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Haunted National Asset Stripping Privatisation Facilitator Hichilema and his Externally Sponsored Lies and Hate Speech

Columns Haunted National Asset Stripping Privatisation Facilitator Hichilema and his Externally Sponsored...

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

The extent to which Mr Hakainde Hichilema and Mr Stephen Katuka of the UPND as well as some discredited Civil Society Organisations have gone with their xenophobic web of deceit and fabrication is reprehensible.

Their anti-China crusade is an externally funded campaign supported by their imperialist masters of western capital with the overall objective of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema surrendering state resources to western capital for thirty pieces of silver.

Hichilema and his cohorts think that the people of Zambia are so gullible that they can fall for the fake BBC and fake twitter accounts as well as fake international reports and phoney video clips being churned out from the UPND factory of hate and ill will.

Zambians are discerning and they have already picked out the polluted hands driving the xenophobic crusade of Hichilema. The citizens of this land are not naïve as the Life President of the UPND would like to believe.

As an economist of sorts, Mr Hichilema should know what a joint venture is as is the case with ZNBC. For the umpteenth time we say again to him and his ilk who intentionally choose to ignore the facts- ZNBC has NOT been sold and neither has ZESCO.

Zambia remains a sovereign state that magnanimously tolerates less than sovereign individuals with a noxious character like him.

Any transaction involving such strategic public assets would be done through the open avenues of Parliament and Cabinet.

When it comes to subterfuge and shadiness in the sale of national assets, Mr Hakainde Hichilema should be the last person to speak. Isn’t this the nouveau riche “businessman” that was in the thick of things during the privatisation process through which period a matrix of dubious transactions were conducted that stripped our nation of its treasured assets; selling our national treasures for pittance and in the process sending multitudes of Zambians into depression and destitution while making a tidy sum for himself?

What callous nerves he has! The man has no scruples!

Genocide, Xenophobia and other such atrocities have one thing in common; they are born out of persistent lies, chronic bitterness and entrenched hatred for a particular group of people.

The initiators of these atrocities are usually people that would ordinarily be deemed innocuous and they are usually leaders of the susceptible like Mr Hakainde Hichilema, and Mr Stephen Katuka and others like Honourable Chishimba Kambwili, Ms Laura Miti and her civil society colleagues.

Genocide, Xenophobia, Racism and Tribalism are anathema.

God forbid that the names of notorious Genocide and Xenophobia perpetrators like Adolf Hitler of Germany , Athanase Seromba of Rwanda and their collaborators should one day be mentioned in the same breath as Hakainde Hichilema, Stephen Katuka, Chishimba Kambwili, and Mwenya Musenge, as well as Laura Miti their motley of collaborators.

The author is the PF Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat In Lusaka

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  1. Here’s how the Under 5 kids think:
    1. Kainde and UPND spread False News to Africa Confidential. They think other reputable media organisations will pick the Fake News without checking facts
    2. Upon hearing the Fake News about Zambia’s corruption and failing economy Investors lose confidence in Zambia and pack their money away
    3. Starvation and hunger fall upon Zambia
    4. Zambians revolt and riot due to hunger
    5. Amidst the confusion, UPND uses small media outlets like Africa Confidential to posture itself for the Presidency
    6. UPND sneaks into State House
    They’ve tried Kainde’s nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor. They’ve tried gay homo Fred Mmembe to be their King maker. They’ve tried Clayson Hamasaka and their debt to the Boer mercenaries and Anglo Americans is still rising

    • Now they are using Xenophobia and racism to get Zambians angry against the Chinese so that they can sneak into Plot One amidst the confusion

      Under 5 kids

    • Now tell us 10 things that Lazy Lungu and three quarters of his cabinet achieved in China after chartering a whole airplane…enough of what Hakainde and his party thinks we dont care about them they are not in govt.

      “The Association of Vendors and Marketeers have called on UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to apologies to the Zambian people for allegedly mismanaging the privatization process before he talks of fixing the country’s economy.” Abel Chilekwa – 12/6/2016
      – Mr Chikwa in a telephone interview with ZNBC News in Kitwe charged that majority of the people in the informal sector are ex miners who were retrenched during the privatization process championed by Mr Hichilema.
      “Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has accused President Edgar Lungu of focusing on privatizing all key state assets in order to amass personal wealth” double h – 28/01/2018
      ” Every Zambian knows…

    • … knows that HH and privatisation belong in the same sentence. It therefore follows that accusing President Lungu of wanting to privatise Zambia is the highest level of hypocrisy that could come from Mr Hichilema,” Mr Lusambo – 2/2/2018.
      If you look very hard, the devil can not hide from you, Amen.

