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We are on a growth path – Zamtel CEO


Zamtel CEO Mr Sydney Mupeta speaking during the commissioning of a Communication Tower at Shamputa in Kapiri

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta says the state owned Telecommunications Company is on a growth path.
Mr Mupeta said Zamtel expects to finish 2018 even stronger.

“From 2016-2017, Zamtel recorded revenues of about K470 million to K670 million in 2017 that is above 50 % growth,” Mr Mupeta said . He was speaking during in an interview after the company commissioned two new communication towers in Ngabwe and Kapiri in the Central Province.

He added, “What does it take to grow the company, in this industry, it takes customer base growth and those that are customers that drive the growth.”

He said Zamtel is recording more revenue than what the company did in 2017.

“We are constantly growing and that makes you rise above legacy issues. We are on a growth path, we expect 2018 to finish even stronger,” he said.

Mr Mupeta said the 1009 new communication towers that the company is putting up across the country will increase its geographical footprint and capture more customers.

“This site alone (Shamputa, Kapiri) has given us 3,500 sites, our growth is assured as we roll out more sites,” the Zamtel CEO stated.

“As the top line grows, our fixed costs are becoming less and less and that is how you build the profit story. The top line is growing consistently. By end of this year, growth is projected to be around 20% because more time and efforts has gone into digitalizing our channels and other basics,” he said.


  1. Stop lies Mupeta when did you ever issue indepedently audited books … Income statements balance sheets etc. If you are a CEO who deserves this position in the true sense of it … you should know that you cannot be talking of improved performance minus producing your financials and network performance over the last 3 years. The last time I checked Zamtel had no properly audited books for the last 3 years as a matter of fact they could not even produce for the last 2 years. And I challenge Zamtel Management to refute. Zamtel required financing and we asked them for these details last year and totally failed to produce

    • Don’t mind them …they are overseen by equally reckless govt…growing at expense of taxpayers and Chinese loans which they will never repay. PF govt can never bring in anybody from outside in these companies as they are cash cows and institutions where cadres are placed…Sydney is simply there as a caretaker, his CV speaks for itself he is an Engineer learning on the job at great cost to us.

  2. These are the people someone was saying they can run parastatals? Who audits Zamtel if I may ask? Every time this person opens his mouth he is busy praising zamtel as if they have achieved milestones? I can not even watch DSTV now on my laptop using your bundles and yet you are wood winking the masses to think otherwise. Lap green was far much better that what we have now, shame. This is simply another conduit for corruption, lets we hear you have exchanged our fiber network with Chinese loans.

    • “Revenue is Vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash is reality.”

      Continue cheating yourselves ..makeshift CEOs like Sydney…really laughable.

    • What’s wrong Gay Jay?? The small boys you left behind are now CEOs and national decision-makers while you wallow as a second class citizen in a foreign land???

    • @Zambian Citizen – You as thick as two short planks or porridge…I can not even begin to explain anything to you. I mean I doubt you even have a passport the furthest you have been is Nakonde…additionally you are the same person who was here justifying an ambulance costing $250k yet you have never seen one.
      Sydney is not qualified …am not saying because am bitter….its costing your children look at those figures above…no talk of profit.

    • Sidney is an engineer. And you are what?? Who qualifies Sidney for this job, a person regarded as a nobody by those white folks?? We Zambians see Sidney as an achiever and are proud of him. You, a sorry white bottom cleaner.

  3. Truth of the matter is that zamtel will be run like znbc with Huawei having the majority shares, this because Huawei has invested a lot of money to upgrade network equipment which zamtel will fail to pay back.

  4. There he is at it again this Engineer Sydney talking about high revenue and subscribers…and carefully omitting profit as its non existent as its eaten up by waste and blotted expenditure/ workforce.

    • This man should be downstairs in the server room where he will best contribute to the company …you will never go anywhere with him at the helm. Its like putting a Ship No. 3 Engineer to take control of the Captain role….you are asking for trouble.

    • Why didn’t you throw in your CV when the job was available, Gay Jay?? Mid life crisis seeing Sidney achieve???…kwekwekwekwekwe…

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