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Government to collect 12 million Kwacha from students loans by December

General News Government to collect 12 million Kwacha from students loans by December

UNZA Students

Government is projecting to collect 12 million Kwacha by December this year from loan recoveries owed by 4,000 former students of three public universities.

The estimated 4-thousand students currently employed by government are from the University of Zambia – UNZA, Copperbelt and Robert Makasa Universities.

Higher education loans and scholarships director Ireen Chirwa says her department is approaching employers starting with government and quasi government institutions regarding the recoveries.

Mrs. Chirwa has told ZNBC News that those in the informal sector will be traced using various agencies like the Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA-.

She says those outside the country will be found using the immigration department while those running entrepreneurial firms will be tracked through Patents and Companies Registration Agency-PACRA- using national identifies like the National Registration Cars and bank details.

Mrs. Chirwa says ex-students in the diaspora will be required to approach various Zambian missions dotted all over the world.

She has since appealed for goodwill and cooperation from the ex-students of the targeted universities.

Mrs. Chirwa further says loans owed by the deceased ex-students will be treated as bad ones.

The recoveries are scheduled to start this September month end.


    • This is very ok if they signed such agreements, otherwise in the absence of agreements, i doubt if this will be a reality.

  1. This is welcome move so that we carter for the next generation. It is world wide practice for students to repay education loans when in gainful employment.

  2. 12000000/4000=3000
    So each student will have an average monthly deduction of k750.
    Paipa panyo………or sorry pano.

  3. ZNBC always makes wrong news because they dont consult….First its not Robert Kapasa Makasa university…..that wrong….Correction:: it is KapasacMakasa campus of CBU in Chinsali..The CBU..management dropped the name Robert in 22017…So Kapasa Makasa is not a university on its own…but its a university campus under CBU..Secondly those who have graduated at UNZA/CBU are more than 41000….and not 4000 as stated by ZNBC..

  4. In the years gone by, students sponsored by GRZ were employed and bonded by GRZ for at least two years. That was in a sense payback period. But now, GRZ is not obliged to employ and a lot of graduates are roaming the streets moving from one office to another with a bundle of CVs and copies of certificates, but no jobs. I am talking from experience, I have a son who graduated last year in the field of environmental engineering. Up to now he can’t secure a job. The bit he has been close to getting a job was internship for six months in one of GRZ departments. After six months (by the way, not even transport money given, so I have to fork out my little resources for his transportation and meals from Monday to Friday), he was discharged and is back on the street. I thought that with the…

  5. The moment I saw the name, I knew there is nothing good to expect from some people from some regions when in positions of authority.

  6. Every week you will hear a new way in which PF has found to tax the Zambian citizens. Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place.

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