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I’ll continue to deliver to the people of Zambia despite corruption allegations-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu greets Newly Appointed ZAF Commander Lt.Gen.David Muma shortly before his departure to Copperbelt at City Airport

President Edgar Lungu has said that he will remain steadfast and continue to deliver to the people of Zambia despite the prevailing allegations of corruption and withholding of donor aid to the country.

President Lungu said that he will not be distracted by some critics trying to gain political mileage over the move by the United Kingdom to withhold financial aid to the social cash transfer scheme and education sector.

President Lungu was speaking to journalist at the ZAF Lusaka City Airport shortly before departure for the Copperbelt for a two-day working visit.

President Lungu says government is putting up measures to address the depreciation of the Kwacha against other major currencies. which he attributed to the current economic turbulences in the country.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has said that the firing of Minister of Community Development Emerine Kabanshi was not out of malice because wanted people to account for their actions and will NOT pay attention to detractors who only want him to fail.

President Lungu also said that he will not relent in partnering with China as long as it helps to bring development to the people of Zambia.

President Lungu said some people have a sole agenda of distracting him so that he fails to deliver what he promised the Zambian people adding that they want to point at his failures in 2021.

President Lungu said that it is sad that Zambians only come to appreciate their leaders when they are gone., adding that he has learnt his lesson from his predecessors who were only appreciated after they had left office.

The Head of State said this on arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International airport in Ndola this morning.

President Lungu is on the Copperbelt to launch the 449 Million Dollar, Kafulafuta Water Supply System Project.

The Project is aimed at improving water supply in Ndola, Luanshya, Mpongwe and Masaiti Districts, with 6 hundred and 78 thousand beneficiaries, once complete.

And Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said government has transformed the Copperbelt. Mr. Mwakalombe said gone are the days when women on the Copperbelt woke up at 04 hours to queue up for water.

Mr Mwakalombe said that the commissioning of Kafulafuta dam is a milestone for the people of the Copperbelt because it will provide access to clean and safe drinking water.

Meanwhile, PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Steven Kainga said that the party supports the leadership of President Lungu and will embrace government’s partnerships with China.


    • How it works in the real world of UNPATRIOTIC TRIBAL ZEALOTS. Using Mapatizya Formula of destruction and desire to have Zambians rise up against the government so that CHILDISH the TRIBAL god of UPND would have a chance and to be “Vindicated,” CHILDISH pays AC for their “Good Democratic Ideals and Contribution to Democracy!” He also pays Galu Watchers in Zambia some token to continue to write NEGATIVES about Zambia. Those who are not from Zambia, just see a barrage of critics from a site on Zambia and do not know that it is all an ORGANISED CRIME by A TRIBAL UNION OF TONGAS & their SUPPORTERS! They deduce, Zambia is in a CRISIS! UNDER FIVE (HH) who will NEVER be president and his TRIBAL BOYS are happy!

    • kekekeke but kuti waseka. Who said Ba Chagwa go on vacation to Mfuwe in this crisis??
      You have to continue deliver cleaning up material of the Corruption outbreak bwana.
      Allegations… are we still calling all these PF government catastrophes as allegations??

    • EL keeps on saying he is delivering, What he is delivering when his people have no Jobs, good schools, medicines, food or three meals a day, This guy is out of his mind,RAISE UP PEOPLE AND CHASE THIS THIEF, ONCE A THIEF ALWAYS A THIEF.

      It’s always with an heavy heart that you are going to fire your own minister. We nevertheless want to hear how that money disappeared. KK’s Ministers feared him. There was no way someone was going to behave like the current ministers or double h during the sell of our mines and go away with it. You Mr. PRESIDENT are gonna put your foot down against Corruption. YES, it is an allegations and yes sadly that sort of money has gone missing. KK…

    • … managed with shushushus. You need mystery shoppers whatever way you look at it. Watch your Ministers, because they have the potential of bringing you down through their insatiable appetite for public funds. That’s how double h became a tycoon and now wants to lead us. God have mercy.

    • I do not know what is being delivered to the Zambian people when it should all start with every single person or homesteads being able to afford the basic needs of modest living especially food that is at least two balanced meals a day, a home, total access to education and health then the infrastructure would have purpose!

