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Police Seal off ZAMPOST offices in Ndola


Mr. McPherson M Chanda, Postmaster General discussing social cash with Ms. Kabanshi-January 2017
File:Mr. McPherson M Chanda, Postmaster General discussing social cash with Ms. Kabanshi-January 2017

Police on the Copperbelt have sealed off the offices of four ZAMPOST directors including that of the sacked Director General McPherson Chanda.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed to ZANIS in Ndola last night that a team of police officers moved in around 18 10 hours to seal off the industrial area offices and the office of the director general at the post office.

Mrs Katanga said the action is to ensure no one has access to the officers following there suspension and ongoing investigations over alleged misapplication of the social cash transfer meant for the vulnerable people.

The police commissioner named the sealed off offices as those for director of finance a Mr Maichi, Director Of Operations Mr Isaac Kamwimba and Assistant Director Operations a Mr Musonda in the industrial area.

President Edgar Lungu relieved duties of former Minister Of Community Development Emmerine Kabanshi and Zampost Director General McPherson Chanda this week on Tuesday over the alleged misapplication of the social cash transfer funds.


    • Let’s have zero tolerance to corruption whether its 50 ngwee or 50 million …those who stole more their time will come its just that they are being shielded by a corrupt rotten regime!!

    • What are you sealing off, you useless, incompetent, thieving, boot-licking nincompoops? Bakabwalala imwe, bapompwe. Mwilatusetting’a bakolwe imwe

    • When the whole government machinery is made up of relatives public funds are easily abused. We are reaping the results of unprecedented nepotism and tribalism.

    • Seal off Kaizer’s office wherever it is. Just for investigations, so guy can be cleared and start drinking on presidential jets again.

  1. Honestly why do we wait for the president to act for the security wings to work. What’s the point of having people in these important institutions if they will only be active when challenged. When lusaka minister caught the traffic police red handed with cash ,then did we hear of action being taken against them. Why is it so?

    • They completed their investigations 6 months ago and the President was sitting on it ….you need to review governance in this country, the President is too powerful; you wonder what else he is sitting on and shielding.

    • For what are you sealing off the offices, you useless, incompetent, thieving, boot-licking nincompoops? Bakabwalala imwe, bapompwe. Mwilatusetting’a bakolwe imwe.

    • @Kenny namukolwa already? You want ZP to be sealing off ZamPost whenever they want. Chibuku ikali.
      No one knows about you yet. Just wait they are coming bro, they’re coming to you too. Tabesa bwino bakapokola.

    • Ba Kolala, do you remember what the late Sata told the investigating wings? He said they should report to him before they could investigate any of his ministers. President Lungu has pretty much followed the footsteps of his predecessor in this regard. ECL has also followed Sata style with regard to avoiding to address press conferences even at the height of serious issues of public interest.

  2. Police will just botch these investigations they have absolutely no capacity to handle such cases …the kind of cases that they can handle are those in which they torture evidence out of people and no one gets to hear about …otherwise if police are entrusted it is washout for abena McPherson

  3. send in the Auditor General and conduct a forensic audit do the same are Zambia State Insurance, Zamtel, Napsa, NAC you will be shocked!

  4. Let PF arise and remove EL. Its never too late.

    Opposition must remove hh. He is bigger thief than lungu no wonder he cant rest till he enters state house to steal.

    Gbm. Kambwili. Musenge. These are are just noisy gangs

    Sunday Sunday. Amose chanda. Mc person Chanda. These boy are intoxcated with money they never dreamt of.

  5. What are you sealing?It is like closing the gate when the horses have bolted.It is too late.The best is to introduce leadership code for everyone starting from the president.There is too much pilferage of government resources.Leaders need to account for whatever resources they are accumulating.Those that are living above their means should be taken to task.

    • This reminds me of this meaningless thing which leaders are asked to declare assets and liabilities upon ascending to office. The declaration is never verified. I have never heard of the same declaration being done at the point of exit from office. So, what is the point of declaring? In my view the idea was to determine someone’s asset and liability portfolios upon entering the office and at the exit. These declarations should be verified by a body of independent verifiers so that one can account for accumulation at the exit point, compared with the point of entry into office. Surprisingly, no member of parliament (ruling party or opposition) has raised an issue over this.

  6. Do you need the police to ‘seal’ off the offices? Just send in financial experts from AGs, ZICTA to access computers, get a court order to ‘inspect’ the said officers bank accounts, check with NAC how many times these people have flown in and out of the country, get Interpol to assist you access record of bank accounts abroad seize their passports search their homes, go to lands get a print out of all the properties they, their spouses and children own, go to RATSA and check how many vehicles they own, check with all car dealers what cars they have bought since they took office, ask ZRA if they have made any imports and above all see if they have paid taxes, check with pacra if they have registered any companies….by the way what has happened to the case of fraud and corruption at…

  7. PF should find a candidate in 2021.We love the party but this president awe teti.If PF members love Zambia nad the party then let us do it like in south africa.The guy is controlling everything.We don’t expect any good result from constitution court looking at ba president work.I hope he won’t stand in 2021 then PF can win elections

    • Let PATRIOTIC s arise. Remove lungu and all the the Chandas.

      Dont fear. HH cant beat PF.


  8. If I was the president, I could count the current scandals and embarrassments as a rescue mission of a all -in -one package. A real leader will no doubt make a success story for himself out of this. The package here has revealed the complacency, the weak areas, the true and genuine players in his team, the enemies within the team and as such led bare the corrective measures to undertake. All the president needs here is to be bold , truthful, a well calculated and decisive chemotherapy on his cancerous team organs, Here no doubt certain parts ot the team have to be amputated to save the health ones.

  9. That file picture says it all…and Luo in Parliament two days ago stated that a minister can be involved in corruption as s/he does not authorise payments or sign cheques …really laughable…all the minister does is hand the PS an inflated payment request to a proxy company if the PS refuses he risks being transferred and demoted.

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