Sampa launches Music Festival to celebrate country’s heritage

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has launched the Lusaka Music Festival to celebrate the country’s artistic heritage.

Speaking during the official launch, Mr. Sampa said the Music Festival will be a uniting factor for people across the city and will be characterized by songs and dances.

The Mayor explained that the music festival will celebrate Lusaka’s role in the independence struggle as well as artistic heritage and will be held annually on the first Saturday after Independence Day.

He added that only Zambian music will be played and danced to in an effort to recognize the different Zambian musicians that the country has.

Mr. Sampa said the festival will feature artists from all genres and all generations as a celebration of Lusaka in its totality.

He said the event is budgeted at about K300, 000 which will be channeled towards empowering vulnerable children in society with different artistic skills such as singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

Mr. Sampa noted that the move to empower vulnerable children will contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty as well as having a responsible citizenry.

The Mayor has since called on people in the city to embrace the initiative and join in celebrating the country’s artistic heritage.


  1. Nice one Mayor. This is welcome. If all the profits can go to help the less privileged, masses should attend.

    • That a person like Miles Samoa can be the mayor of our capital city really demonstrates how hopeless the situation is in Zambia. We need God to surprise us again like he did with Mwanawasa. We are doomed to having worthless people as leaders….Chiluba, Rupiah Banda, Edgar Lungu…It’s li kie they had on mother and Lungu was the lazy spoilt last born

    • I wish we had people who valued their country like the mayor more than their little clan. For Zambia to develop it needs patriots. No matter how poor my country will be I will still love it! No matter how many impediments someone who wants to destroy us points at, I will still love Zambia. TRIBALS hear that!

    • Thanks Sharon for your usual senseless rant. Now please go back and take your medication. I don’t usually engage with dull, uneducated, unprincipled, deranged, psychopathic, hallucinating, simpletons like you, but I have made this one exception just for today. I know the reason you are in the U.S. is because you are a brain dead cadre, whose job is to lick people’s bottoms. enjoy while it lasts.

    • Sharon, or whatever your name might be. Thanks for your usualsensless rant. Now, please go back and take you medicine for uou mental illness. I usually don’t respond to dull, uneducated, pathetic, hallucinating, raving mad, psychopathic, simpletons like you. But i have this one exception. We all know that you are in the USA because you are an empty headed PF cadre, whose job is to lick people’s boots. Enjoy it while it lasts. And for the record, I have never and will never support HH.

  2. there’s real work that needs to be done. forget all this nonsense of dancing. roll up your sleeves and give lsk a facelift.
    come up with policies that will transform lsk, then after you’ve done some real work hold a festival at a recently cleaned area that previously was filthy and is now a beautiful park
    show us something transformative, not same nonsense of singing and dancing. you guys need to be serious. there’s enough places in lsk where people can go to sing dance or watch shows.
    go to Kigali or Nairobi and you’ll see how they put lsk to shame. it didn’t happen magically.
    don’t be lazy and want to sit and watch performances like you’ve accomplished anything to deserve that break.

  3. Do you guys in Lusaka have free WiFi now? Ala bane mulechenjela na ba politician ba masukulu ya shibukeni. They can even promise to build a bridge for you where there no river.

  4. This is good thinking, if well nurtured the music industry can significantly contribute to the Zambian economy. Although K300,000 is a modest figure it’s a good start that will go a long way in talent identification. Luambo Makiadi aka Franco used to host such festivals and that’s where he got most of his songs. Some Zambian chamba artist tried it but ended up stealing people’s music without paying, they’re still looking for him and his wife in the villages. I support you on this bwana Mayor. It’s better than the usual dubious sell of land that we hear about councils everyday

  5. After dancing and singing we will still need genuine answers to the social cash transfer scandal. Plz remind mr pombe the lazy bum Kikikikiki

    • I think garbage will be sorted out by the big thief itself – the Privatization thief and money launderer. Leave that to it, please.

    • Hehehehe
      Victor come Sharon, who is a fraud convict , lungu or HH ?

      I will find you a man if you can get that right, thinking about it you must stink that’s why you have no mano…

  6. Where is this K300,000 going to come from? Is it public funds? Then it’s just another way to get money into your pockets without getting caught.

  7. Mwayamba vaupuba, are you guys trying to divert our attention from your corrupt activities ? You could have at least started by cleaning up the city . So apa , gullible Zambians will be like yaaa , Cina Lila ku festival ,ndiye Mayor uyu…..seriously ? Awe mwandi nalanda fya Fula.

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