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Propaganda won’t stop ties with China – Lungu

Headlines Propaganda won't stop ties with China - Lungu

President Edgar Lungu with speaker of The National Assembly Patrick Matibini during the official opening of Parliament

President Edgar Lungu says no amount of malicious propaganda will deter Zambia and China from pursuing closer ties for the mutual benefit of the two countries.

Speaking when he opened the third session of the 12th National Assembly in Lusaka, President Lungu called on Zambians to ignore the misleading headlines that seek to malign Zambia’s relationship with china.

The Head of State said there is a lot of micharacterisation of information suggesting that Zambia’s relationship with China borders on colonialism.

President Lungu said the country will choose friends on its own terms and that this does not mean unjustified enemity with others.

He said Zambia is proud of its friendship with China, Europe, America and India and other African countries.

President Lungu further stated that China does not seek a horse and rider relationship with Zambia as is being suggested in some quarters.

The President stressed that all forms of bilateral cooperation with China are and will always be to the benefit of the Zambian people.

And President Lungu says the contraction of debt by Zambia was necessary to support the ambitious and critical infrastructure development programmes.

The Head of State however said government is committed to repay the debt.

The theme of the President’s speech was “Working Together To Achieve Vision 2030”.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged Opposition Members of Parliament to support the 2019 National Budget which will be presented by Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe.

President Lungu said his government is eager to return the country to low risk debt status, through macro-economic stability and growth.

The Head of State explained that this will be done within the confines of the 7th National Development Plan as well as effectively implementing the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme.

President Lungu has since called on stakeholders, such as the financial sector to help government, by making affordable financing available for the private sector.



    • Lungu’s approach to such serious national Issues is childish. I can’t believe a President would pass such a substandard statement when Citizens want serious answers. Your approach on these Chinese Loans is what we are Questioning. Just Listen to your Government Spokes Woman DORA. She accepted the control by Top star to recover their loan. IN YOUR SOBBER State No “JAMESON”. Give us proper Answers.

    • This is unfair me being targeted.

      I think president Lungu has issued a powerful statement.

      I hope this ends everything else and any speculation.

      China is here to stay.

      I hold a PhD and I’m only 27



    • @Ba Edgar, proganda mudala should be accepted.
      No one said you should cut ties with China, but minimuse frequency of fornication with that country. Mulelalako mu local, it’s cheaper.
      No one said you should stop drinking bwana. We said Jameson is expensive and not good for hangovers, you may end up trade Zesco for alcohol.
      Drink katubi, local beer ku State House, be local. Borrow local bwana. Be PATROITIC!!

    • “I AM VISIONLESS, I HAVE NO VISION” proclaimed Lungu. Now you’ve seen for yourselves what he meant.

      You forced this man to rule even when he told you he had no vision. We warned you that this man is a thief, but you insisted that he was humble.

      Today the chickens have come home to roost. It’s payback time. Chinese won’t just write off the huuuuuge debt in exchange for a smile or claiming we are good friends. Djibouti & Sri Lanka ports have been grabbed for 99 years. DeadNBC was grabbed by Star Times over $25m. What more $360m for KKIA?

    • A foreign friend, “Sharon, are all Zambians this bad? What is wrong with Africans? Standing and criticizing progress and good infrastructure daily like I am seeing?”
      Sharon, “No! It is not everyone!”
      Friend, “I see and read this daily with you!”
      Sharon, “It is only TONGAS.” “Maybe with one cousin or two of theirs.”

    • HH’s approach to the nation is CHILDISH! He is as immature as his cadres. Their reasoning and approach is always TRIBAL. That is why NO UPND can EVER be elected President even after HH. “UPND IS FOR TONGAS. SAKWIBA YOU ARE NOT TONGA SO YOU CAN’T BE PRESIDENT.”

    • That’s Lazy Lungu for you…when it comes to corruption its always half hearted, as for China you owe them $8billion you are less than a horse but a donkey so are your grandchildren!!

    • Lazy bum illiterate little boy with diarrhea in public! Please give him dress him with napkins. I mean the tribal hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father who poops in public. His god will NEVER be president in Zambia. He is CHILDISH and UNELECTABLE. HH is not presidential material.

    • Thats exactly what Mugabe said three months before China sponsored a soft military coup to get rid of him because China was pumping in money without any sign of any being repaid back.

      The Chinese intelligence officers are on the ground in Zambia watching for any signs of corruption by Lungu and his men.

      Once enough evidence of stealing is gathered China will move in to change power either using Zim method or simply sponsor a stronger oposition that is ready to safe guard their interest..

      Right now secret talks are going on between NDC and UPND and China to replace Lungu in case he is found wanting.