    • Total bul.l.sh.it from both Chanda and the SKULL. One doesn’t have to be a UPND or H.H. supporter to dismiss this article. The key word is not “anti-China”, its the debt level that is of concern to the Zambian People INCLUDING well-meaning PF members. It’s apparent that, he is trying to twist the story and direct the attention to something irrelevant. Instead of focussing on informing the Zambians on what they achieved in China, he got the guts and time to disseminate hatred, a thing he is good at. We have seen many delegates being interviewed on CGNT, outlining their countries strategies during FOCAC, no Zambian was featured. Instead of spending the time to enlighten the so-called gullible Zambians, he is playing propaganda games.

    • Now we are talking! We have let this guy CHILDISH off the hook with his tribalmates shouting “Corruption, corruption” with lies yet ignoring their biggest thief on top of their food chain. It is time for Zambia to call out this lier who has messed up our country which had been known as a beacon of peace in all Africa but his tribal selfishness has ben tarnishing our image. Thank God he will NEVER be president in Zambia.

    • @#1.3; 10 things that Lazy bum tribal little boy hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father has done while pooping in public are: 1. He is a tribal H-organiser 2. He is a Tribal Insolent little boy 3. He poops in public 4. He is a member of a Tribal H-organisation called UPND 5. He thinks Tribe before he contributes 6. He is a worshiper of a man who has lost 5x before 7. He is delusional 8. He Hallucinates 9. He has mad Cow Disease 10. He thinks like a CHILD too.

    • @1.4, How is Prof. Hansoni? Is he trying to write another letter to the UN on the University Letterhead about the Chinese investments in Zambia which have been changing our country for the better? TRIBAL VIPUBA!

  2. Kiki only failures refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes and greed when it is all too clear to the world that Zambias debt is untenable. Just look at the dog above me called kudos. He has told his brain to believe his own lies. It is a mental sickness. In westerm world the pf members including lungu would have been sectioned in psychiatric ward

    • Surprising how this Chanda can come out so strongly on someone who has not done a single thing to him. Is that normal mwebantu? The company where his brother is CEO Zampost has diverted empowerment funds and he sees it as normal. This F***er is a proper tidyenawo.

  3. How did we get to this stage….I mean brainless dingbats like Sunday Chanda, I dont even have to read the article just speed read and see same key words popping up similar to words his dull cadres use to distract people…the whole govt went to China for 10 days and to date they have not told us anything tangible of the outcome of their tour ..absolutely nothing on paper.

      It has come to Zambian’s attention that double h and is minions have realized that the privatization of mines issue is the most devastating subject on his election failures than the “three mansion” issue and other double h weaknesses put together.
      A pushback has been orchestrated to use this very negative label on double h’s head on his political opponent. This info is coming our way from the double h image builder operative in the department of media for African in the Africa Confidential media circles.

    • @#3, We got to this stage by wallowing in dung. We developed MAD COW DISEASE and our brains got infected with dung. We stopped thinking straight but began thinking tribe first before issues. We spent a lot of time at Animo Farm Namwala.

    • Brainless dung infested Tribal Union in denial! HH is a PRIVATIZATION THIEF & MONEY LAUNDERING ARSONIST & INSIDE TRADER CORRUPT THIEF. He is a THREE MANSION too. Sorry, he has three mansions.

  4. OMG this Sunday Chanda is a trip!!! Not worth wasting time reading his useless ramblings.These are people who would sell their brothers to foreigners without flinching.

    • Sunday Chanda is too bright for the pac! He makes them go into overdrive to defend their god Thief! Good job Mr. Chanda. Continue to expose the tribal-leaning ignorance of HATRIBES UTD FOOTBALL CLUB!

    • Sunday Chanda is intelligent and he speaks the truth that we have been highlighting here for years. I am glad we are now TALKING. COme 2021, we will run with this message HARD into the Dung territory of HH.

