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PF Secretary General happy with By Election Results

Headlines PF Secretary General happy with By Election Results

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front (PF), Secretary General Davies Mwila has expressed gratitude at election results in Kasenengwa, Zambezi and Kasempa by elections.

Mr. Mwila said that the results are an expression of confidence in the leadership of President Lungu and the ruling Party.

He disclosed that the patriotic front party is quickly gaining ground in the opposition strongholds as evidenced by winning two out of the three by elections in North-Western province.

The Secretary General said the results are a clear signal that Zambians have rejected politics of bitterness, lies, hatred and cheap propaganda.

He said that some political parties have failed to provide checks and balances and alternative policies.

Mr. Mwila revealed that his political party remains resolute and committed to all campaign promises made.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS by Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila.

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    • how come these guys from sixkoloko are always the last ones to take a change and kopala is always the first one to take that change.

      PF, are you not tired of winning? UPNDEADS are you not tired of losing?
      It’s like drinking water, man I am not tired of quenching my throat. I drink it everyday.
      Same as thieves, they can’t steal enough.
      Babies can’t suck enough too.

  1. Comment:this is the result of undermining a person, little did UPND knew about his excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu. they thought that the man can’t work,that it will be walk over in 2015 and 2016, now has showed them. you know what guyz UPND,money,intelligence u can have it all, us a nation all what we needed was wisdom and born leader and which we having now. his excellence has taken PF on another level.

  2. Comment: UPND they do try by all means and strategy to bring PF down,now as they doing that his Excellence Lungu has already by pass there think over him and the party. UPND let me tell u this,don’t fight with nature coz in doing that u fight yourself. viva PF,bane even in 2021 my vote it’s on Lungu and the PF.

  3. PF won 2 wards out of 3 in N/Western and lost 2 wards in Western with very small differences despite the fact that HH&GBM camped there campaigning while president Edgar Lungu never even campaigned in those wards.Since 2016,PF has won several seats in the so called UPND’s strongholds while UPND has gotten zero seat in PF strongholds!!As things stand today,only tongaland can be said to be UPND’s stronghold but PF has maintained being strong in 6.5 provinces and has gained grounds in N/Western and Western provinces!!!HH shall lose terribly in 2021 as i simply cant see Kainde winning in 6.5 provinces (PF strongholds) where he has failed to win since 2006!!”UWAFITALA AKAMWINA!!”
    Congratulations mighty PF for retaining Kasenengwa seat in Eastern and grabbing 2 wards from UPND in…

  4. Whatever the outcome of results are, i for one would be happy if that is the will of the people. But to block your opponent from participating and you are proud of such a win is something i find rather morally upside down . In countries where institutions like ECZ are independent, they would have postponed Kasenegwe by-election. I personally know PF would have still won, just uncomfortable with the manner of handling of the whole thing

  5. “ONLY A TONGA MUST SUCCEED MAZOKA” says Sejani. What a great performance by PF in the so called UPND strongholds. I’m particularly happy that my people in North western province have come to realize that this tribalist HH and his tribal party UPND don’t mean well for this country, they are just dragging them backwards, hence their change of mind to support PF. The people of North western are not tribal like TONGAS who cant embrace a non tongas. They are ready to appreciate development given to them without any tribal inclinations. I’m pretty sure by 2021 the entire province will be grabbed by PF. We don’t want politics of hate, tribalism, bitterness as practiced by HH and his UPND.

    • “Only a Tonga can be President of UPND,” Larry Mweetwa. Thank you Alexander for reminding us. UPND may have forgotten what they say they stand for. This also helps those who were not born yet when this was spoken to know what UPND stands for. REMEMBER, no UPND has denounced or distanced themselves from these words. The other day one cadre here said he wished they could clobber more people in Namwala who are not TTONGGA.

  6. Kalalaba and kambwili can have political parties members, but they have to wait for years to be in power.Mind you they have no money like HH to run the party and no one will be ready to invest in those political parties with very slim chance of winning.

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