Thursday, April 18, 2024

Bank of Zambia grants Zazu a Payment System Licence


Local digital payments company Zazu has announced that the Bank of Zambia has now granted it a licence to operate a Payments System Business.

In a blog post, Zazu said “We have some incredible news. 12 months ago we set out on an exciting journey: to simplify the way people understand and interact with financial services.”

“Six months ago we released a platform to teach people how money really works and have gone on to reach over 6 000 people across Zambia in only 4 months. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that Zazu is now a licensed Payments System Business by the Bank of Zambia.”

The firm said this is a significant milestone in the journey and one that brings it closer to achieving its vision.

“While we have been waiting for the regulatory approvals, we have continued building out our product. Obtaining this licence now allows us to test it with a selected group of users before a public launch. It also means we can now start building our back office support structures and over the next few weeks, we will be welcoming people across customer service, finance, risk & compliance roles.”


    • This is appalling reporting even bad publicity for the company as a result…first explain how this payment system will better the lives of Zambians and most importantly doing business…is this an EPS or Online or contactless Payment system.
      Absolutely lazy reporting!!

  1. LT please could you give insights what ZAZU is and what services will it provide, eg. what kind of payments. I feel it’s too abstract as it is.

    • mbeba na kolwe – if they are going to post half baked news then they are better off just posting a picture and we will just google if we have time…go to Bloomberg and see how the breakdown business news.

  2. Yayayaya, the teachers for our journalists must be pinching themselves wherever they are! What happened to the basic principles of reporting? With such s short story you are left with a thousand questions after reading this post. Is it our education system that has changed? Or is it just change for the worst? Just thinking. I am very disappointed.

  3. we have very few qualified Journalists in zambia only political street Journalist. They are good at reporting political character assassinations .

  4. Zazu is owned by Perseus MLAMBO, still actively registered in the UK unless he has registered with PACRA as well. He was listed on Forbes 30 under 30 most influential Africans.

    Good news for the kid!

    • Those are the details you put in the article to grab attention of the reader…not just type gibberish or apolitical statement from Amos Chanda.

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