LOCAL Authorities in Mansa District of Luapula Province have given all business houses a 14 day ultimatum in which to have all shops and business houses painted failure to which they will face closure until they comply with the law.

Mansa Municipal Council Mayor Emmanuel Chungu says the move is in a bid to keep Mansa town clean, green and health and that this may led to speeding up the process of Mansa attaining a city status.

The mayor explained that the council has done a lot of sensitization campaigns on both local radio stations and via the public address system to the business fraternity on the goodness of keeping their premises clean.

Mr. Chungu made the directive in Mansa when he addressed more than forty business traders and business owners at a planning and sensitization meeting held at council guest house over the weekend And Mr. Chungu has thanked the Government for the many infrastructure development in the central business district Mansa which includes the upgrading of township roads from gravel to the bituminous standard.

Meanwhile the Mansa Municipal Council has offered all tenants and landlords an amnesty towards the payments of land rates at a reduced price.

Speaking at the same function Committee Chairperson for Finance and Valuation Newton Kalaba announced the fifty percent reduction.

Mr. Kalaba who is also Kaole ward Councilor said all business owners and landlords owing the council have been given a sixty day grace period in which to settle their bills at a reduced price before the end of an amnesty.

And Mansa Municipal Council have implored on all mobile service network providers to go through the council before branding any private shop within Mansa Central Business District.

Mansa Municipal council Director of Engineering Services Situnyama Llewellyn who represented the Town clerk said mobile network service providers should pay through the council before painting any building with their corporate colours as doing so is advertising their businesses which should attract a fee.

The council has since called upon all business owners to have their trading licenses for the year 2019 renewed and thanked all the business houses for the support the local authority has so far received.

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  1. There is a law ehich complies businesses to paint their buildings? I did not know. Wish he cited the law. It would be educational.


    • There so many laws that have been ignored especially with the advent of independence. For instance one is not supposed to transport chickens from a village to town without a valid vet certificate. Order was maintained in our days because those employed to enforce the laws were committed although sometimes they were very brutal. But it worked.


    • Why are people voting David down? Can’t someone ask? My primary school class was full of such bullies who jeered other people for asking making them unnecessarily scared


  2. This councilor looks like he’s gotten some PAINT from Chinese and want’s to make some sale/deals



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