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RTSA determined to remove all unlicensed and bad PSV drivers from the road

General News RTSA determined to remove all unlicensed and bad PSV drivers from...

RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zindaba Soko
RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zindaba Soko
The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has resolved to remove all unlicensed and bad Public Service Drivers (PSV) drivers from the road.

RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zindaba Soko, who led a combined team of RTSA and Zambia Police officers on Saturday during an on the spot law enforcement operation on Public Service Drivers (PSV) drivers driver’s on selected roads in Lusaka, said the Agency will work towards ensuring that sanity was restored on Public roads and that all road users were safe.

Mr. Soko warned that the risk behaviour being exhibited by PSV drivers has contributed to the number of high road crashes that have led to loss of lives.

“As RTSA this operation now becomes a permanent feature on all roads and we are going to make sure that we eradicate the bad behaviour that is being exhibited by these PSV drivers. They are putting people’s lives at risk. This is the behaviour that we are not going to tolerate; as RTSA, we are demanding discipline among PSV drivers because there is no compromise when it comes to road safety and applying the law in its totality. We are going to ensure that sanity is restored on Zambian roads. PSV drivers take this as a friendly warning, put yourselves in order, and ensure that you have correct documents”, Mr Soko said.

During the operation Road Transport over 30 motor vehicles driven by unlicensed Public Service Vehicle (PSV) were impounded Lusaka.

Mr. Soko also interacted with passenger on the need to be vigilant and report any road irregularities to the Agency.

He said it was sad that bus owners have continued to give their buses to unlicensed drivers risking the lives of passengers.

Mr Soko said the country has recorded a number of accidents claiming a lot of lives.

He said there is need for the public to work together with the agency to bring sanity on the roads.

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  1. As citizens of this loved Zambia we urge the Government to concerder the whale PSV used atleast the renewal must be 2 yrs or more

  2. I think am happy with a very good strategy that you have brought up,but my many concerned is Great North Roads starting from zanimuone to kabangwe police post,we are scared we have got children who when going to school and divers are careless please copulate with ROADS DEVELOPMENT AGENT(RDA)we really appreciate your concerned.

  3. PSV drivers operating minibuses are a nuisance on the road. They do not respect other motorists and will stop anywhere just to get a fare. Most road junctions have been turned into bus and taxi stops leading to obstruction in the flow of traffic. RTSA should conduct patrols to stop this practice that has now become normal among minibus and illegal taxi drivers.

  4. PSV drivers plse wake up it is a serious issue why the whale SADC countries they renew there D.Licences after 2 years and us Zambians we must renew every year I suggest if it’s about money then tell us how much money we must pay per after 2yrs we shall pay than every year we must have that stress please we beg consider us we are on our knees

  5. For the first time I believe RATSA has now taken on its rightful role. May God deliver and bless Zambia. Please introduce a new SI which will compel RATSA to advertise names of all drunkards in the Tuesday paper so that if such characters need a visa to the developed world, they can debar themselves for being a danger to humanity.

    Also the on going civil works on Mumbwa road, there are not visible road signs. You have allowed the contractor to use green sheets and drums, not visible at night. It is RATSA’s responsibility and very urgent!

  6. I have come across PSV drivers who are 100 percent illiterate and with with limited understanding of road traffic signs. One Sunday morning, I jumped into a mini bus going to town. I sat in the front seat and this driver was making elementary traffic errors on the road which endangered our safety. When I got concerned and told him to read one road sign, he was completely clueless! How do drivers like this pass the driver’s test and obtain their driving licenses?

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