President Edgar Lungu fires Emerine Kabanshi over cash transfer scandal

President Edgar Lungu confers with Community development Minister Emerine Kabanshi during the 6th community based rehabilitation (CBR)Africa conference held at Intercontinental Hotel
President Edgar Lungu confers with Community development Minister Emerine Kabanshi during the 6th community based rehabilitation (CBR)Africa conference held at Intercontinental Hotel
President Edgar Lungu confers with Community development Minister Emerine Kabanshi during the 6th community based rehabilitation (CBR)Africa conference held at Intercontinental Hotel
President Edgar Lungu confers with Community development Minister Emerine Kabanshi during the 6th community based rehabilitation (CBR)Africa conference held at Intercontinental Hotel

Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi has become the first victim of the social cash transfer scandal that has hit Zambia after she was fired by President His Excellency President Edgar Lungu today.

And President Edgar Lungu has also fired Zampost Post Master General Mcpeherson Chanda over the same issue.

Nyimba Member of Parliament Olipa Phiri is now the new Minister of Community Development and Social Services.

President Lungu has since ordered for the immediate clean-up of Ministry of Community Development and social Services and Ministry of Transport and Communications particularly Zampost.

The President has since met with Heads of investigative wings, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti-Corruption commission to inform them of the administrative changes that he has made.

The Head of State expects the two wings to quickly constitute a speedy criminal investigation to establish whether there was criminal liability over the social cash transfer.

President Lungu has ordered the Secretary to Cabinet to ensure effective coordination among government departments.

President Lungu says he wants orderly policies and execution of pronouncements.

President Edgar Lungu has also fired Zampost Post Master General Mcpeherson Chanda over the same issue.

An audit has revealed that ZAMPOST diverted funds meant for the social-cash transfer program to purchase motor vehicles for the same project.

Zampost is said to have paid itself an advance of $4million as management fees to handle the program.

But the Audit has revealed that the funds were diverted without authority or consent especially from the cooperating partners.

The Audit also revealed that the social-cash transfer program was invaded by bogus beneficiaries in collusion with some junior civil servants.

Donors; United Kingdom, USAID, Sweden and others supporting the fund withdrew their support and threatened to freeze all donor support to government.

And President Lungu has also promoted Acting Zambia Air Force commander General David Muma to Lieutenant General and effectively appointed him as Zambia Air Force commander.


    • Kavanshi is the scapegoat.
      There have been some people on this blog who have been saying “you can’t blame Lungu and ministers for the theft of junior civil servants”. What has now changed?
      Lungu himself knows that the buck stops with him. If there is corruption in the civil service, and government fails to deal with it, then they are incomptetent.

    • To make a good omelette you have to break a few eggs

      The president is doing just that.

      Now everyone is happy he the right leader to lead zambia.

      If you are not impressed you need your head examined.



    • Us from Luapula are getting tired of being eliminated from PF.
      Emiline Kabanshi was on my list of female presidents, you all know that. I am not going to rest on this.
      Dora did worse ever crimes in ministry of Agriculture and at ministry of energy, the all Zambia rose to have Dora tamed, she now back as spokes woman of the sinners.

    • “The President has since met with Heads of investigative wings, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti-Corruption Commission to inform them of the administrative changes that he has made.”

      This is where it just starts to be WRONG, why inform of the administration changes? Let DEC and ACC work independently, they can not objectively investigate, if they have to get directives before starting to investigate a case.
      ECL has no trust in ACC/DEC, he needs to instruct them and that is WRONG.

    • ONE GONE!
      No sacred cows. I hope you got your facts right. ACC kindly move in.
      Let’s move very fast with facts, though.
      ” Umusuku ubi utukisha impanga”
      You have to move every quickly. Leave no stone unturned. Move to parastatals also.”
      Take audit reports extremely serious.

    • Playing with the rural vote by not giving them social cash transfer is not advisable. Remember that’s the vote that makes us win. Opposition can take advantage of this if we are not careful.

    • Simply read yesterdays article and pick out the names of those bloggers who were rubbishing it…today they are here on this thread without shame and praising this inept tin Edgar.

      It is extremely embarrassing to hear that as they embezzle public funds, you remain in the dark as the President. Each time you spend huge sums of money in some sector, just know that wolves of corruption are busy looking for loopholes. Scrutinize every makeshift companies mushrooming as suppliers in every public sector companies you’ve pumped money. We have a lot of CK like companies on the loose to embezzle public fund.

