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Constitutional Court President Justice Chibomba receives letter asking for the court to cite HH for contempt

General News Constitutional Court President Justice Chibomba receives letter asking for the court to...

Mr Hichilema and Mr Bwalya and Prof. Gambari addressing after the end of the meeting
Mr Hichilema and Mr Bwalya and Prof. Gambari addressing after the end of the meeting
The Constitutional Court has received a letter from a citizen who has demanded that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema be cited for contempt of court.

Mr. HENRY Chilombo recently asked the court to cite Mr. Hichilema for contempt of court for allegedly calling some constitutional Court judges corrupt.

In his letter addressed to the Constitutional Court President HILDA Chibomba, Mr. Chilombo said Mr. Hichilema should be given an opportunity in court to substantiate his claims.

He stated that if nothing is done, the alleged statement which was attributed to Mr. Hichilemawill make people lose confidence in the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court President Justice Chibomba has acknowledged receipt of the letter from Mr. Chilombo.

This is according to a letter dated 3rd September 2018 under the Head “Scandalising of Constitutional court Judges” by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Last month Acting Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa observed that the accusation on three Constitutional Court Judges by Mr. Hichilema did not need an inquiry because evidence is already there.

Justice Mwanamwambwa said the evidence is documented in form of a report of utterances by the named culprit.

Last year, Mr. Hichilema at a media briefing at his residence in New Kasama accused Constitutional Court Justices Mungeni Mulenga, Palan Mulonda and Annie Sitali of being corrupt and later accused them whilst in South Africa of being under the control of the President for dismissing his presidential election petition.



    • I believe you are at liberty to take evidence about fire trucks, Swaziland contractors etc. the same way Chilombo has.

    • @Freedom, it’s because our leaders have tested Zambians and found them to be very gullible and easy to cheat! I think KK the Malawian must have seen something in Zambians that gave him the courage to want to rule them, even to the point of calling them $tup1d 1di0t$ and he was right. Chiluba the Congole also remarked and said, Zambians are easy to rule and misrule – they don’t take their leaders to task, they don’t ask sensible questions, indifferent to the cause of their country, unpatriotic, easy to bribe, slanderers, divided along tribal and regional lines! It is easy for any foreign nation to conquer Zambia without using weap0ns, but through the battle of the minds and appetites! This is why KK anointed someone to carry over his mission and has succeeded in selling the country to…

  2. Just another hungry P.F cadre shouting loud to be heard “muzungu anikonde” hoping in the process for a job, & some crumbs from Jonathan Pombe Mutaware’s tax payer funded table.
    Surely there are more pressing important issues this (munk.hw3le) should be flagging up i.e #42Wheelbarrows, Mukula, & Eswatinigate.
    We shall NEVER develop as a nation as long as we have @rs.elick1ng chancrers & speculators like Ka chilombo, or Ka child loving “S3.xdoll Tayali”

  3. Please can you tell Chilombo to tell his relatives to leave our land before they start running like headless chickens. This time we shall butcher you all. You have tried your lucky for too long.

    • Ukukonka konka bwino bane kuti mwasanga ati Chilombo is a proxy to a group bent on a witchhunt that is aimed at silencing HH! Hatred and evil rules and Chilombo may not have the intelligence to only deal with the matter through mailings and not interviews!

  4. Systems become less relevant when they begin to focus on individuals. Mr Chilombo has not done anything wrong in writing. What is at test here is how system(s) deals with these matters. As it stands is seems the systems are focusing on HH which is unfortunate. Zambia is bigger than any individual.

  5. Is this an attempt to get Zambia Concourt to re-hear the HH and GBM Petition? Why did the Concourt Judges illegally dismiss the Petition without Hearing it and Passing a Verdict? In Kenya the Supreme Court heard the Odinga Petition and passed a Verdict. Recently Zimbabwe Concourt heard Chamisa’s Petition and passed a Verdict. Why didn’t Zambia Concourt Judges refuse to Hear the Petition and then pass a Judgement? Justice Delivery is far more important than time Technicalities. The 3 Musketeer Concourt Judges were bribed to “dismiss” the Petition. Following the successful hearing of the Chamisa Petition in Zimbabwe Concourt Lungu is desperate to have the HH and GBM Petition resolved while he is still in office. Should Lungu leave office this Petition and other related illegalities will…

    • Odinga and Chamisa presented evidence for the judges to look at and pass a verdict. hh served the respondent after 1 week, he didn’t present any evidence for judges to look at. That’s the big difference. As you have quoted “…The 3 Musketeer Concourt Judges were bribed to “dismiss” the petition…” as said by hh in a public press conference, HE MUST NOW PROVE THOSE ALLEGATIONS.

    • What evidence did Odinga and Chamisa present? Suffering from self-induced amnesia?Be objective!!!

      As to “proving” his allegations, there is no need. Either the three judges are incompetent or corrupt.

