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Suspected PF cadres continue selling illegal Plots in Chilanga

General NewsSuspected PF cadres continue selling illegal Plots in Chilanga

SUSPECTED PF cadres in Mount Makulu in Chilanga have defied orders by district commissioner Edith Muwana to stop illegal plot sales on land belonging to the Ministry of Lands.

The cadres continued illegally demarcating and selling land to unsuspecting members of the public at K550 to party members and K15, 000 to non-party members.

A fortnight ago, Ms Muwana who confirmed warned of stern action against cadres allocating land illegally in the district and ordered the cadres to stop immediately.

Ms Muwana told the Daily Nation that she was aware of the illegal land allocation by cadres adding that her office had already reported the matter to both the Ministry of Lands and the police who would soon arrest and prosecute the culprits.

However, a source who asked for anonymity disclosed that despite the warning, the cadres had continued demarcating and selling land


    • These are not party cadres of pf or any other political party, but purely CRIMINALS who must be prosecuted immediately. Together with those buying the plots.

    • This is what Zambia has become under corrupt Lungu’s government. There’s total breakdown of law and order, from the people in high offices in the government, to the Chinese, to these PF cadres. Everybody is now a law to themselves. What a shame.

  1. What are you going to do about it. The land is belong to Chinese and let the Zambians sell before the country is bought. Even me I would sell.

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