    • Good job Mr. President! Let’s roll! Someone will NEVER have a position like you no matter how it and its allies stretches its qualifications! You have worked very hard and professionally doing this job! Let’s develop our country while it develops its countries too, Panama and South Africa.

    • So we can safely conclude that everything in the Africa confidential report that Dora the liar was busy denying is true. ZESCO is done

    • WAIT A MINUTE. This MacPherson Chanda is actually the blood elder brother to Sunday Chanda. Last week I indicated here that this Sunday Chanda was talking too much forgetting that his brother was involved in the Social Cash Transfer scandal. Now Sunday, is it HH who has been fired by Lungu or it is your thieving brother????

      In this life, it is very important to be objective, especially when you are dealing with national issues. We know you can write complicated English but that doesn’t matter as long as you are not being objective. In the meantime police stations and courts are open where you can take HH for the alleged misappropriation of funds during the sale of ZCCM.

    • They were just heeding to Lungu’s careless statement that “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”.
      Mr. Lungu, your simple stup1d statement has severe implications on the poor.

      Rampant looting is happening on a wide scale as highlighted in the FIC report & AG reports. Just because donor funding was not withdrawn, nothing will be done.

    • Waited too long to deal with this cr@p! When is the Zambian Govt(s) going to learn kanshi? Same stories of corruption year in year out! What in the h3ll is going on?

      If the ACC or other investigative wings are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, isn’t it the responsibility of Govt, especially those in Parliament, to effect reforms to make such agencies effective, relevant, and responsive? If it is under-funding that has crippled their work, what is Cabinet/Parliament doing about it? Or are we are comfortable with the status quo?

      If people (civil servants) have no qualms stealing money meant for the poor/sick, then you know the Country has lost it’s MORAL CAMPUS and we are doomed as a society.

    • If you are saying Tongas should not be in govt, look at who are looting. KK knew best. ZP, civil service, judiciary, prisons, army, were never sources of corruption when we had Tongas in numbers. Say whatever you want, this is irrefutable. Tongas out, corruption and thieving up. Chita taata!!!

    • Minister of Higher Education Professor Nkandu Luo says it is illogical to label ministers corrupt because they are not controlling officers who handle money.

      Debating the budgetary allocation to the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday, Prof Luo said ministers, often times, did not even know whether or not money had been received from the Treasury …I hope some of you remember this

    • The two are only sacrificial lambs, there was a cover up by the entire Government who announced through Hon Siliya that no funds were misappropriated and said it was all fake news. Now that Britain confirmed the diversion of funds and suspension of aid to Zambia, the president has acted to on what they called fake news, how? We all know that Hon Siliya cannot issue statements without state house approval.

    • Thieving is in the blood of the pf chaps. Zambians are done with the lies such free wi-fi, more money in the pockets and corruption commingled with fraud like fire tenders for $1m each and insured for K260, 000. What maths is that ba pf? No paying people for only 3 to 4 months per year of their social cash transfer and the rest is pocketed….what a shame.

    • How do you ask a Thief to catch another? DEC and ACC are just named; they are the most corrupt controlled by the President. Fools who don’t know what their Institutions should stand out for. You have to be given work to do??

    • “Fake news” has shamed Zambian leadership now eating humble pie after all straight faced denials forgetting that only the composer of the song can change the lyrics. Too bad for Kabanshi and Chanda getting fired but what follows is of utmost importance to the Zambian people. Will the two be investigated further and face charges of corruption and appear in court with likelihood of being jailed as well as be ordered to reimburse the ‘misappropriated’ funds or this is it they just get forgotten about and the taxpayers reimburse the donors? The carpet is partly lifted but to sweep clean underneath it for the room to be properly cleaned, the whole carpet needs to be lifted and removed from the room to have it cleaned of the dust too! Please next the fire tenders and the ambulances!…

    • You have no idea who Ba Emerine is, eliminating that lady is same as divorcing just after 2 years. She deserved to be tolareted.
      Well good ones get fired.

    • @Skullhead, The fish smells from the head. Nothing has been done, the smell of fish lingers on until all the fish is gotten rid off.

