ZCID is not part of those consulted by the church-Nakacinda

Mutati FAction led Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda
Mutati FAction led Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda

Mutati Faction led Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has refuted claims by the three Church Mother Bodies that they have engaged members of Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) on their intended roadmap for the national dialogue.

Speaking when he featured on Tuesday’s edition of the “Let The People Talk” radio programme on Phoenix FM Nakacinda said contrary to the Churches’ claims that they have engaged stakeholders like ZCID instead the opposite is true that they have not been met apart from the church having met UPND only.

He clarified that the only engagement the Church Mother Bodies have had with ZCID was at the request of the centre who mate them several times in a bid to convince them to chair the dialogue process.

“It is us who went to the church and the church cannot claim at this particular moment and here am talking about church leaders, we are yet to hear the process of consultations among them in terms of constituencies and so on whether indeed the route they have taken is indeed with the full blessing of the thier entire constituency or its just the Church leaders. Our view is that we went to the Church and this is what we are saying the church has not come to ZCID and said ZCID can you come…

“(Luchi) so you are saying they have never, they have never spoken to any board member and are you being categorical about that? (Nakacinda) Yes and am saying this before God that any meeting that has taken place between ZCID and the Church has been at the request of ZCID and after have presented what we think is the position of politicians the church has always responded without any commitment saying that they will get back to us.

“The only now dramatic turn of the event is the response and then later of course after we said the Church is abrogating the mandate we have given them so maybe over and above the church maybe consider other stakeholders to chair the process because Luchi there is nothing complicated,” he said.

And Nakacinda wondered why the contravesy with the Church when politicians have agreed on what they want to achieve in the process.

He said the stance by the Church is dragging the process of reforms which are need backwards and that the politicians have all agreed on the four thematic areas which needs to be discussed in the dialogue process.


  1. The actual dialogue needed now is between The Church vs ZCID-and-other Pagans. The Christian nation is split, National Players Day will be poorly attended.
    HH Vs Lungu crisis is all-over. Now they talk same language of judicial system, and both are facing Contempt.

  2. I think that slowly, the so called dialogue talk has been rendered boring, irrelevant and worthless. For almost one year now, squabbling has been on who chairs. If it takes one year to squable over chairmanship, what more agenda? What more real issues? I think it’s better we talk about other more serious issues than this boring dialogue malabishi

  3. There are just too many conditions and excuses for this dialogue, even irrelevent people from an illigal faction are all airing their views.

  4. The problem is that Zambia is full of greedy individuals, the church isn’t spared too. Previously there was only the Christian Council of Zambia, then the Fathers broke away because they wanted their own body. Later Joe Imakando broke away with Pukuta Mwanza to found his own body. These 3 can’t say they represent all believers, they want to also make a name. Some of these used to queue at LPM’s NCC for allowances. Most used disappear after being paid, very dishonorable men trying to be relevant. Hichilema must just concede defeat and recognize Lungu that will end all this drama

  5. Ayatollah wakamba zooona brother. They are just all liars. Ask Nevers Mumba or Mambo, Pule and all others. These are children of vipers our saviour and son of Jehovag God Jesus Christ warned us about before. They are just criminals and children of the devil himself. How can you be flying or driving when your church congregants dont even have food on the table? Kulibonesha.

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