Friday, March 1, 2024

Dj Cosmo releases “Man Grab Ah Gyal”


Dj Cosmo has released the official video to his smash hit single “Man Grab Ah Gyal”. Video directed by Buff & Joe Texas


  1. Lacks originality as the tune can be traced to some Caribbean dance hall artist and the choreography is plagiarized! Check out ‘U Can’t touch this’ official video of MC Hammer compare the dancers and the arrangement! Song sounds more like ‘Africa under pressure’

  2. But Kwena! Who has allowed this Rubbish to infiltrate our Air Waves? Has anyone Managed to decipher the Hidden, infused & Encripted Sh.iiiiiiiiiiit inside some music? This Music is being sponsored by Foreigners from one Neighbouring Country in order to demonise Somebody. It is the same Sh.iiiiiiiiiiit that is encrypted even in the Gospel Music which plays in the long distance Buses.

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