  1. Why bend to western pressure. One Emmanuel Mwamba says Zambian governments prefers dealing with the China because it operates on “strings attached” basis unlike the West which demands dealing with corrupt free, democratic, human rights respecting countries. He calls the West a den of racists, Neo-colonial imperialists

    • And the budget is to be presented on Friday?These donors know what they are doing,PF is a gonner.Mwanakatwe now needs to plug in the holes,where does she find the money.Junior President Amos said they will go to China,let us see that happen

    • Jay Jay he uses these reports for his convenience, just like his mentor Sata. Sata used intelligence briefings to blackmail people and later blackmailed then Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda over Statutory Instrument 89.

    • AKASHAMBATWA patronage is not my hobby, I thrive on principles not “your” corruption, nepotism, tribalism and laziness. Just in case you thrive on memory loss, here some facts. Sata as opposition leader, “King Cobra” was among Beijing’s most vocal critics in Zambia but, once in power, became an avid supporter of China’s investment in Zambia. What changed, he was regularly seen putting on Chinese suits? Akalilo!

    • Which Kalaba are you referring to. Stop accusing Zambians of being of short memory or no memory in this case. It was Kalaba who was in the forefront justifying that the president was in order taking those expensive foreign trips using Euro bond. Flying a 200 plus party to USA for enjoying on the government ticket. Going by what he promoted and defended he is a wrong man who will travel the world with big traveling parties taking the country further into economic crisis. Find another person to market.

  2. Bad rubbish indeed. What about the fire engines and other vices. This is sugar coating. What about the overpriced roads by the Chinese and their friend ministers just to eat with them.
    I doubt this firing. Just Chipha maso – blind folding.
    I am waiting for the real firing and reducing on the ministries and ministers, ps, deputies and etc.
    We need real firing not these small scale sugar coating nonsense.

  3. Too little too late,am very sure the donors having seen the impact of withdrawal of aid will now move the goal posts and so they should. They should now demand for answers we have all been waiting for like 42mn dollar wheelbarrows,mukula trees,FIC report etc.We told PF that your president will destroy you and your party,what are they saying now?

  4. Hehehe! Does it mean the investigations are over. Just barely a day he has evidence without investigations and evidence.

    • So you wanted these people especially the Post Master General to still be in that position after such serious and scandalous revelations? One minute you say Lungu won’t fire anyone and when he does that you are not happy. To my sister Emirine, please always remember wherever you’ll go that there evil people out there. Don’t leave your back unguarded. They will make you sign off important documents without giving you time to study them. I’m talking from experience.

    • @Ndanje. You are talking from experience – how much did you take from ibala? Tell us! You are literally admitting that you participated in similar fimofimo :-).

    • I know how these people operate. Take the mines for instance. ..a fuel tanker will only offload a bit at the mine site and sell the rest of the fuel. The proceeds is shared among the stores guys, mine police and other strategic persons. There are other ways like nondelivery of goods for which the supplier is paid. I tried my best to stop the rot but failed because I later found out that my senior manager was part of the scam. So each measure we put in place would be known by those involved in the stealing.

  5. Sacrificial lambs taken to the slaughter house in order to cover up a bigger picture.Corruption is rampant and needs proper leaders that is pragmatic.The ugly head of corruption is in all ministries as demonstrated in Auditor General office’s report.This is just cosmetic that we are serious with the fight against corruption.

    The time action will be taken on auditors’ reports that is when real fight will take place.Year in year out reports are produced but no action is taken.ACC,police and DEC are toothless bull dog.

  6. Why should the President meet with the Heads of Investigative wings? Whats there to discuss about? This clear fraud… It had to take the Donors to push him from his slumber…imagine if he did the same with 42/42 on his own but sadly he is lucky the money belonged to docile Zambians.

    • Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      @Jay Jay he is the beneficiary himself of these corruption scandals. That’s why he doesn’t do shyt… he had to do something this time to save face. The man is corrupt to the bone.

    • Dont forget budget is due the figures with this donor withdrawal cant add up,they have mountains of debt to repay ,this is not even about saving face,it is about facing reality in the face our Great Leader is in for a rough ride…Great Minister Lusambo go do some time keeping tmoro at Zampost to further save face…lol

    • They have appointed cadres like this one at Zampost..they think rerouting funds is just that then put that as management fees…simpletons…really smart people of Zambian enterprise. Imagine if this lazy inept President did the same with $1.3 billion road and others how much would saved???

  7. 1.9 Forget the acc or any Zambian investigative wings. Bring in Scotlandyard. ..after all it’s their money that’s been stolen. Our people are compromised. Just a few kwacha and the case will develop many twists and turns.

