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Government continues to refute claims of selling public institutions to China

Economy Feature Economy Government continues to refute claims of selling public institutions to China

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya has refuted allegations that Government is in secret talks with the Chinese government over giving away some public institutions.

Ms. Siliya says ZNBC is 100 percent owned by Zambians and that it has partnerships as a corporate body.

She has explained that ZNBC also has a special purpose vehicle with Star Times to facilitate digital migration and that it has 40 percent partnership with StarTimes.

Ms. Siliya has attributed the reports circulating as a malicious campaign against Government and the people of Zambia.

The Minister was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today.

And Minister of Energy, Matthew Nkhuwa has described as rumours stories purporting that Government plans to sell ZESCO.

Mr. Nkhuwa said such reports are meant to tarnish the image of Government.

He said Government has at no time been involved in talks with any Chinese Company on the sale of ZESCO and that Government will not allow such a situation to occur.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Communications and Transport Permanent Secretary, Misheck Lungu has also refuted assertions that Government plans to give away or lease the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – KKIA.

Mr. Lungu said several airlines have expressed interest to launch direct flights to Zambia as the Country has portrayed a positive image of transforming itself into a transport and communications hub.



  1. This alleged selling of assets to China is better than when Under 5 Kaponya (HH) sold off our mines and sent young miners into poverty at retrenchment.
    He benefited and became rich by selling our assets cheaply for commission. To me he’s the greater devil in our nation

    • Siliya has a lot of credibility, I believe her.

      LT i thought we should publish this article in the evening slot?

      Anyway, Siliya has experience and I believe her than any super monger you are hearing about.



    • Mr Kudos you are also dull, the Government sold the mines, not HH. He, in fact, advised a higher price but the govt at the time decided against a higher price, do not be so ignorant as to blame out problems on HH.

    • This lady sounds like a parrot.

      She is more experienced in bedroom affairs, than national asset management.

      Bottom line is Zambians do not believe her or her boss.

      Zambia has become a laughing stock globally due to its debt, corruption, and daft policies.

      Economists worldwide talk about Zambia when they want to have a laugh.

      The Chinese are laughing at us in our own country.

      Lungu himself is laughing all the way to Swaziland and Uganda.

      The only people not laughing are the good citizens of Zambia.

    • How did we get to this point Zambians shuwa? My heart bleeds to see how Lungu and PF have destroyed our once beautiful country. Lord please help us.

    • Sad to see that the Stupidity of some Zambians on this forum. This Country is for all Zambians and if we have such unclear rumors. Why being defensive. Let the Government come out clean. To date apart from lies and being defensive. Nothing concrete is communicated. Let’s not be in Denial but accept, then people will help us to come out of this Trap.

    • VIPUBA va gulisa Ziko ku tu ma Choncholee.

      Even when selling DeadNBC they denied until we saw photos of Chinese labourers painting DeadNBC walls.

      All contracts are being given to Chinese companies whilst our local companies are going bankrupt. Chinese are selling ARV-fed chickens, counterfeit products whilst stealing our Mukula trees, manganese, copper etc. without paying any taxes.

    • Zambia is not a serious country. In other countries there would have been demonstrations all over the show demanding serious answers from government. Considering the gravity of this matter, Dora Siliya is too small to handle it and take the nation in full confidence. Lungu has to step forward and make a direct, forthright and sincere statement to the nation on this matter. Energy drives everything in the economy and western investors view it seriously. The general public will also be in trouble this private company will only be preoccupied with profits. I also cant understand why opposition parties are so silent about such a grave matter; Cry my beloved Zambia!!!!!

    • People like you are why Zambia is miserable today. My only surprise is how Zambians fell in Lungu’s trap, as clear as it was. right from the start. i was always one of the people telling people back then, and if it didn’t affect me too, this would have been one satisfying “i told u so”. We need to use our brains for once and think before we vote next time. Who attended Lungus campaigns last election? the campaign was literally a celebrity show down/ music festival especially in Chipata. I cant say i blame the guy. He showed us his incompetence very early in his rule and yet we still gave him the gun to hurt us. Maybe we deserve this. Maybe its just true that the only way Zambians will ever learn anything is if the lesson has pain in it

  2. Mushota if you are after a job please just send an application to the PF secretariat. Siliya of all people has no credibility, this is a woman who was MMD and after it lost jumped ship. She is no different to Miles Sampa and now these two have good jobs while die hard PF supporters are yawning.

    • in case u missed the news, it is the die hard PF politicians killing Zambia. The rest are there because there is only one ship left and the guy in charge loves cowards like them to make an example of. It is 100% PF that has failed Zambia, but your comment was expected. After all, ive come to realize that it is a Zambian thing to always miss or ignore the main point. Its what got us in trouble in the first place, and i have a feeling we are not about to change for the better any time soon :'(

  3. This news can’t be true, if it’s true who ever sells Zambia will be made to buy it back with his or her own money. Trust me.

