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Spreading unsubstantiated claims against China to whip up public emotions is unfortunate-SACCORD

General News Spreading unsubstantiated claims against China to whip up public emotions...

SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
The Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has said that China remains a key partner to Zambia’s development process.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Chembe said that because China is a world economic power house whose contribution to Africa cannot be ignored.

Mr Chembe said that China has been Zambia’s key partner from Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s administration to date.

Mr. Chembe said that it was unfortunate that some people have chosen to spread unsubstantiated claims against China to unnecessarily whip up public emotions.

He told ZNBC news that what is needed is for both the Chinese and Zambian governments to ensure citizens of the two countries interact to understand each other’s culture and avoid misunderstandings.

Mr. Chembe said Zambia should remain open to investors coming from different parts of the world.

And Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) President Andrew Ntewewe has said that the attacks on the Zambia Chinese partnership are ill-intended and lack merit.

Mr. Ntewewe said that those who have accused China of wanting to colonize Zambia have not provided any evidence apart from issuing propaganda messages against Chinese investment.

He said that the roads, Schools and Hospitals that Zambians are using today will not be there if China did not help.

Mr. Ntewewe has told ZNBC that what is worrying is that some Civil Society Leaders have joined the campaign to demonize the Chinese people instead of protecting them.

And New Congress Party President Peter Chanda has called on the public not to be moved by lies that are being spread by some sections of the media and opposition political parties that government has sold parastatal companies to the Chinese.

Pastor Chanda said that the Industrial Development Corporation has been created by the Patriotic Front Government that has seen a lot of development of parastatal companies.

He said that the PF government has proved its patriotism when it got back Zamtel from Libya’s Lap Green.

Pastor Chanda said that selling of parastatal companies is not an easy process.

He said that stories that ZNBC, ZESCO and KK International. Airport have been sold are meant to dent the image of the P.F government.


  1. Call for a National symposium,dialogue and discussion On Chinese Financing and Investments in Zambia like you have called for the National dialogue on constitutional and let people discuss and contribute towards the Chinese Investments and Policy inclination for Zambia

    It can be hosted by PRMC and without sponsorship from any result in understanding and confirmation of positions and allay these mixed reactions from a cross section of the people and let this be put to its conclusion and all people to know Zambia’s Position on Chinese investments

    • We see Chinese driving ZNS, ZESCO , ZNBC cars and when questions are asked GRZ shows arrogance. We see Chinese being inducted to senior police reserve posts, when Zambians have been on waiting list for 10 years…..This one will hard for govt to extricate itself. They have sold the country to the Chinese, period!

    • “He said that the roads, Schools and Hospitals that Zambians are using today will not be there if China did not help.” This is why other races look down on us Africans. According to this ignorant guy, it’s either the Chinese help us, or we live in the stone age, right? It’s either China helps us or we perish ? Can you imagine this? The reason you’re so overly dependent on China’s loans is because you have no idea how to generate revenue from other sources—other than borrowing from China. Dependence on borrowing is the lazy person’s quickest and easiest method to raise funds. That’s why it’s lazy Lungu’s favorite method. It does not require much thinking and much planning. All you do is borrow and spend, with no regard to how the debt will be paid back. Anybody can…

    • (continued)… do it. Lungu and his administration are paid to THINK and come up with creative ways to generate revenue in the country, without being overly dependent on loans from other countries. And if money has to be borrowed. it has to be invested wisely, so it generates enough profit to be used to pay back the debt. But that’s not what happens in Zambia. Mostly the borrowed money is unaccounted for, used on over inflated costs of projects, and most of it end up in individual pockets due to rampant corruption. This overdependence on Chinese loans must come to an end. Seriously.

  2. let the Chinese also participate and be given the opportunity to explain their Investments and Close this Chapter

    The discussion or dialogue will result in nationally accepted and understanding of Zambia China renewed Investments for the mutual benefits of the two countries and all other interested parties It will also insulate Gov from any conceived or misconception on these Chinese Investments A commission of inquiry could be better though transparency and openness to discuss must be encouraged

    • When did SACCORD call for National dialogue? Do you have memory issue or you are just another vuvuzela> If anything, SACCORD was conspicuous for its deafening silence until was ordered by its master to start crapping.

  3. SACCORD has outlived its usefullness or the current management is ignorant. Just because something has been in place since independence does not make it right. Longevity does not equate to viability. This chimbwi has no idea what he is talking about. So becuase we have dealt with china since KK’s times does that make it ok for PF government to borrow beyond its means? Does it make it OK for PF to misuse borrowed money and then force hefty and trivial taxes on poor citizens? Does it make it ok for china to have majority stake in critical and senstive public institutions? Mr man next you will say that it is ok for chinese to touch zambian underage girls because we have been dealing with them since KK time. Please crawl back to your cave young man!

  4. Well Zambia is open for Business and that calls for trade and investments from all partners The fortunes of Zambia will only result better in those financing if there are investments in infrastructure and skill sets to result in productivity and increased exports to preferred markets and these inward foreign investments are key in that and that is the way to create Jobs and foster a more innovative Zambian economy These Investments being done are good and well-intended if Zambia is to increase its productivity and competitiveness
    Debt situation should not blind that If you have opportunities to grow use it abet in the most sustainable manner understanding…

    • Can you clarify one simple issue. How can you grow when you are saddled with huge loan repayments for non-income generating loans?
      Please, stop blabbing without knowledge,

  5. the elasticities of those Investments to GDP and employment creation in funding methods


  7. Despite my famous name Upnd Cadre, I am nit actually potitical.
    But All this negative propaganda smelling of trib.al aspirations to gain power has made me resolve to graduate from sympathising with the trib.al opposition to loathing them, and from seeing them as political partners to looking at them like sh!t. Na ma vote yathu 2021 up to 2099 yaza enda so chabe.

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