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Schools warned not to tie school fees to purchase of uniforms and books

General News Schools warned not to tie school fees to purchase of uniforms and...

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(CCPC) has warned all schools that are in the tendency of tying fees to the purchase of uniforms and books and other activities that have no direct link to education.

The Commission says it is aware that some schools have been forcing pupils to purchase uniforms, exercise books and other items from the schools or PTA shops, failure to which pupils are removed from class.

CCPC Public Relations Officer Namukolo Kasumpa says the commission will not hesitate to impose appropriate penalties on any person who violates the Competition and Consumer Protection Act number 24 of 2010.

She says the commission is concerned with the growing tendency by schools to tie school fees for tuition to other activities that have no direct link to education.

Ms. Kasumpa says this conduct disadvantages the public and constitutes unfair contract terms.

She said this also distorts the competition landscape among the players in the provision of school requirements.

Ms. Kasumpa said the commission recognizes the need for schools to undertake projects and raise funds but is against the practice of tying the school fees or places and attendance of class to the purchase of school requirements directly from the school.

She has since advised all schools to desist from this act as it is not linked to education in anyway.


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  1. School Uniform buying used to be exciting during our time. We all used to buy in January from that school uniform shop on South end Cha cha cha Road. It was all done in January from one shop regardless of your school in Lusaka. Not chigulegule iyai!

  2. Honestly speaking the government needs to step up and control these private owned schools. Why let them put school fees in dollars. We are not in United States of America. If they want to charge in dollars let open schools in America. Can’t we surely have things done in our own way.

  3. One private school in Lusaka charges parents for not attending its open day. A fee of K100 is charged and added to school fees.

    The school which is in a poshy suburb of Lusaka, has been warned several times against this practice by those in the know that this is illegal, but they are adamant

    I hope that school takes note of this warning…


  5. Kids were being beaten at Naboonga secondary school in chingola because they didn’t buy new neckties introduced in the second term sure mwebantu.

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