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Government remains resolute in reducing cost of doing business – Yaluma


Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Christopher Yaluma
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Christopher Yaluma

Government says it remains resolute in reducing the cost of doing business for small and medium scale traders in the country.

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma says one such step government has taken is the opening up of roads under the Link Zambia project so as the ease transport challenges.

ZANIS reports that Mr Yaluma said this when he inspected works on the K84 million Mbesuma Bridge project in Mungwi district.

The minister, who is also Malole Constituency Member of Parliament, was impressed with the progress made by the contractor China Railway Seventh Group at the site.

By broadcast time, a temporal bridge had been erected to pave way for construction of a permanent one.

And Mr Yaluma has projected an economic boom in Northern Region once the construction of the bridge across Chambeshi River is completed.

“ The development will enhance business linkages for local traders as they will be able to travel to neighbouring countries such as Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo via Nakonde and the Mansa – Pedicle roads respectively, “ he said.

Mr Yaluma added that there is need to construct the Mbesuma – Isoka road as traffic on the route is set increase.


  1. What a working Government.

    On behalf of EVERYONE, thank you this reassuring message Yaluma

    We are behind you all the way.



  2. Is this a joke? Anyway I am not surprised this is coming from a dull minister such as Christopher Yaluma…they are slapping tax on everything including internet calls; people in relatives and business colleagues back home do not even want to accept internet calls anymore.

    • HH is a joke! He is committed to doing business with Panama where he has hidden his (our) money. When he dies our money shall die there with him. I challenge him to bring it back into ZANACO, Finance Bank or Indo Zambia Bank. What a joke he is and his tribal supporters like Gay Jay.

  3. Chinese coming to sale chickens and maize on the street ati investors, these pricks are all jokes, nowonder we are going nowhere, ba pompwe, bakabolala.

  4. They have been singing this same song for over 10 years. Instead they are busy doing the opposite by having 15different types of licences for one business, high taxes, corruption, inflated contracts etc etc.

  5. Mr Yaluma, you are joking right? You people want to close down all Zambian bussinesses with your ridiculous taxes and inflated licences. You the PF are not helping the Zambian trader and you would rather you let the Chinese run all bussinesses in the country from vendors to marketeers and small scale farming etc at the expense of your own people.

  6. Mr Yaluma, it is YOUR Ministry which, through myriad of Agencies and Authorities, are imposing sh!t-load of unnecessary double licencing whilst dishing illegal tax incentives against cash “contributions” (LOL) to your fellow Ministers. CLEAN YOUR MINISTRY first and then speak

  7. Hon. Minister, how you feel after reading contributions on this blog?
    You must be proud that two certified !mbeciles, fake phd holder Mushota and mad cow sharon are supporting your rant?

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