      Remember, there is no ruling

    • …how do you rule on a case that is filed late, only preliminaries are presented??? What actual evidence, eg “stuffed ballots at polling station A or B”?? or startling differences at polling stations and totalling centre???

  6. A clear case of harassment by a frightened administration that is reeking in corruption, scared they will be brought to account for all the rot when they come out of government.

  7. It is amazing that no citizen has petitioned to cite ministers who were ordered to pay back the money for contempt. Why? If you ignore court rulings that is contempt. It is clear no minister has paid back the money.

  8. While the native n.igros are busy getting on each other’s neck, China is busy milking the country. Zambians are enriching the Chinese through ZNBC and ZESCO! Remember the Turbines they installed at Kariba that caused us Loadshedding were not installed for free. This is the reason why all the money raised from sales of Electricity units is not going directly to ZESCO but to Bank of China (BOC). It’s not that ZESCO banks with BOC, China is closing in on all our key assets! China is happy with PF-UPND feud where Zambian brothers and sisters have turned swords against each other. They are ready to do what they did in Rwanda supplying weapons so that your loss becomes their gain!

  9. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    A definition of a failed ‘sh!thole’ state is where you have a highest court of the land being abused by individuals (clearly at the leisure and under instructions of those in power), and being told to jump, and they jump. What message are they sending for them to dance to this nobody’s tunes, writing stnpid letters at will? Clearly if they go ahead and do what this sycophant is asking them to do, they will expose themselves and lose every remnant of integrity they still have left (if they have any left).

    So any Jim and Jack can write letters to the Supreme Court and ConCourt any, any day about anything and they will respond to them with unmatched efficiency never seen before? Or will they pick and choose who to respond to? This b00tlicker minion shouldn’t even have the audacity to…

    • flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …This b00tlicker minion shouldn’t even have the audacity to write directly to a Supreme or ConCourt judge and make them respond… at best he should be writing to the Clerk or Admin of the court who could then choose to forward the letter to the judge (if it has merit).

      For starters this isn’t even a Contempt case as the case was already disposed. If they felt aggrieved and slandered, they supposed to open a civil case in lower court in their individual capacity.

      What a failed sh!thole country this is with misplaced priorities, focusing on stone-age barbaric stuff instead of matching forward with the rest of the progressive world!

  10. When is someone going to investigate these crooks in courts…look at Kenya they arrested Deputy Chief Justice in court by the DPP.

  11. When are we ever going to grow and work up to reality in this country? The country is in a bad shape and instead of hearing or reading of solutions on what should be done to revamp the economy, we read nonsense from some citizens. Forget about HH and advise this government to govern this nation in truth,honest,dignified manner .He is not president for now and he is not in any way responsible for the misery going on in this country. People its about time we get ourselves seriously. Let the man continue offering checks and balances peacefully and you citizens who are bent on demonising HH use your time to meditate and think where the PF government is taking this country to. If you do definitely you will get answers. Leave the man alone.

  12. “HH WILL DIE A BITTER PERSON” says Tayali. This is a good development. Every well meaning Zambian is waiting for the day when this tribalist HH will be in court to prove those serious allegations against the judges. All along this man has been a sacred cow, untouchable but now time is ticking against him. HH was given time as embedded in the constitution to present his petition but wasted that time himself by bringing up preliminaries instead of the evidences. Therefore, it was not justifiable for HH to start insulting the judges for his misfiring. Who is HH not to be subjected to the wrath of the law? Let him be brought before the same judges he insulted to exculpate himself. It is time to bring back sanity and credibility to the concourt.

  13. Who is Chilombo and what interests does he have in Concourt citing HH? Can any Jim and Jack ask a Court to cite somebody? HH is aggrieved becoz his Petition was not heard, determined a Verdict was not passed by Concourt. Does Concourt wait for a PF Cadre to incite it to cite an Opponent? This is desperation. Its not Contempt of Court to criticize the Court. The Judgements passed by the 3 Judges are illegal and unconstitutional. The Petitioners cannot be denied their Rights to be heard in Court. Zambia Concourt made an error to illegally dismiss the Petition without Hearing it, determining it and pass a Judgement. They are trying to get Concourt to rehear the Petition thru the backdoor. HH and GBM should not fall for the trick. Concourt refused to hear the Petition so let the International…

  14. When an African leader fails to govern, the best he does to cover his incompetence is to target individual as a way of covering his his failure, to sidetrack the society from serious issue.
    Typical african leaders love adoration including deep homage at the expense of true liberty. Even a two year old child call the President a bad name, they have the child lock up together with the mother….
    shame on Lungu, chawama man you have lost it…………
    I pray for your true repentance…….. Godly people dont act evil as you do

  15. see how they are abusing a nolle proseque….. you wonder if they ever have been at a law school…….
    shame on african leaders….. Museveni, kagame ,burundi ramaphosa , lungu,emerson chadman, kabila, lungu are worst men……… even a clerk at 10 Downing street is better than


