Severe Malaria breaks out in Chifunabuli

Malaria causing Mosquito
Malaria causing Mosquito
Malaria causing Mosquito
Malaria causing Mosquito

Minister of health Chitalu Chilufya says government has put in place measures to contain the mysterious disease that has broken out in Chifunabuli constituency of Luapula Province.

Dr. Chilufya said investigations were done to ascertain the type of disease and results showed that it was severe malaria.

He said having found out that the mysterious disease was severe malaria, his office escalated the response by distributing mosquito nets and is yet to launch the indoor residual spraying campaign.

Dr. Chilufya urged the communities to make good use of mosquito nets in a quest to eradicate malaria.

The Minister was responding to a question from Chifunabuli Area Member of Parliament Ponde Mecha in Parliament today during the oral answer session.

Mr. Mecha wanted to know whether government is aware of a mysterious disease that has broken out at Miponda in Chifunabuli Parliamentary Constituency and what measures it is taking to contain the disease.


  1. how come they are not telling us the symptoms of this mysterious disease !! The Nation wants to know – stop trying to keep things secret when there could be a contagious disease out there !!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL US THE SYMTOMS !

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