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It is regrettable for President Lungu to defend China at expense of citizens-Shimunza


Daniel Shimunza

Movement for National Transformation (MNT) President, Daniel Shimunza is shocked that President Edgar Lungu during his address to parliament last week, laughed off concerns by citizens regarding the domination of China in the Zambian economy.

He told Q-news that his party regrets that the head of state defended the Chinese at the expense citizens.

And Mr. Shimunza says President Lungu’s statement on corruption lacked merit and amounts to rhetoric.

During his parliamentary address ,President Lungu said Zambia would choose its own friends on its own terms and that does not mean appeasing anyone with unjustified enemity with others. He said our friendship with China is mutual, and no amount of reckless propaganda will deter us from entrenching this relationship for the common good of our people.
He implored the country to ignore the misleading headlines that seek to malign Zambia’s relationship with China by mischaracterizing the economic cooperation to mean colonialism. He said China does not have that record; neither does it seek a horse and rider relationship with Zambia.


  1. Daniel Shimunza is a joke

    The man was making news for not paid a Zesco bill, how can such people be taken serious

    Ignore this sorry excuse of a human being



    • Ka Mushota Shut Up, we know you are Amos Chanda. Fool. How can a president not show any seriousness on such national Matters? All these corruption scandals are his making. He encouraged people to Eat Mwibala. Moreover they say he directs them.

    • HH is the commonest thief. He is a privatisation thief and a money launderer chief thief. Also, he has Three Mansions and he will NEVER be president come what may!

    • I’ve always told you on this forum, Lungu is a thief whose brain is corrupted by AVIC & other Chinese bribes.

      We need a sober person in that seat. It’s unfortunate that our flawed constitution gives too much power to the presidency who puts his bribers in front of citizens who dance for him.

      We need to amend to a parliament constitution to prevent the risk of an insane, thieving, illegal foreigner, corrupt or sickly president.

  2. When a leader has no shame, a nation perish. Such is a situation for Zambia…currently at a cross road. Count how many times their president has been in the air for past 30..days….Those of you simply clapping hands and blindly praising your leader..remember China is a 3rd World , the west owns the markets and the cash. A slight pull down to copper price…your nation will be in flames. Think twice…firing kabanshi not solution at all… president should consider having sensible advisers ..not those kids ..

  3. Did Shimunza listen to the address or read the President’s speech? This nonsense of wanting to be heard even one has nothing to say is really bringing this country down. The useless behavior of the Chinese is encouraged by the uselessness of Zambians who are encouraging this useless behavior in their actions and attitudes. This is separate from bilateral projects between the two countries – I hope that Shimunza can separate the two.

  4. Bloggers please the duty to combat corruption should not be just for the president but every concerned citizen.This is a cancer that will ruin let’s team up and fight regardless of our party affiliations.

  5. This man wants to be seen to be a news maker! Unfortunately he sounds like a broken record.
    Does he also have ambition to rule Zambia one day?

  6. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

    • Is Shimunza the same as VJ and Hakainde HaMental? Please draw two venn diagrams intersecting each other and put the three in it. One must be TONGA and the other UPND. It will be a very good visual for learning TONGA.

  7. Some f00ls like shimuza or whatever he is called will always remain irrelevant for as long as Lungu is not Tonga, he will never say or do anything good. No wonder God cannot give leadership to your tribe because you expect China to be demonized for helping develop the country. No one is perfect of course, the chinese just like americans and british have their own weaknesses. But for tongas as long as the president is not tonga, he will never do anything good. Mukafwafye nobupuba bwenu ifyofine. When there is a problem with social cash transfer, you see an opportunity and expect people to start throwing stones at state house so that Lungu can run away, what a cursed and gullible tribe you are. Bamunshebwa mwebaile namashinshi ku buko.

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