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President Edgar Lungu off to New York for the UN General Assembly


President Edgar Lungu departs Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the End of AU Summit - Pictures Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has left for New York to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

The President left at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, around 2030 hours.

President Lungu was seen off by Vice President now Acting President Inonge Wina, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo and other senior Security and government officials.

While, in New York, President Lungu, who will lead the Zambian delegation to the UN, has been tasked by the AU Heads of States to coordinate discussions on ending early child marriages, next Tuesday.

The AU is impressed with the strides Zambia is making in eliminating early child marriages and wants President Lungu to share with the world, some of the successes.

President Lungu will also attend a welcome dinner to be hosted by host and US President Donald Trump for all visiting heads of state on Monday evening in New York.

President Lungu is expected to arrive tomorrow, Sunday, September 23, 2018.

In the President’s delegation, Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji, Health Minister, Chitalu Chilufya, Gender Minister, Elizabeth Phiri.

President Lungu is expected to wind up his business at the UN on Friday, September 28, 2018.


  1. He is a great man. He represents all of us as Zambians when he goes there. He works had. Sometimes he makes mistakes like any other human being. He has tried his best to rule.
    HH, Sinkamba, Nawakwi, Chipimo and many other great Zambians can also manage this task very well.
    You can easily see it in their lifestyles. All these guys are employers and very successful in both their education and personal life.
    I have no doubt that given a chance, any of these great guys can do very well.
    We just need to improve our education so that our great country can start making finished products from our natural resources. We should start making electric cables from our copper.
    We have a very good president and equally good opposition leaders. There is no difference.

    • Webman as a matter of interest which part of my sentence is constructed wrongly ? Is it the
      ” came back from a trip to…”

      Because one can say “I came back from a trip to the moon…”
      Because “the trip to…” was The main focus….not “a trip from”

      Any one who knows English , can you correct me ?

    • Use of the word “were” . Try ‘where’ and see what difference it will make. Some of us who knows exactly what you do in the uk don’t give it a f.u.c.k how you construct a sentence.

  2. Indeed you are widom. Well balanced write up with alot of maturity. What a rare specie. Yes ecl and PF may have made mistakes but the institution of presidency must always be respected. .

  3. The whole GRZ security and executive apparatus at KKIA yet again to see off Lungu for the umpteenth time.This is unhealthy for a poor 3rd world nation.

  4. Travel well Mr President!!You are a hard worker.Many of us appreciate your efforts and hard work,hence voting for PF always!!!It is normal for some citizens to criticise you.So hear their views but always do what is good for Zambia!We a democratic country,so people are free to support politicians of their choice!!WE LOVE YOU SIR!!

  5. What a primitive custom. Somebody please explain to me the point of ministers, government officials and cadres seeing off just one person at the airport every time he travels,,,, cadres were not there simply because it was late for them
    This will be banned by HH when he comes in shortly

  6. MR.President welcome to New York I hope you get a chance to visit museums in the United States.

    Ther are more Zambians lives in New York,USA then in Shanghai, China.

    • We’ll treat him to a tour amongst the big rats infesting NewYork subway coz that’s how rough the cholera he presided over affected Zambians.

  7. This utterly lazy bum doesnt understand the seriousness of the situation…as far as he is concerned he did his job when he scarficed that hapless minister fullstop…this the caliber of the individual we are talking about here no responisiblities, no code of conduct!!

  8. Respect HH style of leadership and there is no need for you to insult him everyday.Put him under scrutiny and then decide whether to vote for him or not. He is a parent and husband.If we learn to analyse subjects without insults that will be a day we become useful.Every leader has supporters and immediately we insult them we provoke supporters to retaliate by insulting.

  9. Zambians in USA , you can expect a beer drinking party from lungu but don’t expect any conference were you ask him any questions, like all other presidents past did, theives don’t take questions from citizens….

    • Dancing and partying…. ahhh ….that you guys in the USA will get with lungu , but for those with questions about our country , forget. Lungu does not meet , greet and answer like all presidents past.

      I remember PLM, MHSRIP, arguably second best president after KK , came to the London embassy and we asked him any burning questions we had , and he answered ……I dought this theif will do that.

  10. Wisdom .That’s a very good point .very positive .I post less on social media cz most people dont make much sense.They either focus on weakness and false hoods .It’s really been long ever since I heard something positive. Thanx man.your also a great person who sees good and magnify it just like God who scan all of us with the whole purpose not to find a sin but the little good we are doing.positive thinking less to sure I believe.negative thinking leads no where but to frastulations and poverty.

  11. What a useless leader lungu is……council workers have not been paid yet the corrupt rat sees fit to go to NY spending millions of dollars…..?

    I have no words to describe this thief.

  12. @Spaka ..its only in PF that council workers will make noise over one month salary.

    Am old enough to remember that those council workers used to go 22 months in previous govt including in Mwanawasa.

    ECL and PL deserve to rule this for more than 50 years becoz of their hard work and good policies.


      Has any other GRZ had at their disposal so many billions of borrowed funds as PF ?
      So far estimates of $17 billion debt….yet council workers are not paid but lungu goes on a useless trip spending millions of dollars


      Do you know the problems even just 1 months pay delay brings to these poor families ? To some This is a matter of life and death eat or no eat school or no school rent or no rent…..yet your lungu is off, sending millions of tax payers dollars on a useless trip…..

  13. Go and don’t come back, you are a surplus citizen, Pompey kabolala iwe, other leaders should keep away u might pick pocket them. If you can steal from the poor, chimbwi no plan

  14. President ECL and President Donald Trump must meet with the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antinio Guterres and come up with a road map on how they are going to tackle the racketeering and money laundering acts on my UN benefit entitlements, funnelled and spiririted all the way from New York, through Zambian Banks nd through the Judiciary by 12 Zambian lawyers and 3 Zambian UN staff members, who now want to get away with impunity by removing my suit against their pillaging me,;; from the cause list. I need complete restoration and restitution. It is a fact that national courts do not have jurisdiction in calculating my UN salaries Nd benefits and extorting them from me and distributing them to persons who are. It my beneficiaries. I demand justice nd I appeal to all the three Leaders to stop…

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