    • Pls go to the Zambian Observer. There is an interesting video of the Chinese president stating that China can buy the whole Africa, but it will be on first come first serve basis. Watch it!

    • The world is changing my friend. No more free help from America and Trump will not risk his new relationships with the East for mindless borrowers for nothing. Word is Trump will need equal pay for helping anyone. That was made clear enough if u ever watch any real news that is not manipulated. Zambians! always asleep while pretending to be sharp. i cry for this country

  4. The question that you moribunds must answer is were are you going to get the money to pay off these colossal loans that you have acquired and squandered? You have decimated the economy and now its bleeding.Where is the money for the budget going to come from? Instead of prudently investing these loans in projects like smelters near the DRC where high grade copper passes everyday and upgrading that boarder so that you maximize revenue collection, you inflate road projects, ambulances, fire truck now you have nothing. The Chinese are smart, wait until you fail to pay, then you will know their true colors.

  5. Can The Names Of Those Who Own ZNBC Be published Please? How On Earth Can You Claim To Have Full Ownership For Something You Only Have 40% Control Of?.

    Silliya Talks Like She Never Even Saw The Inside Of A Journalism Class. This Is The Same Person That Thought Libya Was The Best To Control Zamtel.Imagine That.
    The Country Has Been Sold. Finnish Don’t Go Own And Say Things That Are Clear Untrue.

    • Mambepa, just read her story properly and please, SLOWLY THIS TIME – ZNBC is 100% gvt owned and it has 40% shareholding in STAR TIMES LTD. Isn’t that clear, really?

  6. “….She has explained that ZNBC also has a special purpose vehicle with Star Times to facilitate digital migration and that it has 40 percent partnership with StarTimes….”

    Yes ,the name ZNBC is your trade mark and belongs to zambia , but all the other money making parts like signal carrier ,masts and set top boxe sales belong to the chinese…. That is where the money is..

    If not , siliya explain what that 60/40 % vehicle is in relation to what ? What comes under that deal ???

    • @6 Spaka SPOT ON..this Siliya is multiplying words with the intention to confuse us, If ZNBC is 100 % Zambian what constitutes ZNBC?? If there is a 60% control by Star Times in a special vehicle with ZNBC, then what part of ZNBC has been shed off to a special vehicle where we only have 40%?? IF THEN BY DEDUCTION WE SHED OFF PART OF ZNBC INTO A SPECIAL VEHICLE CONTROLLED BY CHINESE, HOW THEN CAN A SANE PERSON CLAIM ZAMBIANS TO OWN 100% of ZNBC- When it is clear the Chinese control part of in fact a seemingly bigger chunck!??

  7. Based on Africa Confidential??? Then the anchor asks why the Africans are sitting in the back?? This report looks like those b-grade tv conspiracy theory programs.

  8. There is nothing these clowns can say that the people can believe anymore. They have lied their way into leadership and now delivered state assets to Chinamen and this woman expects us to take comfort in her empty words! It treasonous! These are a pack of crooks!

  9. After watching the the video, I am now worried that the government officials my not be saying the truth. Why is this not coming from the founders of PF but from defectors from MMD? It is difficult to believe Dora when she says things. She is a woman defending scandals even the time she was in MMD. We are all Zambians and let us build this country together. This is not animal farm because at the end of your term your performance will be reviewed.

  10. Please tell us about that video we are seeing on social media showing Alick Nkhata Road taken over by the Chinese. Is it tulu?

  11. All of you who are complaining about Zambia has been sold I can tell that you are all lost if Zambia has been sold then tell me which name has been given? I know Zambians you like conclusion without using your common sense, think before you talk God will punish you lost chickens

    • typical Zambian sheep attitude. if people like you were to vanish, Zambia would be significantly more successful. Its a pity there are more of u in this country than people who use their brains. this news could be true or false but the point remains, china does not joke about their money and right now, countries are selling sea ports and the likes while u are borrowing millions you cant return. its scary that sheep who think like you dominate this country. i fear for our country’s future

    Sata was equally visionless for leaving a fraud tinged Drunk in charge of the Nation.

    • more like mwaziona Zambia, for your illogical choices. The guy is not complaining. he is having the time of his life and he got their with our own help. Now we are simply paying for our stupidity

  13. No denials will save Zambia unless radical steps are taken to prevent China from taking over; Zambia is no better than Sri Lanka where China has taken over a port due to debt; we have liars in office telling us lies everyday;

  14. Since when did these id10ts take an interest in our internal affairs? They just want to encourage xenophobia so that they can come for your high-grade uranium and take it for free. Ask how much America owes China and you will discover the real reason they are engaging in a trade war with China. Alaa!childish man!

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