  8. Sad that the president said the west want to create enemity between zambia and china….. Mr President of chinambia has lost…… Replace a Bemba with an Easterner….YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. this is not tribalism…. why not Chilanga MP? Mr chinaman is tribal……worse than Tongas……..Give winter a job not antonio,,,,,,,,,
    Easterners are very tribal too

  9. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This is what I wrote yesterday that he ought to get rid of the minister and the Zampost director… he should have fired the secretary to the cabinet too. Yesterday he directed these same people to start investigations which was weird from him.

    Sacrificial lambs of course and reactive in nature but at least he has to show something to please the donors. The bigger corrupt fish still remain, including himself.

    But I also added that corruption in Zambia can’t be fixed by knee jerk patchworks of firing few individuals here and there… the scourge is systematic and embedded into every fibre of society. What needs to be fixed are the systems of governance, creating strong and independent judiciary, law enforcement, parliament, etc. You need to strengthen institutions you are truly genuine…

    • Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      ….You need to strengthen institutions you are truly genuine about trying to get rid of corruption.

      Credit here to him for once responding, but you know he has no choice as his balls have been squeezed rather tightly on this one.

    • And you can only strengthen the institutions if each of them is working independently without interference. But what do you see here, the number1 person, telling the institutions that are supposed to be independent, what they should do, and that is wrong.

  10. Some pf chaps want us to applaud the president, he knows everything and he is the beneficially. until some people are arrest over the same then i will believe.

  11. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Yes this will sound rather bad but it’s the truth anyway. I know corruption is not biological or hereditary but it is cultural and nurture… and it is no speculation or slander to insinuate that our Bemba and Nyanja friends have really messed this country with this ‘nchekeleko’ and ‘nitola fye’ culture of stealing and corruption. Most of these guys the first thing they do on a new job assignment if to find loopholes and weaknesses on how easy they could steal, embezzle or misappropriate money placed under their care. It’s sad and shameful and what we have is a stealing culture embedded into the fibre of society.

  12. I feel an instant dismissal is too harsh. The President should have suspended her and allowed for thorough investigations. Unless he’s already gotten a credible report that she was involved

  13. So there is no fake news on LT.shame on you critics of the media.most bloggers here are no brainers, it seems everyone has forgotten there yesterday’s posts, shame, Zambians are lame.

  14. Campaign campacandal pa scandal ba mumbwi muletulila ama suku pa mitwe.

    Firing should have start with the main koswe mumpoto because he has along time to know things are wrong with his ministers. He has never said a thing over the case they were ordered to payback the monies they used during campagns in 2016 .

    These guys shoulp pay for all those crimes.


  16. You don’t fire, you suspend them and wait for investigations, unless there clear evidence that they participated. The list is growing – first ZAF commander, Emiri, Zampost G Manager but the following have survived how? Kaizer Zulu, Dr. Miti, Dora Slit Malawi Maize scandal, Dr. Chilufya Fire Tender wheelbarrows, Etswatini, estates – – kaya? Mukalila ifilamba mayo nafwa . It will be very very very difficult for Lungu and Kaizer to survival corruption scandals when they live office.

  17. I Meant – It will be very very very difficult for Lungu and Kaizer to survival corruption scandals when they leave office.

  18. Africa confidential teinobe. Please keep exposing these thieving nincompoops, charlatans, misfits and misguided carders. They have looted the treasury with impunity. They have closed the post and other newspapers that were exposing their corruption. Please Africa confidential dig deeper. We want more on Zesco as well, things are bad and one wonders why a sane person would support such recklessness and callous behavior that is despicable and intolerant. PF sucks.

    • The Zesco issue is even true as no one is privy to what half the cabinet was doing in China for 10 was only thieves on a plane!!

  19. Someone has been fired at last! Let this be the beginning of a huge clean up. It’s official, Zambia is corrupt and the facts are out there for the world to see. What an embarrassing achievement.

    • You are dreaming.
      Just read comments of usual Plunderers Federation apologist.
      For them, Wise, Humble and Anointed Endemically Corrupt Leader is a new prophet!!!

  20. Its called Damage Control and scapegoating. We know that Lungu is corrupt to the Core and “a fish rots from the Head Downwards”. “A Mosquito cannot cure Malaria” and as such Lungu cannot eradicate corruption in Zambia. Africa Confidential, HH and Kalaba have been vindicated. With Lungu at the Helm Corruption and Fraud in Zambia will intensify. The writing is on the Wall.

