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Former UPND chief whip praised for voluntarily stepping down

Headlines Former UPND chief whip praised for voluntarily stepping down

UPND Members of Parliament following the proceedings during the official opening of the third session of the twelfth National Assembly

A United Party for National Development (UPND) founder member in Chikankata district in Southern province, Mwangala Litete, has praised Mazabuka area Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo for voluntarily retiring as UPND Chief Whip in parliament.

Mr. Litete said the Mazabuka Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo, is a true democrat and thanked him for the well done job as UPND Chief Whip in parliament during his tenure of office.

He said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chikankata district in Southern province today.Mr. Litete further urged the new Chief Whip in parliament Hon Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, who is Liuwa MP to exhibit hard work as new UPND Chief Whip in parliament.

He added that there is no doubt that Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane will do a good job following his vast experience in politics and his vibrant intellectual capability.

Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo, has stepped down as the UPND’s Chief Whip in Parliament.The UPND has since replaced Mr Nkombo with Liuwa Member of Parliament, Hon Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane.

This was confirmed by UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka during a news briefing.Mr Katuka said Nkombo has voluntarily retired as Party Whip in parliament.

He said Kabompo Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Ambrose Lufuma, has been re-appointed as Deputy Party Whip in parliament while Nalikwanda Member of Parliament (MP) Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, and continues as UPND Parliamentary Liaison Committee Chairman.


  1. Nkombo is facing a murder charge, all too convenient for him to have resigned and will e joining PF in no time



    • He went away because it began getting hotter near him. I am waiting for the time where his little god seats to begin getting hotter too. When you like blood you NEVER have all days free without your seat getting hotter one day.

  2. Mr Litete is just playing a tactical game…falling short to mention someone who should have stepped down voluntarily.

    • Mr. Litete said the Mazabuka Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo, is a true democrat and thanked him.

      He implies the party head is undemocratic.

  3. Too much emphasis on the fact that a Tonga has given way to a Lozi and a Kalubale is a deputy thereby the party cuts across all Zambian tribes. Unfortunately, all this is cosmetic. Story izibika kudala!


  5. Thought he resigned because of the warn and caution which he knew was coming. The trib.als think that they are smart and sophisticated but actually to norm.al Zambians they are like the naked emperor.

  6. Its funny those talking about tribal issues are pointing at others being tribal but them. Zambia where are we going with this tribal nonsense. We are one people why are we allowing party issues to divide us by region. We can certainly walk together in diversity. When someone just makes a comment that doesnt suit you they are tribal. What animal is this that separates us instead of talking of development. So what if Garry has Presidential ambitions, it just that we are so undemocratic that in any of our parties leaders are hanging to their positions and if anyone says anything we all jump at them. Ba Zambia lets behave ourselves. Leave Garry alone he has resigned on his own free will and for that matter was he making money in that position. He was serving freely. Let him serve in…

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