Head of Transparency International welcomes aid cuts

TI Executive Director Robert Barrington
TI Executive Director Robert Barrington
TI Executive Director Robert Barrington
TI Executive Director Robert Barrington

Transparency International Executive Director Robert Barrington has welcomed the suspension of aid to Zambia by some western donors after audit reports showed massive theft of donor funds.

Mr. Barrington has since demanded that all those that were involved in the theft are held accountable.

Mr. Barrington said: “Where suspected corruption is involved, it clearly cannot simply mean business as usual. Cutting off aid altogether is one of the options, but it is at one end of the scale, and the UK must be very confident that it has sufficient evidence to take such action.”

He added, “The next steps are to make sure those who have stolen the money are held to account, and to find a way to start the aid flows again in a way that minimises the risks of corruption.”

Mr. Barrington also called on the UK and its overseas territories not to allow individuals who have stolen from the poor to launder their money in those places.

“The danger is that this can punish the poor twice over: ordinary people should not be made to pay for the crimes of their rulers. The one thing we don’t want to see is that the stolen funds end up being laundered through London or the UK’s overseas territories – the UK should also be taking action to get its own house in order.”
And Transparency International Zambia Chairman Reuben Lifuka told the Guardian: “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this has happened. The government of Zambia put in place mechanisms to prevent this type of crime but when it failed they were not honest enough to bring it to public attention. I call on the government and anti-corruption commission to urgently investigate the allegations as … [this] has widespread implications for those who need assistance.”


    • The west should start a campaign of freezing foreign assets of Lungu and groupies.

      This is a job Trump can do very well.

      The west should also punish those countries like Swaziland and Uganda that host Lungu’s stolen money.

      Ladies and gentlemen, this equation is very simple, and can be balanced quickly.

      If Europe, and the west want to stop mass migration into their countries, they should make sure that our leaders are not corrupt. They have turned a blind eye for far too long!

      Citizens, expect a lot more revelations leading up to the very top.

      Drama is served.

    • DJ 7 unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as you. Others desperately depend on this money. Have a heart my friend. Dont be so short sighted that you cant see beyond your belly.

    • @DJ7 Lungu’s Chola Boy, Stupid thief. You will not see the Money. I love the suspension of Aid. It just makes Zambians Lazy and human nature to misuse the resources they never sweated for? Let us work hard so that we understand the value of Cash. You can’t be making babies depending on your neighbour to be feeding them for you!!!. Take responsibility and if PF have failed?? step down otherwise fix it.

  1. Can’t blame them either I would’ve cut it too.Aid cuts ,slowing economy ,ratings downgrades and mounting debts- too many signs that this administration is financially irresponsible.

  2. Thank you for this. Why should they continue giving money when it is only going to a few selfish rats in pf. Continue please and even seek legal action to recover that money against government. Then usr independent ngo to fund local initiatives without government interference

  3. President Lungu must resign on moral grounds or else he must be impeached. Few years ago same thing happened in Malawi under the leadership of madam Joyce Banda, same SCT was stolen in Malawi and the people of Malawi rebelled against her and voted her out of office. Now the lady has been in the USA trying to seek political asylum. Seriously Zambians should not be too docile over what is happening in Zambia right now, we should demand for serious answers from this administration, and people need to be fired including President Lungu himself.

  4. Give him an ultimatum, if he fails to address the nation , then let him resign . It’s part of the presidents job to address the nation on critical issues like this

  5. Even his look tell you that he is a die-hard racist without any feeling for fellow human beings. But is in charge of Zambia. We shall pull through. Rwanda did it and now the West is not happy. Aba bakalukuluku

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