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Aid suspension by donors is an embarrassment-HH


Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema says the action taken by the UK government and other donor countries to suspend aid to Zambia over corruption and fraud in government ministries is an embarrassment.

Mr. Hichilema says the suspension of aid to programmes such as the social cash transfer will affect the poorest of the poor, and not the government officials driving land cruisers costing millions of dollars.

He has told QTV news in a statement that the action by the donors puts the PF government on the spotlight.

Mr. Hichilema says it is difficult for President Lungu and his Ministers to fight corruption because they are allegedly direct beneficiaries.

He states that what is more heart-breaking is the plunder of donor money meant for the old, women and children who have no other means of survival.

Mr. Hichilema says it is high time the PF Leadership resigned.

Meanwhile the opposition UPND has demanded for an independent investigation of corruption in all government institutions.

Party Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says there is rampant corruption in all government ministries and parastatals, and that the UPND demands a thorough independent investigation and forensic audit.

He says the statement issued Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda simply confirms what the UPND has been saying all along, that there is massive corruption in the administration of the social cash transfer funds.

Mr Kakoma, however, states that what is hypocritical is that all along the PF leadership has been denying this until the donors had to take action by suspending aid to Zambia.

He claims the social cash transfer funds have been abused as a political tool to bribe voters in what he says are PF induced costly by-elections.

Mr Kakoma says the UPND is also aware of the abuse of funds in the ministry of general education under the school feeding programme, and the abuse of other funds in the ministry of health in the procurement of drugs, especially the essential ones such s the ARVs.


    • Edgar Lungu is not fit for purpose, we have always said that. This guy stole money from a widow and was subsequently debarred by LAZ. If he is not fit to practice law, how does he qualify to be president?

    • Seriously guys, how heartless can you be? Stealing from the old and the orphaned? Buti kwena…greed is a terrible evil. A man is happy to swim in stolen money and live in luxury, while his neighbour, from whom he steals, can’t even afford 1 meal a day.

    • HH god is an embarrassment to Zambia. The Privatization Chief Thief is trying to hoodwink his little tribal children from Namwala and they Ha buying it!

    • Journeyman
      That is better imagine stealing monies meant for ARV’s and you have Amos and Kambwili even promoting stigma.These people have to go,we shall end up dying,this is serious…

      Double h is extremely right that the AID freeze hits the most vulnerable in society and that the situation is horrible for the country. But he (double h) is as corrupt as some of ECL’s ministers, therefore he can not be trusted.
      @ Kakoma you sound as useless as HK if you do not highlight corrupt practices by those Ministers, Permanent Secreataries and Parastatal CEOs. Be patriotic by bringing infromation to the practically fore not the CK or HK type. Without the diplomats helping us those shouts are hollow and you sound like an empty tin. ECL kindly take…

    • Stop talking you arrogant Fool. You are the one who messed us up because of your Tribal Nonsense. Picking crooks like GBM as ur Running mate. If you want toge Votes get serious and stop ur cheap childish nonsense.

  1. Embarrassment is to PF coz afterall didn’t they gain power in 2011 on the fake promise of being allergic to corruption?

  2. Boss you know they can’t resign but you too should work hard, if it was Ba sata he would have been all over the radio stations telling people what is happening. We all know that PF is corrupt so you should work-hard and speak to the people.

  3. They can never be embarrassed as corruption is entrenched in the PF DNA. Imagine next week they announce the budget where 40% has to come from these very donors? MWANYA, this time you will dance pelete because Trump is also coming for you morons. You have destroyed this country’s economy by appointing cadres to sensitive positions. Next , fire those criminals at state house masquerading as leaders. Dora Slit must also go, she opens her mouth without thinking. There is a disconnect between her brain and her senses. Next is Zesco mwanya bamambala.

  4. Corruption being politicized is what makes the fight complicated.
    Every time HH opens his mouth on corruption, its all for his selfish narrow political agenda.
    Even though we all have to respect due process before we start pointing fingers, its the opposition that is always calling their political opponents corrupt without evidence.
    HH himself is dead scared to provide evidence against the judges he called corrupt.
    So as long as the corruption fight is being used as a political fight ,I don’t care how many times HH cries about corruption.

    • You can’t be serious!!! ALL decent Zambians, NOT just HH, have been crying foul about PF corruption for A LONG LONG time – from the fire tenders, to the billions spent on overpriced infrastructure projects. Why does it cost so much to do a simple dual carriage road or small airport under PF???

    • This corruption thief must bring our money back from offshore accounts and stop lecturing us as if we are children like him. He has no shame.