    • No cohesion in his speech…he has time for flights but no time for press conference…i wonder how this lazy bum got a law degree

    • Well if they’re mere allegations, prove it. It’s that simple. Secondly, corrupt Lungu says people appreciate their leaders after they’re gone. Nope. The late Chiluba had plundered the economy and spent his last days in courts on corruption charges. I doubt anybody appreciated him for his corruption. Same thing with Rupiah Banda. Extremely incompetent, and he’s even hardly remembered. Corrupt Lungu is just fooooling himself if he thinks that Zambians will miss him and appreciate him when he leaves office. Nothing could be further from the truth. How can you appreciate and miss a president under whose watch the country registered high levels of corruption, poverty, unemployment, and other economic woes? Yes he will be remembered. But he’ll be remembered as the most corrupt…

    • (continued) … president Zambia ever had. He’ll be remembered in infamy. What scares the hell out of all of us patriotic Zambians is that this guy wants to stand again in 2021, with the possibility of him staying in power for another five years—which will mean five years of wallowing in misery and poverty for the Zambian people. That scares us.

    • He will continue to deliver to his pockets and Bank accounts . After all the majority of Zambians have got a wage freeze and he has given himself a huge pay rise .That is what he calls hostility measures This guy has nver provided any good answers for the 41 fire tenders and overpriced costs for the roads yet he keeps on mocking Zambians that he will deliver. Deliver what ?

    • To a Zambian, you can’t be a good president if you can’t give them everything for free, free food, free money, free scholarships, free farming inputs, free accommodation, free education, free medicines, free from fines, free, free. Zambians are only good at eating, criticising everything and wanting to lead lavish lifestyles without working for it.

      The president had nothing to do with the SCT, the controlling officers will fired and arrested. Judas Iscariot was corrupt and a thief but it doesn’t mean his colleagues were the same.

      The president just continue delivering on your promises countrywide.

    • For sure we may miss one of two of the former presidents but one thing that is for sure is that we will not miss you Lungu. You are the worst Zambia has ever had

    • Lungu will be remember for:
      1. Rampapt civil service corruption to the core
      2. Chinese unpayable $30 billion debt
      3. Selling zambian assets like indeni, NCZ, zesco, nrdc, ratsa, luburma market, chimbokaila prison, kamwala prison, jacaranda school, znbc etc to Chinese & lebanese.
      4. Tribal cleansing thru wako no wako
      5. Amassing K23 million wealth in 1 year
      6. Importation of millions of Chinese peasants to sell salaula, maize, chickens tomatoes
      7. Destroying the economy
      8. Rotting the judiciary
      9. Giving Chinese prime land making it expensive for locals
      10. Receiving Swazi bribe in form of a mansion

  1. Deliver exactly what Bwana Lungu ? Cra$hing debts ,cholera deaths , Fitch downgrades ,aid suspensions ,chronic corruption and nonstop 24/7 electioneering?

    Fact is Zambia is not delivering to her people like Rwanda,Kenya and Ethiopia are doing for their people.

    • This is not a laughing matter anymore,so he believes he has delivered?To him how would failure look like?People dying of starvation?Hospitals closed because not only will there be no drugs but no personel as well?Schools shut down because he cant pay teachers?What exactly is the standard that he is trying to set?He even compares himself to Levy?Maybe Sata he can compare himself.Even former minibus driver FTJ delivered better.We have told you change your team,this a message from your advisers.You will regret keeping them,not all is lost i advise you to change advisers,not these ones who have convinced you that you are delivering.You sir are making very elementary but serious mistakes

    • @2.1 zonzo… may be ECL is right. Just what fdid Levy do that has excited tribalists. I would rather have a KK, SATA than a guy(Levy) who was such a terrible tribalists, who spent most of his time travelling, a guy with a bad temperament. Levy left us with potholed roads. The guy who never won any election but stole 2 elections, 1 for mazoka 1 for sata.
      he beame president through filthy corruption, never won any eletions on CB and LSK. KASHIWA BULAYA case.
      his leaving a good money market situ was all due to a good finance minister and BoZ guys. He travelled more than any other president apart from RB and ECL.

    • HH is a professional WHITE COLLAR THIEF who should be in Prison today. He is also a leader of a TRIBAL H-ORGANISATION known as UPND. They ha – ra using Mapatizya Formula to try to destroy Zambia but it will NEVER work. AC doesn’t know that UPND is led by TONGA who are generally a tribal group.

    • Oh @ Sharon! Talk something else if your obsession is to see HH behind bars! No wonder PF and its sympathizers are busy fishing for whatever they can hopefully hook up to use in locking up HH. White collar theft cannot be pinned on him as ECL’s proven and admitted theft of a widow’s entitlement! ECL was forgiven by Sata and not the legal fraternity! Anyway it’s not about HH but the president all the time promising to deliver!

