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UPND Mangango MP dies in road accident

Headlines UPND Mangango MP dies in road accident

The ill fated motor vehicle which carried Mr Mweene after it carried off the road
The ill fated motor vehicle which carried Mr Mweene after it carried off the road

UPND Member of Parliament for Mangango Constituency, Naluwa Mweene is dead.

The late Mweene 44, died in a road accident at Itezhi tezhi turn off along Mongu-Lusaka road .

According to a notice from the UPND, the other four passengers who were in the vehicle sustained injuries and have been rushed to Mumbwa District Hospital and are now being attended to.

Mr Mweene, a Primary School Teacher by Profession was elected Member of Parliament with 7,922 votes beating his closest rival Taundi Chiseke of the PF who only managed 3,522 votes.

And the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema posted the following online

Good evening friends

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the passing of our Member of Parliament for Mangango Constituency, Hon. Naluwa Mwene.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Hon Mwene represented the people in Mangango well and we shall truly miss him.

On behalf of the UPND and indeed my own behalf, please accept my sincere condolences on this tragic loss of a young life.

Our prayers are also with other people who are injured and admitted at Mumbwa hospital.

We wish them a quick recovery.


The ill fated motor vehicle which carried Mr Mweene after it carried off the road
The ill fated motor vehicle which carried Mr Mweene after it carried off the road

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    • As MP learn to buy cars with HIGH SAFETY GUARANTEE not such low quality Land Cruiser!!.

      Maybe he even usedudrives to drive a ka Corollar.

      ANYWAY as UPND we extend our heart felt condolences to the family.

    • Zambia Report has him at 34 years old, LT puts his age at 44….a 10 year difference. So, how old was he really? Reading Zambian news blogs can sometimes just get you confused mwe. Boy, oh boy!

      Anyway, condolences to the Mweene family. Losing anybody so unexpectedly is always painful. It is in times like this that we have to be reminded of our own mortality and how thin the line is between life and death…..so in our political differences let us try to be nice to one another as Zambians.

    • How do you post pictures and not state the cause of the accident…how did the vehicle end up off road did a Tyre burst? is there no Police statement.

    • Condolences. Gay Jay wants to know! Ask HH! Are you asking about whether it is a ritual or not? Oh, sorry if it it was a tyre burst.

  1. It’s indeed a sad day. Let us use the death of the late young MP to unite the nation. Condolences to the mourning family. MHRIP.

  2. Where does pf come in sure? People are living their lives out there, maybe they were drinking & driving. Maybe the vehicle had bad brakes, or bad tyres. Only God knows. But tribalists here are now pounting fingers at pf. How about the claims that your hh’s sacrifices his own party members? Things have not been going well for your party & we all can see. You have problems you tribalists!!!

    • Do you also have to start hallucinating over this issue? Ins’t it just wise and mature to simply concentrate on this accident and death issue without exposing yourself too much. I hope the police will investigate the cause of the accident so we may know.

  3. Reading from other websites the vehicle had tyre burst and went off the road and hit on the tree as evidenced on the photo. There is nothing political about it.
    It is not the time of Chiluba when he was killing other politicians. That monkey it is good he is no more. The deaths of Ngenda, Kaunda’s son, and Tembo were the work of rotting Chiluba.

    • But death as well sure.

      The car just had to hit that one tree.

      Life is just one big accident waiting to happen.

      If it is your time, it is just your time.

      RIP honourable Mweene.

  4. Alla infwa ilanguka ngaili pamunobe….m not suprised that people are politicizing death….kaili taili pali bena….may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  5. I thought upnd members were immortal looking at the way the celebrate people’s deaths who are not on their side.

  6. In Bemba the say infyakumwena kubukulu. If you have never been exposed to Land cruisers while you were young and only start seeing them when old, you can not control a car that has a Tyre burst.

  7. We shall investigate the cause of this ACCIDENT STARTING FROM THE PALTE NUMBER “BAD” then 9807 thus the exact number of VOTES this ka MP got in the 2016 ELECTION, so something FISHY HERE, one a TONGAMAN , a mweene living in MANGANGO the LOZI KINGDOM how?? and he even becomes MP , so please investigate all these starting from The names , to me he was living on a borrowed name the “BAD” and 9807 CONNECTION

    • Yaya, this country needs leadership. How did we sink so low. Who can employ people with the level of think as ANYOKO? You shall investigate the cause in what capacity?

  8. On behalf of the Party we extend our heartfelt condolences to the Mweene family. Most of us recall how he had joined us in the struggle to find our feet to get out of the woods. I will miss our many discussions on how we would strengthen the party beyond 2021, beyond Adolf and his team. We have since dispatched a team to see of what practical assistance we can be in this time of grief. As a trained teacher K stood for improving the skills of youth. We shall soon roll out the program of the party involvement once we complete our discussions with the family. For now allow us to once again to offer our condolences. One soldier down but the battle continues….2021 focused.

  9. Oh my God-very sad indeed!!!
    However,Mr HH please learn to write his real name as “Naluwa Mweene and not MWENE”,to deceive people!Mr Kainde should be proud of his tribe!Everyone in Zambia knows that UPND is a tonga party,so the name should be “MWEENE”.

  10. We have lost life indeed because of induced bye elections caused by unprincipled councillors as he was going for campaigns. Pf should also to blame though they are denying buying off councillors even the old Ba Gogo Inonge denied it on the floor of parliament

  11. MHSRIP, i think people should learn to differentiate between something political and something otherwise especially here . Not everything should be seen as PF or UPND or ruling party and opposition. This issue is not political and its clear. Even the UPND leader hasn’t mentioned anything political . And some want to bring tribe into this.. Even yesterday or is it the other day his Excellency the President was telling people to avoid tribal talk.

  12. Very shameful that the so called Zambian Watchdog has already accused the PF of assassination of the late MP. And you wonder why the government can’t table the bill on access to information ?

    • Galu Watchers in Zambia are a Tribal H-Organization as well. They Support the Local Team. They Ha also confused like Childish.

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