  5. Hahaha, laughable, I must say. We have had too much nonsense from Sunday Chanda that we are now hating hearing anything from his party.

  6. Levi Patrick Mwanawasa sold Zamtel and Zanaco for a song, hands up to PF and President Michael Chilufya Sata to reclaim back Zamtel. UPND and its leaders are agents of evil.

  7. Even if you hate HH with your balls what xenophobic and genocide has he committed? So you want Zambia to have no opposition so that you can a field day and rape this country left, right and center? Sometimes they say silence is golden. If you have nothing to puke better play with your balls.

  8. What utter crap from this chap….tell us how many jobs have been created, how much manufacturing has increased by , projected GDP increase , increase in exports ??

    Chance if you had any credibility, tell us about the 60/40% arrangement of ZNBC with the Chinese….we all know the name ZNBC belongs to zambia but nothing else, only the name.

    Just look at the mud slinging from these dirty theives emanating from the den of corruption that is state house…That is why I say lungu leads a GRZ with zero morals and integrity…

      The privatization of mines issue is the most devastating subject in double h election effort failures than the “three mansion” issue and other double h weaknesses put together. An African Confidential double h media image builder operative, confirms.

    • Well-spoken Mr. Chanda! You speak sense and the TRIBES are ashamed of the exposure so they will hit back with lies and propaganda from Namwala where they displaced people in the area because of TONGA tribalism.

    • The utter crap has been coming from the little one and his tribal union. Chanda is too smart! He is outsmarting you that is why you are coming at him with all your venom! Truth hurts, often!

  9. its interesting seeing Zambians debating. Leaders or the powers that be in govt just make the lives of people better. We have a lot at hand, people will tell. For any normal nation debt is put of the business, so ignore ba hh,ba ck…and ba katuka.2021 is near we need results, job creation mostly…Improve governance levels in parastatals ,employees are not being paid like at zampost,cop-waste for 10months etc…we see Chinese companies thrive but you the government have neglected you own people.due with kcm too bad for chingola.

  10. You see, these kaponya theives have nothing but insults and counter insults…..a responsible GRZ will counter all this anti China talk by show casing archivments …

    Tell us how many how many real jobs have been created
    Tell us about increase in exports..
    Tell us about increase in manufacturing..
    Tell us about uplifting of living standards
    Tell us about expected GDP

    Not this mudslinging…

      The privatization of mines issue is the most devastating subject in double h election effort failures than the “three mansion” issue and other double h weaknesses put together. An African Confidential double h media image builder operative, confirms.

    • Tell us how much money HH store during privatisation! Tell us why he is rich! Tell us why he received a medal from Harm Nest Utd! Tell us his H-agenda! He wants to SELL HAGAIN! Zambians will NEVER allow him to sell Zambia Hagain BoSpakata!

  11. What is the use of all this barking from Sunday? It is not necessary. Just show us the details of the agreements our government entered into with the Chinese so that we can read for ourselves and know who is telling the truth. No name-calling and insults of your own compatriots proves anything. You can’t shout people into submission. Just bring out the facts.

    • Exactly…..we will reason for our selves….Tell us about that 60/40% arrangement and ZNBC ? We want to know what is in it ? Is it a state secreate ?

  12. Lungu needs to sack his media teams…they are busy looking for tenders and corruption instead of putting out the good word…….when things get bad they resort to insults like the uncivalised savages they are ……..very sad…and embarrassing to watch.

    • HH needs to “suck” his dung-yielding boys online and then go to his losers Chairmanine and Mubanga and his visionless MPs as well. Their dung may taste better.

  13. Sunday Chanda, the official voice of genetically transmitted !mbecility infected Plunderers Federation has crapped thru his f*cked mouth again.

    • HH, also known as Under Five (very poor in politics, most likely the real imbecile) plundered this nation and he is doing money laundering and taking money to Offshore accounts in Panama. The Tribal peers of his choose to ignore that truth and they go in attack mode as though that will change the theft tag of Under Five. Please don’t stone the messenger! Stone the THIEF itself, HH instead.