      The current chinese leader is trying to project an image of China that is responsible and caring for the people of the poor countries.

      Lungu is on his last legs.

    • I remember the Chinese leader stopping over to see and tell Mugabe that the money he was asking for wont be given until he sorts out corrution just before the China -Africa SA summit. Soon after Chiwenga was called to go to china

      The rest is history.

    • Just read the damning report on Zambia’ debt crisis your eyes will open.

      I have consistently said that what ever the PF says the opposite is true.

      Can some one PF stooge tell me one truth the PF has ever told the Zambian people. In kabwe people are still waiting for him to go and open Mulungushi textiles two years after telling lies.

    • It’s either Lungu is extremely naive or he’s just purposely dismissing a serious issue with a mere wave of a hand. No one is interested in creating propaganda about Zambia, as though Zambia is such an influential country in global politics. Zambia is just being cited by international observers as one of the countries that’ll fall prey to China’s predatory lending. Take for instance Sri Lanka, with it’s overly dependence on Chinese financing. The country owes China more than 8 billion US dollars in debt. As a result, Sri Lanka was forced to hand over a very important national asset, the port of Hambantota, to China on a 99 year lease to offset part of the debt. Djibouti owed China more than their national GDP, and when China decided to set up a permanent base in the country,…

    • (Continued)… Djibouti had no option but to give in. There are many other countries across the globe that are in danger of falling prey to what is being referred to as China’s debt trap diplomacy. And when people talk about China colonizing the countries that default on their payments of their loans, it’s mainly economic colonialism they’re referring to. If you can’t pay back the debt and China decides to seize some of your strategic assets in the country, you begin to lose your sovereignty. If you can’t control your own port, as in Sri Lanka’s case, it means part of your sovereignty is lost. So China uses the hefty debts to whack debtor nations over the head into giving up resources and political influence in their countries. Zambia does not belong to PF alone. It belongs to all the…

    • (continued)… Zambian people. It thus follows that all Zambians have a right to know the facts and details of what’s happening to their country as far as debt is concerned. You can’t just dismiss their genuine concern as mere propaganda. So the Zambians need to know the exact figure of the debt the country owes China, and how the government plans to pay back that debt. After all, it’s we the ordinary Zambians , our children and our children’s children who will be paying back the debt to China for many years to come.

  1. Boss don’t worry people will spend millions in order get something. Time will tell. I headed some organization and people hated me to the extent of wanting to kill me but after I left I became a hero with people confessing that they were wrong about me.

    • Believe, only you and bene Kudos will look back fondly on this visionless guy’s leadership otherwise he is toxic to this country.

    • Just wait for 2021 when HH will even lose in Southern Province. In my village people don’t know anything about your nonsense. All they see is a tarred road, houses with iron sheets, electricity in their houses and transport available 24/7. You can do all the propaganda in world including fake Africa Confidential, like I have always said you can only support what you see. You aim is to distract government so that it doesn’t full fill its manifesto.

  2. you can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    the day of reckoning is slowly approaching edgar, mark my words.
    Zambia siyanyoko, how dare

  3. you can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    the day of reckoning is slowly approaching edgar, mark my words.
    Zambia siyanyoko,

  4. Ignore the detractors Mr President. UPND is on an international smear campaign.
    Also detach yourself from some of the Ministers who don’t mean well for Zambia.

    • They have even created an office to feed international media with lies. Take the story on UK withdrawing aid to our education for instance. I have asked friends close to the British High Commissioner and have all expressed ignorance.

    • Since Africa Confidential is only available by subscription. The first question people need to ask themselves is who is paying for this subscription and giving it to LT, ZWD, ZO… and what is their motive?

    • It is very unfortunate Ndanje for UPND to be doing that. I’m sure your sources have all the credibility compared to the defunct UPND media crew.

    • That is why it will NEVER be president! It is going into retirement in 2021 because we will help it to! It wants to sell Zambia Hagain! But Zambians will not let it do so Hagain! The inside trading thief is a THREE MANSION owner and loves blood!

    • So the UPND crooked MPs have actually attended the opening of Parliament?
      I thought they don’t recognize the Presidency of Mr Lungu?
      Reality has sunken in.
      (HH) is not the Republican President. President Lungu is.

    • They are little children they don’t know what they do at times. It is just like their god urging South Africa to remove the Zambian President! Dung brain disease is a serious illness.

    • @ 3.1 ndanji

      Let’s hear it from real people who are said to stop those payments , not from a friend of a friend who works ……

      Even the US congress is lobbying western organisations like the IMF to stop structural support for some countries which are seen as supporting China’s grip….

