Government has said that it is happy with compliance levels of contractors regarding the 20 percent sub-contracting law of local contractors.

Speaking during a tour of construction works at Lusaka’s Specialized hospital and Maina Soko military hospital in Lusaka, Ministry of housing and Infrastructure development permanent secretary Charles Mushota said that government was happy that contractors are buying into the concept.

Mr. Mushota said that government is also happy that contractors are also sourcing materials like steel and cement locally.

And Mr. Mushota said the multi-million health facilities will go a long way in the provision of specialized health services to Zambians.

And Lusaka specialized hospital resident clerk of works Harkins Chama said the works are at 18 percent and that the project is expected to be completed ahead of schedule.

Mr. Chama said the hospital will have enough bed space to accommodate even those from outside town

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  1. HOW can this be, when just a week ago the President was saying the opposite? Could it be that Mr.Mushota’s company has been given a subcontract so for him that solves it all for all Zambians??


  2. 20% my foot!when the contractors get squeezed on prices….they are given peanuts…hand to mouth monies and you busy saying 20%….ask the workers ….they are worse off, they hang on to the tuma jobs for keeping up appearances che….they do it just to keep busy and hoping things will change some day…’s pathetic….we have really lost it as a nation…..



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