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CSOs to protest against Government’s economic mismanagement on Budget Day


Laura Miti
Laura Miti

A group of civil society organisations have given a notice to police for a peaceful demonstration at Parliament on September 28.

According to a statement signed by nine CSOs that want to hold a peaceful demonstration on 28 September, the national budget presentation day.

The demonstration is aimed at raising public concern with the way that public resources are being critically mismanaged in the country as well as with the country’s debt levels.

CSOs have since asked the general public to turn out in numbers for the peaceful protest.

This is contained in a press statement signed by Alliance for Community Action (ACA) Laura Miti on behalf of other civil society organisations and good governance activists.


  1. Excellent. We need this kind of activism so that our leaders can understand that we are taking stock of their imprudent actions. I encourage ALL concerned citizens to support this initiative and turn up to support it. It’s time our leaders start listening to what we have to say. Especially the clown who was saying “nshakulaumfwa ifyabupuba”. The people are complaining about the corruption in your administration and you call that “ifyabupuba”? That is real arrogance. But we will humble you soon enough.
    Turn up in numbers and in person compatriots

    • Let’s exchange notes after the protest, gents. I can bet you the crowd won’t exceed 30 people. Most Zambians will be on about their business or drinking. They know these NGOs have personal agendas against PF and are not doing it for the them.

    • @Citizen even if the turn out will be poor, these guys are doing the right thing. Do not despise the day of small beginnings. To your surprise this may turn out to be the birth of a momentus movement. In the meantime watch this space.

    • Journeyman, it’s already a movement. It was born the day MCS died and it became apparent that ECL was taking over. Guy Scott pushed this anti-Lungu agenda vigorously as acting president with full support of the cartel (Fred and co.) and these NGOs who are bedfellows with the cartel. Fred and Guy got their fingers burnt and both lost everything they had built over the years. In reality, it’s just playing out. Sadly, Zambians see through it and know it’s personal hatred for someone they failed to manipulate. Ask yourself, how did Fred and hh become buddies?? Fred did his best to demonise hh even coining the “bantustan” tag. MCS dies and suddenly they are buddies?? You are a reasonable person, open your eyes, my guy!!

  2. For the first time, am seeing the action that i think we all Zambians really needed, lets go Laura, we are behind you, as if Lungu owns this us ready to be slaughtered and sold to the Chinese.

  3. Mr. Laura Miti, we will support you, hit them were it hurts. Enough of these ministers whose seats have been nullified but are still holding to government posts. This budget is full of holes as the budget support from donors will not be forth coming due to grand corruption. Going forward, we are in for more misery as the money has been stolen, the kwacha is going haywire and inflation will soon join the bandwagon. This is the price of having cadres in sensitive positions who can not even spell their names correctly.

  4. But mu Zambia bukuwe has killed the nation.please let us join together to fight corruption.RTSA should also cahnge the speed limit in great east road to 80km/h.These chaps should be told the truth.They can’t take us for grated.economy nomba yapena bane

  5. We love lungu and supported him 100% but he has betrayed our trust

    I woke at 2am to vote for lungu and Mwanakatwe. And I have the right to express my anger. I dint vote for hh

    ECL-MUST-GO together with chanda boys. How can you divert donor money to buy military passenger plan.

    The best ECL can do is hold press conference and clear these rumours from African Confidential.

    • Who is the so-called Confidential to sway you like that? Certainly just a fly to the President & the silent majority who swab off sensations to decimate opposition in elections. And get spectacles to read clearly the sensations of the so-called Confidential. When was the last time ZAF bought a transporter? Aren’t these needed? During relief operations would you rather fly in the Buffaloes that sent the national team to the grave? And the source of money to buy them, really from Donor Funds?! Those pittances from donors can hardly buy anything. They were only paying 25% of the few kwachas to supplement our Govts effort in Social Cash Transfer. DON’T BE STUPID!!

    • Do you know the author of Africa Confidential,it’s a white imperialist rat,being used by the opposition and Obasanjo to creat room for their stooge to take over, they tried last time and failed.
      Zambians are not fullz.

    I do NOT trust Laura and Sarah. Being married to, or related to Europeans does not automatically impart superior wisdom over fellow Africans. Just connect the DOTS through Miti’s & Longwe’s NGOs, AfriForum and Brunthurst Foundation of S. Africa, an evil project emerges to discredit selected African States. President Trump calls Afro-Americans “DOGS”. Yet Laura’s Mum, Sarah’s Mum, and my own Mum too, are God’s creations biologically classified as Homo sapiens, the same species into which Trump’s parents are nested. Money is an evil tool used to buy weak-minded Africans to insult their own kind as racists dine on wines.

  7. These guys won’t even be allowed to protest. Instead they will be arrested and taken to court just like the last time they protested against purchase of fire wheelbarrows & were arrested of which the case is still active in court.

  8. Bowing to demands of their pay master in Europe, whose interest in Africa is threatened by China.
    WB has voiced out zambia is not in debt crisis. How else can you get budgetary increase if you don’t demonstrate? ‘He who pays the piper calls for the tune.’

  9. Let’s mobilise for mass attendance. We need to put this government on alert about all the corruption and mismanagement going on.

    The lack of action from the President is amazing – but he stands on the UN podium to try and provide some leadership on the international scene. Charity begins at home, show us some spine here and you will be taken seriously on the international scene !

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