  21. She was just a scap goat, he thinks people will buy it, just shows how shallow the guy is. Useless as they come. Clueless. any way that what u get dealing with drunks

    • There is nothing like scapegoat – she stole and the President just took too long to dismiss her and have criminal investigations launched.

      Shall we nominate wise, humble anointed and utterly Endemically Corrupt Leader for Nobel Price?

  22. The whole approach to fight corruption in Zambia should change, stiffer laws to fight corruption must be enacted. Did y’all know that in China if you are found guilty of corruption you are subjected to excution? In Zambia we dont take things very serious.

  23. Next time be proactive Mr. President.
    So you had live bullets all along, I wonder why you always fire blanks. We can give you more bullets if those 2 are the only ones you have had all this time.
    Good move though.

  24. Lungu is just window dressing because he needs help with the budget from the west and that suspended assistance was a great help to the rural voters and poor.

    Lungu You have been silent when people call you a corrupt theif , now your civil servants don’t mind being labeled corrupt theives….all because of you.

  25. He must just dissolve the whole Cabinet because most Ministers are just busy cutting deals and stealing. He has acted because it’s donor money, how about taxpayers’ money? The fire tender deal stinks. Most Ministers are not clean, including Hichilema, Kambwili, Musenge, Kalaba, Cornelius Mweetwa, Jack Mwiimbu, Garry Nkombo, etc. If Jesus were to come today, most politicians won’t be there to receive him.

    • What about architect of this F*CK-UP?


      The Constitution does NOT give immunity from criminal prosecution.


  26. A lesson to you dirty tribalists….if any of the above names were Tonga , you were going to have a field day….now look , where are those fired people from ?

    You don’t see Tongas hurling tribal abuse at your tribe because of those are from your tribe….let’s learn to live as Zambians…

  27. The Sugar-coated sacking of the Minister Emerine Kabanshi was expected a long time ago. Everyone knew about the misuse of money and the conduit used was through Macpherson Chanda who many suspects to be the elder brother to Sunday Chanda!
    Yesterday when Amos Chanda wrote that statement, the humble one had already fired Kabanshi for pilfering the money meant for the poor. The humble one was at pains to even fire the lady thief and It dawned on them that people knew the endgame was near.
    The easiest sacrifice was Kabanshi because she was not a very faithful lieutenant who had involved her husband in the deals of motor vehicle buying and clearance using Aid money. We hope she will concentrate on her farm in Kanakantampa now that she has plenty of time on her hands.
    It’s a pity that she…

    • This is donor money for taxpayers who care about how their money is spent unlike docile gullible Zambians…someone is doing time here no holiday at any farm.

    • Nganganga
      Please stop using the name of the Lord in vain.These are simple,dull plunderes and we have enoughh laws and people asigned,paid by taxpayers to do the job you are now asking God to do for you.We have less than 200 people holding an entire population of 17 or 18 million captive,the end is a foregone conclusion.When elections are called vote wisely,profer counsel to those who cant smell the coffee so that they use their heads when voting,FULL STOP.

  28. Lungu is now trying to unboil an egg. Impossible! Bring back the money and send them to jail. Ministers have ignored court judgement and Lungu is mute, why?

    • Some of the things he will be crucified for,are they really worth it?Like arrogantly insisting Ministers should not pay back that money albeit abusing the courts in contesting the decision are really strange,like putting his reputation over “Bishop” Chomba honestly Mr Lungu is it worth it?When not even Chomba has protested his “innocence”sure,it is like watching someone trying every trick in a book to help him fail,why he wants to fail only he knows…

  29. This corruption is what happens when no action is taken whe the auditor general provides you with a report showing specific mis-appropriation of taxpayers’ money.


  31. If you fire Emerine Kabanshi as custodian of community development, why not also fire Brian Mushimba as custodian of Zampost where the $4m disappeared from? Selective justice. And Roland Msiska? Now tye fired ones will start revealing the rot. Beginning of the end for this government, I predict.
    But I am not that Hacks and directionless upnd in, NO!! Zambians will find a suitable replacement. Trib.alism is the worse crime against humanity, same as genocide.


  32. Change wachelwa ,kwena no Ba Kabanshi fye beka ebansangwa mufya konaula ” social cash transfer ? Maayo Ba Kabanshi mwisekwa mweka iyoo , spill the beans , it is never late to mend fisanga abaume . …..!.