  2. PF and its Government can we be wise enough , also that PF leadership should do is his and tone down
    , as it is your sentiments that are creating the confusion , since you all seem to support and defend corruption, when even a one day born the first thing they hear is state manufactured corruption and promoted by you the so called leaders .what kind of leaders are you?

    Please can we all be responsible enough , this and economy has been destroyed more in the last two to three of the PF’s seven years in power , we have always voted for Sata even in his death, but we cannot pretend at all. just learn not to comment if you have nothing to say .This is a serious mistake we made , we should even have allowed the half foreigner to take over

    • Mr. President you are delivering! Zambia is changing at a faster rate for better. Those who left the jungle they lived in want us to continue to be in the jungle they left and they are not happy! Let’s develop it, Mr. President! It will NEVER be president too!

  3. What has he delivered up to now that he wants to continue to deliver. Maybe he wants to deliver the kwacha to be worth K20 to $1.

  4. Christ fed a multitude with only one loaf of bread. Donors may withhold their aid but there is still hope for poor people. Our land is blessed with all we need to keep the people fed and our future secure.

    We need to do away with the begging mentality and start being self dependant. Is this not what we sing in the nation anthem? What does it mean to be “Proud and Free”?

    • It’s not my fault if my reality is fantasy to you. I am not here to please anyone with my comments. I speak mind based on what I know and believe. No flattering words and no apology.

    • So do you think these thieves were stealing social cash tranfer money because it is donor money and the part contributed by is tax payers was spared ??? You are terribly sick my man. The issue here and I have realized most people advocating at this juncture for kicking out donor money is not about donors it is about the STEALING ….. so are u saying the stealing will stop as soon as we have our own funding ??? Very warped reasoning

    • Nine Chale we don’t want Zambians who just survive ,we need to nature Zambians who can compete on the global stage …your prescription is wrong.

    • Nine Chalo…singing “proud and Free” when Zambia is now a colony of China, huh? Wait till Lungu is done with you. You won’t ever sing those words again, when the Chinese boots start kicking your behind to keep you in line. You’ll soon be singing the Chinese anthem. By then corrupt Lungu will have escaped to eSwatini, sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch of his mansion, wearing a cowboy hat, sipping on red wine and laughing at you. Wake up and smell Lungu’s corruption.

  5. Mr Lungu get to the bottom of this corruption scandals going on in your administration and be firm to fire people involved including civil servants and accept that there is massive corruption under your watch instead of you just calling a mere corruption allegation. Otherwise its your leadership qualities been tarnished by these same people you working with. By the way what’s the point of having Anti-corruption commission if they are failing to do their job. Fire every one at ACC period, very incompentent individuals.

    • You can not ask a thief surrounded by thieves to investigate himself…look at his daughter, in two years she has enough money in her trust to sink 100 boreholes in Easter Province!!

    • Jay Jay….agreed. It’s like asking Al Capone to investigate himself and his criminal syndicate. Won’t happen. Obviously most of these civil servants, especially those close to him, have dirt on him, and he’s scared they’ll expose him if he dare try to hold them accountable. So they’ve now become the untouchables. That explains his unbelievable indifference to the rampant corruption sweeping over the country. He’s powerless to stop it, because he’s also riding the same corrupt wave.

  6. The truth is the United Kingdom has its own problems with Brexit sovHH you are wasting your time at the moment China is the answer our problems.My President don’t take notice of these clueless people

    • Azadabwa.For me i want to see what state the nation will be in 3 more years of Lungu,i also want to hear what campaign messages he will have in 2021,he started campaigning just after elections.Has he even noticed the uneasy silence of his Cabinet?It is true this one is from Chawama that is where he belongs

  7. Mwakalombe, commissioning of a dam is a milestone for the CB ? It’s not even a hydro dam ati milestone ?

    Look at the people lungu surrounds himself with, I simple dam ati milestone ?

  8. Your high gearing or heavily indebted , corruption infested development agenda is unsustainable and not the delivery we asked you to do! It’s your own delivery for your own sake and those close to you- it’s a selfish agenda meant to enrich a very few and impoverish the majority. You can see that you are a very selfish individual who even takes away and steals social cash transfer meant for those you have impoverished by you bad delivery.

  9. After spending $17 billions and in debt and raising , Zambia should now be seeing the highest employment and export rates …..instead lungu you have delivered us to begging and unemployment and you want us to be greatfull ???

