Church urged to quicken dialogue process between PF and UPND

HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

President Edgar Lungu has asked the church to quicken the process of dialogue between the Patriotic Front (PF) party and the United Party for National Development (UPND).

President Lungu said that he is committed to an open discussion with the opposition political party regarding issues that are affecting the two political players.

The President was speaking when he held talks with the European Union at State House today.

The Head of State said that both political parties should talk to their sympathizers and denounce violence in the country.

The Head of State noted that he will take it upon himself in denouncing violence during and after the elections in the country.

Mr. Lungu noted that it is the duty of political party leaders to talk to their sympathizers and denounce violence at all costs.

Meanwhile President Lungu has described the non-implementation of a SADC parliamentary forum as mind boggling.

The Head of State said he need to consult the Head of States to find out why the forum has not been set up despite pushing for it for over 20 years

President Lungu added that the idea is noble and it is working everywhere in Africa and wondered why it has not been effected in the SADC region.

Meanwhile the European Mission Heads of mission has described the meeting with the Head of State as fruitful.

The EU head of delegation Alessandro Mariani said the two political parties should emphasis on denouncing the political violence that has characterized the campaigns across the country.

He noted that there is need to revisit the reforms of the Public Order Act and the good policies that would govern the country.

Mr. Mariani noted that the EU is also committed to constituting a good team that will foster peace and security across the globe.

Meanwhile President of the SADC parliamentary forum Fernando Dos Santos said the SADC region is the only religion in Africa that has no parliamentary forum of its own.

He said the visit to President Lungu was aimed at lobbying for the forum after so many failed attempts to set it up.

He said the creation of the forum will enable the SADC region to share ideas and have modern laws that will improve the region.

Mr. Dos Santos revealed that the region has been advocating for a parliamentary forum for over 20 years and the process has not been sustainable.

He added that the setup of the parliamentary forum will help to accelerate economic integration in a quicker way.

Mr. Dos Santos noted that the parliamentary forum will not be a full legislative powers but will aim at setting up a parliament that will establish and improve laws.


  1. Mr. President the Biblical story of Solomon and that guy who wanted to see his mother parallels HH’s unyielding desire to see you! He is after your seat – NOTHING ELSE! HH is a loser and he will never win an election in Zambia! He is also a Three Mansion! He wants to become relevant when he is just a CHILDISH who is not relevant in Zambian politics. Don’t give him opportunity for advertisement. He belongs to Mukobeko. I am talking about a little boy. In case you all forget UPND is a tribal gathering.

    • Yaa he needs HH in process of closing down PF government, and start handing over ministries to UPND. First appointment should be Garry.
      Amaso nayaluba in PF.

    • Dialogue for what?

      All opposition parties should boycott all forms of dialogue with the government until we get to the bottom of the corruption and theft.

      This man Lungu has priories messed up.

      Dialogue to achieve what exactly ?

      There is NO opposition in Zambia.

    • And when I keep saying he uses the dialogue talk to hide whenever there are critical issues some of you keep believing that he is truly wants this thing … I still maintain the UPND should pull out of this thing so that Lungu does not have this dialogue circus to fall back on … If we were a sane country we all need to get toref of this circus

  2. Who is exactly is spearheading the dialogue process? The Church or ZCID? Not so long ago, ZCID and The Church were each claiming to be in the driving seat.

  3. HH is still a bitter man.he has lost too many elections as well as representatives.
    The best time for dialogue with him , I suggest after his 2021 defeat will be better not now.

  4. God’s time is the best and this time is inevitable.
    You can run all the time but you can’t hide.
    Throw a little stone in a pool of water and the result will always amaze you…a ripple effect that will expand to the ends of the pool will always appear unstoppably.

  5. After delaying the process deliberately by pushing ZCID in front, now that the heat has started, you sound as if the delay is the church’s fault! Typical hypocrite.

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