  5. Dora Siliya where are you, tell Zambians ati this is fake news wee, you guys your days are numbered, remember what you saw is what you shall reap

  6. “…Mr. Hichilema says it is high time the PF Leadership resigned….” kwekwekwekwekwekwe….so we can bring you in??? Nice wet dream you had last night, you loser….kwekwekwekwekwekwe……

    • Zambian Citizen, what has happened is a great embarrasment to the country and worse a big humiliation to the head of state. Yes HH is right, the President should step down on moral grounds because many people have talked about corruption and are taken to court over this corruption that is so rife in our country . ECL said bring proof but he should rather have send in the ACC to investigate . Air force commander fired for suspected pilfering, have we heard anything further of him being prosecuted? many more things have gone quiet. the FIC report fire teners etc. we the ordinary people of the Republic of Zambia want answers to many many things, after all it is our money and we want an account of how it is spend.

    • Kubweka
      They still cant smell the coffee,for these PF dull chaps it will take them standing in a cell watching the outside world to catch up with what is already written on the wall

  7. HH it is also an embarrassment for u to steal zambian money and go hide it in the office shore accounts.

    U not by all means better than minority Zambian thieves. You even worse HH.

  8. What Zambians need is the complete change of mind set , no one of them is different from those in offices of political power either in opposition .
    The mind set of Zambians in general is disappointing, the language they use to do wrong worries me .
    Some of those shouting laud are criminals who have stolen the whole national wealth during privatisation , today they appear to be innocent Engels .
    If you ask them where they got wealth they will not tell you.

  9. This is nothing at all.

    Citizens, there is more to come. A lot more.

    The Kwacha is in free fall right now, at a rate we have not seen in a while.

    Food prices will start rising very sharply. Very soon.

    This is the nonsense you voted for.

    Enjoy citizens.

  10. One thing the UPND loud mouths should forget is change of govt in 2021.Even if something dramatic happened,it will not be UPND to no serve us.
    Zambians understand tribal agenda versus national agenda.

    • No wonder you are a lost sheep because you are only thinking in terms of PF/UPND and I tribal terms.
      There are few bloggers who are neutral in their views and there are a few PF bloggers who are telling you the situation is bad, no one is asking that UPND takes over, but we are asking for the right government that is not made up thieves as we have now. You care about having the right people in government and not the tribe. Please, take some time and read some of the contributions made by some bloggers here and reflect a bit, and not just parroting. You are in the USA, one would expect you to have diverged view and not thinking in silos.

  11. It is all about politics for Kainde!!!
    Mawe bo Kainde…..ati “it is high time the PF leadership resigned….”kkkkkkkkk….so if they resign then you HH enters state house using a back door?kkkkkkkkkk….dream on tonga man!!!THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU BUT GOVNT WORKERS WHO ARE CORRUPT!!!EVEN UNDER YOU KAINDE,CIVIL SERVANTS WOULD CONTINUE BEING CORRUPT!!!HENCE SPARE US PRIVATIZATION THIEF!!!
    Even if elections are conducted today,HH would still lose to mighty PF-period!!!
    Well done ECL for firing corrupt leaders.Now its up to ACC &DEC to do their job too!!

  12. Most hard core thieves are shameless. That is why in the olden days there was instant justice where the public stoned them to death.

  13. “Mr Hichilema says it is high time the PF Leadership resigned”.
    Thats correct hichilema, but I hope you are not suggesting yourself to take over? Zambians have written you off baasa, Zambians will identify the correct leader very soon on.their own.

  14. Do the honourable thing mr president n become aformer president by resigning please. So many people are languishing in poverty because of your folly. Corruption happening right under your nose n now your change goal posts pointing fingers at your juniors.

  15. The consequence of Aid, Kupempha pempha yayi. Let us learn to fend for ourselves u mean we can fail to feed our own people with our resources at our disposal.

    I must tell you that its not an embarrassment for Donors to suspend aid to Zambia but, it is embarrassing in the first place, for us as a country to keep on relying on this Aid.

  16. UK, Finiland and others stop giving us Aid. You have see by yourselves what they have done to the money. Shame and yet GOD has given us copper, emeralds. if we cant use these then we are hopeless.

  17. HH now you can see that you add no value to the society.we acknowledge that time has come for President Lungu to clean up but yours is not a solution because these same people who are being cited for corruption if once they start insulting President Lungu you will consider them clean .Look how you have embraced Kambwili and you handpicked GBM has your Vice President.The people of Zambia will not revolt for you sorry badala.we uphold that it’s time The President cleaned up

  18. The birds have finally come home to roost. Our government has been asking for evidence of corruption, haven’t they? Citizens have talked about corruption in public office but no one was willing to listen, until the donors acted. This is reminiscent of the king’s new birthday suit, isn’t it? How embarrassing. We know that Kabanshi is a sacrificial lamb on the altar of corruption to atone for the sins of many who are still in hiding. We know that as society begins to scorn at her, she will start singing. Khoswe wapadzala adaulula wa patsindwi. the drama conitues

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