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Zambians must benefit from mining activities-Mateyo


North Western Province Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo
North Western Province Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo

North western province Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo says government will continue protecting the benefits of the Zambian citizens while upholding and safeguarding the interests of all mining investment.

Mr Mateyo said this is because government’s goal is to ensure that the people prosper and benefit from the mining activities taking place in the country.

He said government will continue supporting initiatives that seek to complement its efforts of promoting sustainable development and uplifting the lives of Zambians.

Mr Mateyo was speaking in Solwezi today during the launch of the Fostering Accountability and Transparency (FACT) programme’s Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) intervention for Northwestern province.

He said government remains committed to ensuring that Zambia remains compliant to a point where it becomes a shining example in the extractive industries globally.

Speaking earlier, Counterpart International Africa Regional Director Mutale Chilangwa said development only occurs where institutions are strong, transparent and accountable to citizens over resources they are entrusted to manage.

Mr Chilangwa said the EITI project seeks to build awareness among citizens on the need to hold institutions accountable.

The FACT programme is being funded by United States Agency for International Development through Counterpart International Zambia and will be implemented in Kalumbila and Kasempa districts in partnership with Zambia Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (ZEITI), Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), Zambia Extractive Industry Transparency Alliance (ZEITA) and the PANOS institute of Southern Africa.

Meanwhile, senior chief Musele of the Lunda speaking people in Kalumbila district appealed to EITI and other civil society organizations to take time and sensitize people in his chiefdom on how the mine is supposed to be held accountable on how money allocated for corporate social responsibility is used.

He said there is a trust foundation in Kalumbila but the community has no idea on how money allocated to the trust foundation from 2016 to date has been used.


  1. Can someone vouch for this man hand on heart that he stands for the people?

    Look at the spectacle in the picture and vouch for him that he cal alleviate poverty…

    He seems to me an epitome of greed… the best he can do is not open his mouth but work so that we see the fruits of his labour.

  2. This man Mateyo is still working?????? The man has served under all the presidents Zambia has had!!!!! He once had a case with ACC after he was retired as Police IG…we have not heard how the matter was concluded..but mu Zambia ..awe mwandini…

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