Thursday, June 20, 2024

Male teachers warned not to turn girl pupils into lovers


Some pupils of Lusaka Primary School Arthur Wina

A senior education officer in Isoka District in Muchinga province has sternly warned male teachers to desist from indulging in intimate relationships with school girls.

Isoka District Education Board Secretary Gino Sichilima says he will not tolerate any male teacher found in intimate relationships with school girls.Speaking at the end of the Churches Health Association of Zambia-AGAPE project Consultative meeting held at the Teachers Resource Centre in Isoka yesterday. Mr. Sichilima said teachers are parents to girls and should not turn them to be lovers.

The DEBS stated that eyes were on the Girl Child to get educated and not to be turned into brides as this deprives them from a bright future.

Meanwhile one of the 518 girls who has benefited from the CHAZ – Adolescence Girls Accessing Prevention and Education (AGAPE) Project Blessing Mukelebai has praised the project.Blessing explained that previously, she used to face a lot of financial problems related to paying fees and other school requisites.She explained that CHAZ -AGAPE is surely taken back hundreds of vulnerable girls to classroom.And Blessings has pledged to work hard in schools so as to achieve her education goals.


  1. Teachers are tempted bcz of the dress code. Advice the children / pupils and teachers to dress well for it will help to reduce the number of difilement cases in our country Zambia

  2. I am sure there will soon be donor funding to help male teachers behave themselves… it is as if we are an infantile nation that cannot just do things without a bidding. Listen – how is it that suddenly people who walked about with only a loin cloth are now naked under a mini skirt!? Muletontonkanya limo! You want to do what to the small girls kanshi!? Mwe fipuba mwe!

  3. I thought regulations are clear concerning male teacher-female pupil sexual affairs? Are they not dismissed when found guilty of such offences?

  4. The schoolgirls of Zambia will change the world. But they will find it much easier if they are allowed to finish school! C’mon bros!

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