  10. It’s the same method they used on FTJ. Fred said it, if you repeat the same thing everyday, people will start to believe it. It’s the isolate and attack method. hh says it today, the following day Laura Miti, Zambia Witchdoctor the other day, and people will condition their minds that Lungu is a thief. But the problem is that Zambians are better informed than 2002. They vividly remember how time and resources were wasted on FTJ and nothing happened while certain people even opened an airline from their new found riches. We called FTJ a thief up to his grave but never pointed precisely what he stole. They grouped up again to attack RB but failed. Now they are after Lungu. As they did previously, THEY WILL FAIL.

    • Some of you are so blinded. You mean you don’t know that your man has a record of stealing? Zambians who are not blind cadres are indeed better informed about eSwatini mansion, Lusaka casinos, shopping malls, Lodges and many more recent acquisitions…..

  11. my late father once told me that there is wisdom in keeping silent. every time you talk there will be a person offended. if you want try to even just shout hallellujah at any place where there are ten people or more and hear their comments.

  12. @Jay Jay thanks for your defence, i know people have the right to change but this time around blame the system. Initially you stepped on my foot where you questioned why i adopted the name and that senior citizens don’t question government but having read a few of your messages, i realized you were a friendly force. Sorry for the impression of mistaken identity, i suppose the previous Senior citizen was fired. I am among the few old timers on this platform who have always stood for the true Zambian values. I now officially change to my previous immediate blogger name, Super Delegate. Hoping this will suffice.

    • Super Delegate – Noted…I just want the best for Zambia, we can not be held down by greedy corrupt few. I would suggest you visit and register an image with your email so it appears alongside your name.

  13. continue delivering what exactly? because you have been caught with your pants down. Unless he means he will continue to deliver through theft of public resources. A very sad period for zambians. We in upnd are not surprised at this because we have been telling you for years now that the PF have been stealing. We were called bitter, evil etc but now we have been vindicated. How many times did i tell you that HH has got nothing to gain from governance but is doing this out of his love for this country and his distaste for poverty. Wake up zambians. you are being taken for a ride.

  14. can the pipo from dundumwezi please sit down.
    The good pipo of dundumwezi should wait for 2093 when someone who speaks like them will deliver development.
    2093 is not far considering that they have already been waiting for 17yrs.

    Party reborn tribal ==>Party becomes bitter===>Party now xenophobic
    We see u.

  15. Sharone what are you trying to achieve do you want to divide Zambia you serpent ,or maybe you want to advocate genocide against the Tonga people you id0it. Devil’s advocate its because of the cancer like you Zambia is not developing you hate filled witch dont you know genocide in Rwanda started the same way .How i wish the government can defend the Tonga people the same way they are defending the Chinese .

  16. This guy is funny. He is heaping the blame on other people as if they are the ones who forced him and his minions to steal. What delivering is he talking about when everything in the country is falling apart in front of his eyes! Maybe he means delivering to his family. ulekwatako insoni naukula. But then I strongly feel maybe we are being too hardh on this guy. What he needs is urgent psychiatric treatment.

    • Koswe Mupoto in all fairness has delivered exceptionally well. When he got to State House he had nothing. Thanks to Fraud and Corruption Lungu is now a Multimillionaire in less than 3 years. Lungu has definitely delivered to his pocket. The fish rots from the Head Downwards. From stealing a Client’s Pension Money to multimillion fraud and Corruption Deals. Not bad.

  17. An arrogant f**k will always think he is king and has no need to be answerable to the 1/3 that voted for him, based on lies that he was religious,humble,God chosen anointed by ba sata.
    He thinks its his right to chaw moneies for the aged, lame and disadvantaged no wonder he speaks in bemba thinking donors won’t pick it up.
    Zambians now know you for who you are.

    • Do you orgasm every time you say hh. Kiki kutuwaseka. Your relatives in pf have her caught stealing and you want to take your anger out on hh kiki ulimbe. Your days are numbered. You are lucky you are in America.

  18. Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This Lungu is still in denial. So he thinks all the corruption scandals in his own government is the work of his detractors? What kind of thinking is this? Instead of sobering and sending a strong warning message to the corruption mafia in his government, he is going for those condemning the corruption, effectively siding with the culprits telling them to stay the course and continue misappropriating and embezzling money. Talk about a man in denial. Look how he is being apologetic about firing that sacrificial lamb minister. The man isn’t serious about fighting corruption because he lives it and it is responsible for his political survival. Unbelievable!

