambia CCZ and Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) yesterday during a media briefing at Kapingila House in Lusaka.

Bishop Mususu said the Church’s silence in the process was deliberate and was used to discern, reflect and make consultations with stakeholders which include ZCID.

Bishop Mususu said the Three Church Mother Bodies desire to lay a pre-dialogue foundation that is respected and accepted to key protagonists in the process.

Below is the full press Statement

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  1. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya handled his own dialogue with his political opponent with no KCID or Church circus. This week he is in America seeing how he can improve the 1 billion trade between Kenya and America. Us we are just returning from an inauguration ceremony

    • Church mother bodies save no purpose whatsoever and should not be acco loses air space at all. Lusakatimes we should stop covering them.

      I’m at East Park having a fruit juice next to pick n pay. I’m enjoying it but Nick is struggling with the heat – I don’t know what to do now.

      People are still starring at me and one asked me person 4 times because my accent has changed to British accent and they don’t get me now.

      People need to stop starring at a black Woman with their fiancé.



    • How much did ZCID need to account back to donors? This is why its not good to spend sitting allowances, meetings can change.
      Now Bishops are saying ZCID should be treated like Rainbow Party and all other pagans etc, they are all Stakeholders.

    • Edgar Lungu can do as Uhuru did, but he still does not know he is President. He doesn’t know he is Commander in Chief either, that is why PF cadre violence is unprecedented

    • Malriamungu – exactly but they problem here is both our main parties are not mature enough to handle matters like the Kenyans there is just too much mistrust….both their leadership is very questionable; its clear that they keep kicking the can down the road, first it was the commonwealth, now the Church…but still these greedy foooools ZCID are still in the picture.

  2. The boy in Zimbabwe has rejected court ruling and he has rejected dialogue exactly like our u5

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm ba Mushota be yourself. Your pride won’t take you anywhere? So Nick came with you to finalise your marriage? As long as you are just engaged means that all what you with Nick is adultery. As such you are an adulterous woman.
    As for the church mother bodies represented there, they lost value long time ago.

  4. The boy is zim says judges are 3 muskateers

    Africa lacks mature opposition. And they contribute to creation of one party state and dictatorship

    All u5 wants is gov’t of national unity because he is not daft. He knows ballot can never take him to state house because his votes are limited.

    He gets 99.9 votes from his tribe yet fails to make 50+1

  5. All the the 3 church mother are partisan right up to their bone marrow. Ba Paul Mususu does not even hide his political inclination and one wonders his bouncing back at the helm of Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia. These guys accuse political parties of recycling leaders and yet are acting the exact opposite. This is warning sign that progress in the national dialogue remains a pipe dream.

  6. HH needs government of NATIONAL UNITY, he’s applying CHEAP POLITICAL psychology. With his NATURE of BITTERNESS and TRIBALISM, ECL can’t accept that NONSENSICAL move by UPND.Even Church mother bodies and ZCID can’t sacrifice the country in the hands of HH by supporting him and his political party.

    • Only fellow corrupt politician can accept Government of National Unity with Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation

  7. The church are the modern day Pharisees. Blood money, the love. In Rwanda they caused a genocide, least we forget. They continue to have serious allegations of child molestation on their heads. Trust the church and you digging your own grave

  8. i believe the three mother bodies mean well for the country. I also feel the ZCID can never be that impartial because it has elements of Christians for the ruling elite, which is biased in favour of the ruling party. We heard that the three mother bodies have tried to engage government over the dialogue process but that State House has shut out the door for them- it doesn’t want to meet them in short. I personally think the dialogue process will not reach its intended objective because so many carry-over political wounds have not been healed over a period of time. I wish it were something like truth and reconciliation culminating into prayer and fasting day bad sadly it can never come to pass.

  9. HH must be left to go to his Animo Farm and dialogue with his animos. I am sure they will find him speaking sense, their language. If you will not do so you will be wasting your time, they say NEVER argue with a …. you will NEVER notice the difference.

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