  16. who does not know that our legal system is rotten to the core; this Acting Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa is corrupt himself; their threats to HH or anyone will not succeed to break him; one day they shall dance to the same legal system they’re abusing; this evil man Chilombo shall does too; even Lungu shall one day dance to the same legal system;

  17. Is this news worth sure Lusaka Times? You wont report of the fact that Lungu is busy lying that the people have accepted the 30ngwee WhatsApp call charge?
    Be serious

    Thank you

  18. Well, well, well, there goes “The River in between”. I can imagine the king of cc saying not again. Henry Chilombo well done. Watch the drama in keith’s Hands. “Let the games begin”.Even what was almost concealled will be unearthed..HH has out numbered minions already. A first year law student can see this already. If you want dearest CC! go ahead with This pandora box. Iam sure you can sence that.
    What is best move on and ignore that letter. But again I am hoping a lesson will be put out to the likes of the so called EL,and Alexander.I like your views jay jay

  19. When You say HH is popular and PF can’t stand what exactly do you mean? HH use to have only 3 provinces of which PF has gone right in the bedrooms of UPND so wait for another defeat. It seems you are underrating Satas spirit. UPND is full of fools and stupid pipo who only know violence and tribalism. You are soòo back cultured and silly…

  20. I have no respect for this bantustan leader. But lets all face it. In zambia today there is corruption, corruption in top government, corruption in the entire court system from court registrar, magistrates, judges to justices. Bonse. Next nitu civil servant. The police & their traffic friends. There is corruption in the mines at procurement. There is corruption in parastals. There is corruption everywhere. So let this bantustan guy stand up for what he said because it is true. Let him go to jail if he must. But we will all know he is being pesecuted for telling facts. After that maybe he must also tell us how he corruptly acquired shares in privatised companies

  21. Kainde should be locked up in a tine room at mukobeko forever and throw the keys into indian ocean!!!
    HH thinks us Zambians owe him the presidency!!!He fails to campaign in 6.5 provinces which are PF strongholds and focus only on 3 bantustan provinces which have very few registered voters though still dreams to win general elections,HOW?IS KAINDE NORMAL SURE?On top of that he goes on a mountain to insult innocent souls such as judges,men in uniform and majority voters who reject him on polling day-shocking!!
    THERE IS NO NEED FOR EVIDENCE BECAUSE ALL HH SAID ABOUT JUDGES IS IN “BLACK & WHITE”.Let Kainde give proof that indeed Concourt judges are corrupt if not,jail him please!!!HH THINKS HE IS ABOVE THE LAW,BUT NOW HE SHALL DANCE “PELETE” IN COURT!!

  22. Indeed no one is above the law. It’s irksome that some do so with impunity especially when their balls are inflated by their masters and egos. All those breaking the law will in good time be called to face Justice. When that time comes, they should do so unreservedly, get their just deserts, reform and repent before the almighty if they indeed don’t worship the dark side.

    Seems the Deputy Chief justice already pronounced the verdict. So it’s advisable that one under-five with so many monickers apologises publicly to our Judiciary and Laws, to earn a sentence and Prerogative of Mercy from the ONE he does not recognise, that will spare his empty State House ambitions.

  23. The Deputy CJ has spoiled this case with his letter to one party cadre Chilombo because he has Violated clause 2.4 of the Bangalore Judicial Code of Conduct as Professor Muna Ndulo has guided. The clause reads as follows:
    2.4 A judge shall not knowingly, while a proceeding is before, or could come before, the judge, make any comment that might reasonably be expected to affect the outcome of such proceeding or impair the manifest fairness of the process. Nor shall the judge make any comment in public or otherwise that might affect the fair trial of any person or issue.
    Silence was going to be Golden here. Chilombo’s case should have been referred to the Judicial complaints Authority. Let someone also write to the Judicial Complaints Authority to cite the deputy CJ for unethical Judicial…

  24. Judicial independence is a pre-requisite to the rule of law and a fundamental guarantee of a fair trial. A judge shall therefore uphold and exemplify judicial independence in both its individual and institutional aspects.(The Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct, 2002). The Deputy CJ misdirected himself by allowing himself to be Coerced by one party cadre in the name of Chilombo and therefore did not exemplify Judicial Independence in this matter – a Dangerous Precedent!

  25. HH is filthy rich and cannot be made to answer contempt charges. Watch the space. Those judges are growing cold feet on mentioning his name. Chibomba’s husband is also linked to UPND NMC

  26. When UPND says something you say they are tribal. When it is of it is all gold.What hypocrisy is this?You like colonizing your friends the way you colonized the Lundas of Luapula,the Chishingas,Bwiles,Us his,Shiraz and all small small tribes.Concentrate on your caterpillars and rats and we will keep our cattle to ourselves.

  27. When UPND talks you say it’s tribal.When PF talks it’s all gold.You like colonizing your friends the way you colonized the Lundas of Luapula.The small small tribes like Chishinga,Bwile,Ushi ,Shira,N’gumbo and others. Keep to your caterpillars and rats and we will keep our cattle.

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