  5. “The Head of State however said government is committed to repay the debt.” Why not develop the country with the same money you are going to used to pay that kaloba (loan) with high interests instead of borrowing. Please iwe Edgar donot leave power after putting us in debts we cannot afford to pay. Failure to pay a loan is not propaganda.

  6. “Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged Opposition Members of Parliament to support the 2019 National Budget which will be presented by Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe.

    President Lungu said his government is eager to return the country to low risk debt status, through macro-economic stability and growth”. This statements confirms all that is going on social meadi, useless greed Lungu, Zambians please don’t loose your fire, tiyeni naye uyu Munthu alongosole

  7. the govnt. has no clue whether it’s going or coming
    it’s up to you guys in Zambia to reshape and reclaim your country.
    don’t fall for the handouts, deep and hard and see the effects of the policies in place
    those of you lucky enough to be gainfully employed are taxed from all angles

  8. No matter how hard your detractors try to divert our attention to their cheap propaganda, we the people of Zambia will continue supporting you because we are seeing what you are doing with chinese money. Those who are shouting CORRUPTION loudest (kambwili) have only seen corruption after you fired them from Govt. When they were ministers, there was no corruption……CHEAP.

  9. His feeling the heat now, but am glad his coming out to tel the many Zambians whats happening. I like this man but his downfall will come from within. Propaganda yes but Mr. President you are hardly home to notice whats happening in your house, put your house in order.

    • Yes the people singing his praises today are his worst enemies. They are just doing this for their stomachs. Remember what they say that “the enemy within is far more dangerous than the one far away”. As for our indebtedness to China only time will tell. It is like hiding an illness. It gets worse with the passage of time


  11. This definitely is a hollow statement, when all of us were so eager to hear something substantive from this visionless bunch of misfits. We are almost in a debt crisis and you fail to address the real debt issue which has the entire country wondering whether we have patriotic leaders left in PF. Does it mean that the real PF died with Sata? We can not have callous leadership hell bent on feeding the masses with half truths and sheer lies. The issue of debt is real and must be addressed as such. Burying our heads in sand wont solve and later alone pay back the debt. Imagine what is coming in the budget? Twafwa.

  12. Ba Lungu!!!!!! nizanu izo, imagine what will happen to you when you leave presidency????, nothing stays forever in this life, whatever goes up must come down.

  13. The id he heard what he said, he would never believe it! He cannot tell us otherwise when Zambians can see for themselves prevailing circumstances from one day to another! A glorious day will be when we see the back of this corrupt, retrogressive and visionless administration.

  14. I was waiting for people to discuss the speech of the president. What he said about the future plans of this nation but all Iam seeing are insults from those who don’t like ECL and defence by those who like him. Honestly do we really think we can do better than ECL if put in state house or we can do better than HH if in opposition. We are on social media always arguing and insulting two Zambians who have left the comfort zones to confront the challenges faced by Zambians. Instead of thos for HH be posting things that will strengthen UPND and those for ECL posting what will help him rule the country properly, most of the time its insults and attacks targeted at these two men.

  15. @Nostradamus, hahahaha mwansekesha ba wesu! Ba wesu trading ZESCO for Jameson, trading ZESCO for alcohol. Indeed HE should be drinking katubi or imbote no HO, might be good for decision making!

  16. How can HH talk about the sale of national assets when he is the biggest culprit when it comes to selling state assets?

    Is it not HH who sold all the mines on the copperbelt.

    Now HH and UPND want to go further than tribalism, they are now embracing racism against the good people of China.

    Now HH has graduated from simply calling for armagedon, he is now propagating xenophobia and genocide

    It’s gone from bad to worse

  17. Lies have short legs.Zambians mulindwi you country is on sale.Bantu ba ku uza ati bakazi bako twa bagwila chigololo bwela uwone ati iyo tebandi sha yeko.Kupusa bati.

  18. “President Edgar Lungu says no amount of malicious propaganda will deter Zambia and China from pursuing closer ties for the mutual benefit of the two countries.“

    China looking for it’s on interest Zambia second.