  33. Suprise of the day
    Sharon is today having a bad menstr… period combined with diarrhea. It must be serious that she is kept off commenting today.

    • @ abilima

      Your comment has large dose of lack of legal knowledge. The “Master” is responsible for the action(s) of his “Servants”.
      If he has any MORALS, DECENCY and HONOR left, LET HIM RESIGN.


  35. How does one think that they can eradicate malaria by spraying bug spray in their homes when mosquitoes bite them outside the house?
    One needs to focus on the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
    Edgar Lungu is not helping anyone by firing Kabanshi and the post master… He must weed out corruption from the source (his office) and the results will trickle down to the grassroots.
    It’s high time the policies and procedures for GRZ were evaluated!

  36. “The President has further regretted that that the comprehensive report on the administration of the social cash transfer funds ordered four months ago, was only availed to him on September 14, 2018.”

    If this does not scare you, then you need your brain examined. The president should always be given an intelligence briefing, even a scribbled one. He must let the Post master at Zampost go, and investigations to begin immediately.

    My FDD self wrote that yesterday. The president today copied me kikikikiki

  37. The man has to start from somewhere. At least a move has been made. What is important is that a move has been made on people who have not even criticise him. We need to wait and see who goes next. We have waited for action long enough. Next please….

  38. Finally I can see a redirection of focus that this is about the Zambian GENERAL WORKER and not necessarily the politician. Frankly speaking, Emerine Kabanshi was the favourite Minister for my wife and I and I believe her firing is not because she was involved, but that Zedians wanted to see blood. The Zampost guy , yes , he needed to go.
    I wonder the work experience of most of the bloggers who seem to put the President in the loop – as Ndanji has said above , cartels exist and a boss in that cartel will protect their interest. It is illogical – nay stupid – to think a whole president, or minister, will steal CASH, in connivance with junior personnel. rather, junior personnel make it awkward for a minister to get involved in the disbursement so that they are left free wallow in the mud.

    • More likely than not it is an act of GENETIC !MBECILITY to believe that your Endemically Corrupt Leader has become filthy rich by the act of God, instead of an act of criminality.

  39. This is a joke!!!! How can you suddenly in one day find someone guilty – where are the investigations ?? Like I said yesterday many innocent cadres will be fired while the ROTTEN stay in office! Do you think UK etc is so dumb as to believe that by firing someone with no investigation the corruption will end !!!!!

    • This is clear-cut, what investigations? Investigations will be conducted for the junior officers the foot-soldiers. The Minister failed by allowing donor funds to be misappropriated.

    • @ abilima

      Fully agree with you. By the way, who is the head of the Executive? No action against him/her?
      As the Minister bear responsibility for the misdeeds of its “juniors”, who bears MORAL, ETHICAL and LEGAL responsibility for the conducts of Ministers?

      Let the Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation assume responsibility for CRIMINAL ACTS. After all, HE has experience in pleading guilty for theft of entrusted funds.

      Remember, it is settled legal principle that “Master” is responsible for the actions of his “Servants”!!!

    • Abilima – If you can simply just fire someone one day after a scandal errupts about missing money then you mustve known for some time about this theft. I am sure Funds have been misappropriated to pay for civil servants salaries – If this is the case then everyone at the TOP but have knowledge of this. I AM NOT SAYING HE IS NOT CORRUPT AND SHOULD NOT BE FIRED I AM SAYING THAT THOSE AT THE TOP HAD KNWOLEDGE OF THIS AND THEY ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN SURELY THEY TOO MUST FALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. The way these of cadres were bragging about social cash transfer during campaigns ,most poor souls thought it was coming from their own pockets, alas it was donor funds. Same way they are bragging about chinese loans, like they will repay from their own pockets.

  41. Kabanshi sacrificed. Where are the people who purchased the fire trucks? Lungu is giving lip service to corruption and crime in Zambia. Where is the ACC and this fuuool of a president is ordering investigations after he fires someone? Who does that? Is this guy a lawyer or a low bar? This is an embarrassment to the Law Association and the Law fraternity in the country. Kabanshi found in the wrong ministry.