  19. How difficult is it to accept that most the people around you are corrupt? Retiring one or two when the brunch is still there will not solve the issue.We don’t need an alarm from foreign media for us to act.If we are serious,we can eliminate corruption.Monitor how people are spending money, avoid appointment people with no qualifications, avoid appointmenting dishonesty people,let the books be open and performance be reviewed every month

  20. Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    To be clear the people who want him to fail are those inside his own government who perpetuate corruption. Those are the people he should be going for; not us who are condemning the vice (we actually want him to succeed). I think he has his bearings twisted on this one.

    Also to be clear, no one will appreciate him after he is gone. Again the people advising him on this are lying to him. Who can appreciate rampant corruption. To put it into context, Chiluba was never appreciated after he left; he died a sad man not enjoying his loot. RB was only appreciated for not stealing an election from Sata, and not his corruption. If it wasn’t for Lungu himself, RB would be in jail by now for corruption. KK was only appreciated for freedom fighting and s disguised perception of uniting the…

    • Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …KK was only appreciated for freedom fighting and s disguised perception of uniting the country and for peacefully handover of power to FTJ… no one appreciates the queuing for food and basic essentials like cooking oil, sugar and petrol or the massive debt he left behind. Mwanawasa was appreciated for genuinely trying to manage the economy and looting out corruption, bringing proper law and order to government and respecting basic human rights. But again people despised him for making a monster out of Fred Mmembe and Nchitos.
      So what is this guy Lungu going to be appreciated for? What is his good legacy that people are going to remember him for? Corruption scandals, total failure in rule of law, absence of human rights, silencing his critics, closing down independent media, massive…

    • Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …So what is this guy Lungu going to be appreciated for? What is his good legacy that people are going to remember him for? Corruption scandals, total failure in rule of law, absence of human rights, silencing his critics, closing down independent media, massive debts, cholera, more corruption, or his self proclaimed the Humble One and Duduna Reverse alcoholic dancing? Someone is lying to him and he is overestimating his usefulness and underestimating his uselessness.

  21. Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    …So what is this guy Lungu going to be appreciated for? What is his good legacy that people are going to remember him for? Corruption scandals, total failure in rule of law, absence of human rights, silencing his critics, closing down independent media, massive debts, cholera, more corruption, or his self proclaimed the Humble One and Duduna Reverse alcoholic dancing? Someone is ly!ng to him and he is overestimating his usefulness and underestimating his use.less.ness.

  22. In 17yrs of yapping what has UPND done for the pipo of dundumwezi?
    That’s the question.
    The pipo of CB must be wondering.
    What’s wrong with these pipo.
    They have had water problems for years and then someone finally sorts out the water problem.
    Then the pipo from dundumwezi arrive on the LT blog.
    Insanely and unashamedly, they start asking one by one.

    what delivery?
    what delivery?
    what delivery?

    Read please.
    The water project is for the CB pipo and not dundumwezi.That’s why its invisible.
    PF projects are so big that they can’t be seen with dundumwezi eyes.

  23. HH has nothing to offer to this country apart from desiring to entrench triblalism and fulfilling a a cv that he became rich after privatisation of state assets .
    Ask him of immediate plans that will transform un employment that he caused in the 1990s.
    Ask him about immediate plans for luapula,eastern,northern muchinga provinces .
    These areas will suffer terribly under his leadership will abandon all works. and concentrate on his crusade to humiliate his percieved tribal groupings.
    HH and his tribal grouping people has not hidden his ,feelings about tribalism ,
    whenever a tribal mate where fired in public service ,such as ZP ,Army and other quasi govt institution s, To them is a matter of great tribal cry.
    Wait and watch if fate befell uu that he became president of…

  24. Shameless thief who is detached from reality. The country’s economy has been in free – because of his ineptitude, but has convinced himself that he doing a sterling job It is common knowledge that the motivation for the so called development works is the handsome kick backs that have transformed the poor man from Chawama into a very wealthy man. Time to review the provision in the constitution that provides for the immunity of a sitting president. This one ought to be prosecuted.

  25. Yaba someone needs to remind him that corruption is a cancer that will kill you slowly. Before People can forget about the fire trucks now we have this stealing social funds meant for the poor. Sir clean up the corruption because it’s going to affect everyone, Mugabe allowed corruption to flourish and now he is no more. You too might be forced out, the so-called Chinese you’ve fallen in love with are snakes who will betray when things go bad

  26. But Mr President, these are not baseless corruption allegations. Otherwise why did you YOURSELF fire a whole cabinet minister, and DIRECT your ACC and DEC to carry out investigations? And disappointingly, all after the owners of the money got fed up and complained in social media including AC? For four months you knew and took no action. This one Mr President is a major disappointment for those of us who want to support you.

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