Clement Tembo

The Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund has disbursed 100 thousand kwacha to four churches in Lusaka.

The revolving fund is aimed at empowering vulnerable churches which cannot access soft loans from commercial banks.

Speaking after disbursing the empowerment funds to Chelstone Salvation Army and Mtendere Anglican Church, today, Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund National Coordinator Clement Tembo said he was delighted with the development.

“ I am delighted with the response from churches who want their church members to be empowered under the PEIF,” he said.

Following the move, numerous churches have contacted Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund office requesting to be considered for empowerment.

And Lusaka Pastors Fellowship Chairman Rev Ephraim Kambanja said the church is gratified with the love demonstrated by the head of state to share with the poor.

Rev Kambanja said the funds being given to churches will go a long in alleviating poverty in communities.

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  1. This VOTE BUYING with taxpayers public money MUST STOP!

    This money does not belong to Lungu.

    Churches should refuse to be part of this moral corruption of Zambia.


    • Back to the Chiluba days – the unaccounted for presidential slush funds. These campaign bribes must be stopped by somebody please. For the avoidance of doubt, I am PF.


    • The apostle Paul, writing, some 2000yrs ago, correctly asserted that “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”. Judas sold his master for 30 pieces of silver.
      Here now, we see these “churches” allowing themselves o be ensnared in a political quagmire, all for the love of money. Can these churches speak out against the ruling politicians if they do evil? Of course not. Anyway, the bible does warn about fake churches, doesn’t it?
      If the GRZ wishes to fund churches, it must be defined in law as an obligation. It should not be at the discretion of the presidency. That is bribery.


  2. Pls separate Church from political..Stop this thing.Just what’s wrong with you???Empower hospital , schools etc. Not religion.


  3. “…And Lusaka Pastors Fellowship Chairman Rev Ephraim Kambanja said the church is gratified with the love demonstrated by the head of state to share with the poor.”

    Hmmm. I thought as believers we’re supposed to give glory to God for every blessing received…and calling the Churches “vulnerable,” speaks volumes about our generation of Church.

    Ba Pastor, you’ve mentioned the president in your message of gratitude but what about God, the giver of all good things, the one from whom every perfect gift comes?


  4. Vulnerable Churches – you must be kidding. If the church with God on their side and committed church members tithing need to be funded by people’s taxes then such churches must close. Please churches don’t participate in this nonsense you’re bring God’s name into disrepute


  5. No ill intentions but seriously these handouts are not doing any good. this includes ventures such as black mountain. right now our economy is limping and such moneys can be used for better things such as buying medicines in hospitals which will benefit those in real need – unlike people who will use it on beer. what has happened to the Higer buses? why not empower people who are serious such as those guys in Kalingaliga doing door and window frames? The idea is good but implementation is totally wrong


  6. This article says, 4 Churches, but, only two are mentioned here, namely The Anglican and the Salvation Army Churches are mentioned. Who are the other remaining two?


  7. Thank God was given to reputable Organisations Salvation Army and Anglican Church, had it been these so called Pente Propheliars, boy oh! boy by tomorrow he is driving a Hammer, whats wrong with blackman



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