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Government to Pay Council Workers’ Delayed Salaries


Local Government Minister, Vincent Mwale officiates at this year’s commemoration of the seventh international fire fighters’ day
The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) and the Fire Services Union of Zambia (FIRESUZ) have called on their members to resume normal operations as government deals with the delayed salaries for local authorities.

This follows several meetings held with Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale, Local Government Service Commissioners, Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary in charge of budget and Public Service Management Division among others.

In a joint Communique released to ZNBC News by ZULAWU General Secretary Emmanuel Mwinsa and FIRESUZ Secretary Clement Mulenga, the unions said the Ministry of Finance will source the remaining 50 percent to constitute 100 percent allocation of the Local Government Equalization Fund for August.

The meeting also resolved that the Ministry of Finance will start re-allocation of the fund for December 2017 which was not disbursed causing a one-month delay in salaries among others.

They also said the implementation of the Centralized payroll system must be taken as a long-term measure to addressing late salaries to local authorities before the close of 2018.

The Two unions have since pledged to closely monitor the implementation of the resolutions and will be giving their members progress reports.


  1. HH is an economist am very sure can can do better. Unfortunately the odds are not working on his side.

    The only solution is to remove EL and replace him with someone

    EL shouldn’t be greedy. Let him be a MANDELA.

    Its not a secrete he has acquired lots properties within a decade including his aides. In the absence of formidable opposition LET EL give room for a new leader within pf

    • Vincent Mwale, tell where Edgar will target for misapplication of funds to pay the Council workers? We are told PF are comfortable with the word misapplication than theft.

      Next time let’s do the facts. Minister Vincent Mwale should not get paid for just 3 months just so we see how he will be able to survive.
      This news was common place under the FTJ crooked regime.

  2. We need to mandate all political office seekers to do a refresher course in Political Science. POLITICS is NOT EQUAL TO Lying!!!! Take politics out of people’s livelihoods before you destroy everyone’s lives. Apologize to them and pay them what they have worked for. Is that so difficult to do?

  3. They have stolen money that was meant for your salaries. I have to say that Zambian are cowards because in other countries people would have already started demonstrating and demanding lungu steppes down. It seems Zambians suffer from poverty induced cowardice as they have become accustomed to suffering

  4. Yes we pay councils a lot of money every day, but the problem is that the officers themselves pocket a lot of it.

    For example, folk at Engineering Department charge fees and pocket extras on top of what we leave in offices.

    Corruption is rampant in most public offices. They never think about where their salaries or services will be paid from.

  5. How on earth can you have a minister who ensures that his pay is guaranteed and all those under him are ni maimwene??????? This issue was created in Kaunda era where council workers were unpaid for ages, and we re still with it??? Please people, advise, where is fairness in all this ??? Zambia is heading for more trouble…

  6. Questions to ask ourselves:
    1. Have I paid my personal income levies? Since 90% of those who earn don’t, twice a year you should pay a small amount to the council. It is less than the income you misapply to beer and other vices such as expensive bundles to spew invectives on blogs and ogle imbecilic videos
    2. Have I paid my property levy?

    Verily (its Sunday), if those owing paid, Councils would not be asking for monthly bailouts. So, just own up and pay than blame our Govt.

  7. What has Zambian Government put in place to ensure that all these payments from the the public are done on time? In other countries you cannot get away with this

  8. Comment:This is what happens when mediocrity is allowed in the governance of the country. The Democratic Party in Government under the dynamic leadership of Harry Kalaba is set to re-order this unacceptable behavior by the PF. Confusion: the other day a Minister loudly says pay minimum wage, while the PF government has criminally failed to pay the Public workers – this isn’t top notch hypocrisy but evil in the eyes of God our creator.

  9. God bless ba Mwale,as you do so look at cop-waste employees who have gone for 10month without pay.Bwana minister you promised in may 2018 that you have some money for solid waste of about $3million from usa ,where is the money……HH keep speaking for us,may be one day these guys will hear us..

  10. Councils need to pay themselves instead of relying on Central Government. There is too much financial indiscipline In the councils. Look at SOLWEZI council, they just bought 8 brand new Toyota Hilux and yet the workers are not paid and service delivery is at its barest minimum. Let councils pay their salaries period. They have put a strain on the treasury

    • I reckon you are right. However, these Zambian Councils are legally and unevenly yoked to the Central Government.
      SOLUTION: Democratic Party is proposing a very simple and workable solution to all this nonsense we inherited from the One Party UNIP broken down institutions which the successive regimes especially this MMD/PF of President Lung Wuu, and are being used for systematic plunder and raping of the state resources. HK is coming to clean-up this mess come 2021

  11. Please pay them they have been surviving on merchandise confiscated from street vendors for the past 6 months from goods ranging from clothes, shoes,vegetables,tomatoes,groundnuts, casava etc…….

  12. Yet these greedy thieves have increased their salaries and back dated it to January 2018…when govt workers have not been paid for two months.
    Zambia has no President!!

  13. Late payment of salaries to local authority officers is avoidable.
    Government has just over burdened itself by including council workers on the national payroll. The whole thing should have been done selectively, councils with capacity especially city and other municipal should have been let to pay themselves salaries. I know district councils have no capacity or their revenue base is so weak, these are ones they should have pulled to the national payroll.
    I feel there is need to reconsider their decision otherwise these delays to their salaries will continue.

  14. What is wrong with Zambia? We have had many presidents provincial ministers and mayors, council workers and government worker continue not be paid on time. Changing a president will not resolve that. More has to be done. City Council is suppose to rise money for salaries of it’s workers. If City Councils do not know how to raise money, consultancy should be made to citizens who will be able to find everlasting solutions.

  15. Wrong WEE, everything starts with a leader. Other nations have good leaders who make sure their citizens are comfortable and they do everything possible to make sure workers are paid on time. You be a leader in UK or US and people are not getting paid on time, you will be thrown out because the back starts with you. A leader is not there to be just flying around and having people kneel before him, that is village leadership that keeps people in poverty.

    Remove ECL and PF, they are not only Vision-Less and Clue-Less but have their priorities upside down embedded in Corruption.

    Its these Council Workers who actually rig elections so they should continue with the PF

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