  19. It’s not all that is wrong in what the intention of Gov and the President as said in his speech to parliament this time around

    The China chances being given to the Zambian people must and should be utilized with every known credible and possible intellectual mind of the Zambian fully understanding the potential risks and returns poised as we call for more foresight and further interrogation of the possible maximisation of the Chinese investments and relations
    In-fact Zambia has been very careful as opposed to other countries in the structure and negotiation of these much needed Investments from China that in an effort to accelerate and improve the people livelihood If you…

  20. look across the sectors that have received the financing Mostly Investments have been in green fields and where risks are determined using appropriate SPVs matching income streams and refinancing being decisions made as most of the projects reach commercial operations
    Sovereign guarantees have been given backed by projects feasibility and financial viability and only the last resort for those priority areas

    May be You can talk about the issues around the management and structure of those agreements offtake or other in debt and equity agreements amongst Most of these loans are in concessional arrangement on the ratio of 15 and 85 per cent respectively China and Zambia that…

  21. that could either not be given or available in tenure on the international market because of the sheer magnitude ,in targeted high growth areas or socially necessary for the Zambian welfare

    Please not that according to SDGs or other national plans you will still do most of these projects whether accelerated or scaled down In any event that there is no other diverse financier you will still need these Investments and refinancing from China if progress has to be made .

    The desirable thing one would like is a participation rate or a combination of several financiers and parties in an ESGs environment to allay any fears of an state capture or soft power Transparency ad…

  22. and disclosure also helps remove suspicions

    If you carefully look at it the financing to Zambia on most of these comparable projects has been based on plants and cash flows You can review the Cae of Gabon Rwanda Kenya Mozabique SA Zim or TZ in all sectors Chinese in terms amount and basis including influence being peddled you will agree that Zambia is more risk averse
    Most of these Zambian have actually been concessionary loans in nature from China and the or nous to maximise the gains and detect and stop any of the Chinese “soft power influence” is on US
    The other good point also is that at least this Gov is completing and new projects ,reviving and competing old power…

  23. projects abandoned for decades developing new housing ,schools, trading and market places, stadiums and clinics across the country as opposed to the usual chilenge single quarters Growing the asset base and National income The case was going to be true if such projects were being wasted abandoned and the asset base was being eroded as the Chinese debt proportion increasing The good part and also most important of all is that all these projects are backed by a long-term plan and a budgeted for to ensure growth and progress is recorded for Zambia in the most sustained and free from the capture or perceived soft power of China In some cases most of these loans have a…

  24. a concessional character in character

    Those countries in Africa that are not investing either way in financing methods in the most Sustainable manner will be the most to lose in comparative advantage as those that took some risks graduate to some level of Income group the capital cost then might be higher and politics could have changed
    Manage the Chinese relationship Have a firm policy on China relations’ and Investments just like any other. Set a firm policy on Investments,scetors,financing and debt management , diversify funding methods were appropriate to manage issues of risks in return and sovereign to grow the economy and be sustainable so in the long-term. Avoid the regional expos but…

  25. but create and capacitate the Trade and Investments Centre to manage all regional expos and industrial clusters in one Website within a coordinated Gov plan to avoid similar fears unfolding How you insulate your Financing and sovereignty Its within your plans and orientation and must be sung always and never be brought in the light because of anyone Now the fact that there is so much concern by many foreigners and alike show you that Zambia is an investments grade far bigger and valuable than the Chinese and their debts to takeover any state resources assets or the Zambian people

  26. Can HH and all his tribal followers surely tell us that all those 53 African presidents who went to seek investment in China two weeks went there to sell their Govnt assets?So Kainde is wiser than all those 53 african presidents who were in China?FOR UPND CADRES,HH IS ALPHA & OMEGA AND THIS IS WHY MAJORITY ZAMBIANS FEEL INSULTED BY HH AND HIS CADRES!!!China has never colonized any nation in the World,so why has HH started racism against innocent Chinese?

  27. Alright after all is said both for the government and against, let’s offer what we know. I want to challenge those that are saying government is borrowing too, what sources of money are they offering so as to develop this country. No one likes to be in debt, so please come out and offer a solution so that government can stop borrowing even from China. I say so because this country needs to do the roads, schools, healthy facilities and a lot more other infrastructure. Please offer solutions we need your input. Let’s stop this nonsense of just criticising but tell us where the money is so we stop borrowing especially from China.

  28. President ECL must incorporate the Chunese into the financial sector in order for Zambia to achieve the 2013 development goals. His speech was very impressive, even though his touch on corruption did nit target the specific perpetrators . If all stake holders could implement the goals in the speech, Zambia could be leading into economic recovery. Then gender violence is so complicated and us the victims have been preyed on. We have been victims of deceptive and predatory practices in all sectors of the society. I was preyed on by greedy tribalist S who envied my UN benefit entitlements and for no apparent reason they induced banditry lawyers and preyed on me and induced their relatives in the judiciary who also engaged in deceptive and predatory adjudication practices, giving court…

  29. Lame speech without any meat in it just good words to sway simple minds like njimbu. Chinese loans are okay but you should not abuse them for votes. Reality is hitting us hard that the Sontaring we were told about is merely Chinese loans and now we have to pay back without even improving our condition. We are back to Kaunda’s day of high debt

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