  42. I remember very well Mr President boasting that we don’t care about IMF Or donors y today .in Bemba we say ukumineshimbili? Zambia twasebana

  43. Sacrificing the poor lady to save face will not help you my dear corrupt President, many Zambians know by now you are the ring leader breeding corruption in the once economic revitalizing nation. We all know you have no zeal to talk about corruption let alone fight it. Those who voiced their concerns about the escalating corruption in the country, the likes of pilato, laura miti you arrested them and threatened the like of ck and kalaba for revealing corruption. Today after the no nonsense western donors pull their finding without trial you pretend to act by the sacrificing the poor woman, why didn’t you start by firing yourself, because you are the father of corruption. Shame, shame, the whole world Zambia this Zambia that…

    • Sharon and Kudos are mother and daughter. Sharon is Tasila’s mother in Atlanta and Kudos is Tasila in Lusaka.
      They know which side of bread is buttered.

  44. Mr Lungu looks humble and he also sounds humble but the problem is he is incompetent he could make a good elder in church but I don’t think he is competent enough to be president.

  45. BR Mumba is no show. Terrible losers who don’t know that Lungu is basically in office to enrich himself and his minions (probably onions).

  46. If there is a corrupt person between the two persons in the picture, surely and I am certain that it cannot be Emerine Kabanshi. You can see and touch the innocence in her face.

    I think someone needs to DIRECT the entire cabinet to RESIGN and then call for general elections.

  47. So anti corruption in Zambia just arrest or investigate those in possession of a ball of weed in their pockets.Big fish are exempted from their sting. What is their real job ba anti corruption kanshi? I think it’s a situation where the fish’s head has gone bad n everyone else on the bandwagon are like nisangwapo

  48. What troubles me is that this is not the only case that has been raised about corruption and abuse of funds. The Fire Tenders, the Ambulances, procurement of drugs, etc. All these need to be investigated. Do we need the donor community to withdraw funding for us to investigate?

  49. Zambian politicians should learn to resign not just because their Ministry is not working well or there is a scandal like this one, but also because they have ceased to see the light of principle. People like Kalaba, Mwanawasa, and VJ are few and far apart (oh, yea, VJ resigned at the height of accusations into his …er… activities to allow for clarification).

  50. Where was the Zampost Board when Zampost management were making such reckless, irresponsible and fraudulent decisions? Or if there is no board, where was the PS? It is hard to believe that we still have people in our midst with such behaviour.

  51. The next shall be ZESCO.Tthat is another company where people go into the fields to just sit and wait for knocking off time because overtime has been restricted unless otherwise. There are so many pending jobs and the song they sing is NO POLES, NO CONDUCTORS. How I wished the people responsible for these actions could go and demand for daily work records and seek confirmation from one or two clients. Bowman Lusambo’s visitation did not target the right people because those are chief Njoyas who do not even care. He should have gone to the Customer Care and see how many come to present complaints whose answer always is NO POLES, NO CONDUCTORS. What this implies is that all workers are in maintenance.

  52. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

  53. But when CK and Savior were and are whistle blowing you are busy issuing negatives about the disclosed information. You even insult them. What is wrong with we people in Zed. Instead of providing support to our opposition we keep blasting and ill-pointing. Now see what we are going through as a country of copper producing giants. Economically we are doomed due to the damage this has caused and the perception. Let our beloved anointed Lungu clean up the mess. Lets weed the bad eggs in order to bring back our hard earned reputation. We have now suffocated the economy and investor confidence as PF but remember not all in PF are corrupt and is not a one man show to address these vices, Lungu has no connection in all this nonsense big ups for his action but please lets not exaggerate. My…

  54. advice to opposing players to provide solutions rather than capitalizing. We need each other more than ever in these difficult times. Lets learn from others as we try to bring sanity in all sectors. We need ethical leadership and this can only be achieved by bringing the perpetrators to book and do justice. One day it will be the party in opposition that will be fighting graft when it comes into power and the same treatment will be subjected by them. Hence we need collaborative effort and not to take advantage of it. We need each other.

  55. Doctor ”Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?”
    Patient ”Yes, I have an uncle who has continued voting for thieves in government”

  56. Miss-application of funds is a misdemeanor. Even the Judiciary in the Nevers Mumba case agreed. Further, investigation after investigation of this common audit query has proved that funds are miss-applied to better and more agent causes hence no need for criminal charges. But due to ignorance, few realise that funds could have been miss-applied to save their lives from cholera.

    However, anyone found to have stolen funds in the misapplication should be locked up like Kapoko & soon, Kambwili. The biggest lockup though will be for the oligarchs in UPND that pocketed our paratatals to use to buy their way to State House to pocket more and auction the country. No vote.

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