  14. Sunday Chilfya Chanda isn’t very clever, he writes very good English but its empty.
    1. The mines were not sold by HH, they were sold by the MMD government of which the late MCS was a senior member at the time.
    2. HH facilitated the sale yes, he actually suggested a higher prices but the government at the time decided on lower prices, yes HH got rich in the process and no one disputes that, but he did not do anything illegal otherwise he would have been in jail now.
    3. HH and UPND can create false stories about the Zesco being taken over but the reality Mr Chanda is that we have unsustainable debt and we have no idea how we will pay it back. Mr Chanda why not tell us how it will be paid back because your leader wont even speak to his people to explain his plan. If you borrow money for…

    • GROW UP
      Breaking news: The privatization of mines issue is the most devastating subject in double h election effort failures than the “three mansion” issue and other double h weaknesses put together. An African Confidential double h media image builder operative, confirms.

  15. Sunday Chanda: You will die with hatred: You need to repent. Don’t think Zambia will be yours, mind you Zambia belongs to GOD and not to any person. Don’t cheat yourself, Zambia belongs to GOD not even to HH, but leave HH alone. Mwebakashi babo tell them to reduce talking of others. You will never, ever inherit this beloved county Zambia.


    • I like your observation:
      “wHY IS THE cHINESE AMBASSADOR ADDRESSING US zAMBIANS?”, while ECL only addresses the reporters from the tarmac, for that matter.


  18. This HH and Katuka must be very smart chaps with extraordinary influencing powers, to dupe the whole world press Including reputable media houses such as the BBC risking their ethics and reputations to carry fake news on their behalf is a monumental achievement. Mr Chanda the whole world does not play to your very low standards, you are whining because you have been caught pants down and you are resorting to the only answer you know, blaming one of the citizens of the country and trying to play the patriotic and nationalist card, unfortunately you are playing it on behalf of the Chinese and your fellow Zambians know what is on the ground. Your song has lost its impact, the melody might ring sweet to you but no longer sweet to others. You sound like a karaoke singer who thinks their voice…

  19. We need to understand what is prompting most of us to go for HH.
    Our country has its fair share of challenges as a young nation.
    What we don’t tolerate is unpatriotic behavior.
    Every time UPND members everywhere in the international space are preaching malice against Zambia.
    They are very short sighted and narrow minded.
    Its a pure case of SOUR GRAPES.
    Now they know state house is beyond their reach.

  20. The issue of HH and selling of the mines has gone on for too long without asking those that were involved from the government. Mwila Chigaga is still alive and out there somewhere in South Africa. I’m sure she has a few choice words on how our friend behaved during the process. He may not have committed a crime but morally bankrupt for one that wants to lead a nation.

  21. Shut up you koswe mu mpoto’s vuvu zela. You are well fed from stolen public funds so you feel free to spew out whatever garbbage comes to your little mind against any of your masters foes..

    • What has Sunda Chanda done in life? Looking at the present Zambia, one can easily xenophobia and tribalism is in full force being practiced by PF including Chanda who have been productive in life. It is sad for someone to keep talking about the same stuff in order to have crumbs from from PF. Chanda, find life and something productive to do rather being used like a rabid dog. Are really happy of what you do? Is being a tribal bigot and propagating hate useful?

    • …can easily see that xenophobia and tribalism are in full force being practiced by PF including Chanda himself who is very unproductive in life.It is sad for someone to keep talking about the same stuff in order to have crumbs from from PF. Chanda, find life and something productive to do rather being used like a rabid dog. As a human, are you really happy of what you do? Is being a tribal bigot and propagating hate useful?

  22. You can’t twist the facts forever Zambians knows sufferings you are incharge don’t blame innocent ones there no jobs and Chinese are everywhere. Pf face it

  23. The attacks on Chanda are not based on substance or honest but because he is “Bemba” and HH is being exposed as a thief. Simple! That is why you see all of them with red eyes and venom and foaming at their mouths. Nothing new. That is why they think all Bembas are thieves and all Tongas are saints. “ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND & ZAMBIA.”

  24. Stop blaming HH, bring back the money that you have stolen.
    You cant even fill ashamed we are not stupid we will rise against you.

  25. the biggest factor why DeSmuME slow is bad optimized compared to ppsspp not only that the creator does’nt know anything about me so shut the hell up and milk ur girlfriend to gain some additional nutrientMost impoprtant point is choosing words

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