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UK’s 2.7 million pounds for Social Cash Transfer remains unutilised-Amos Chanda


Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House
Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House

Government has written to the British government over its intentions to pay back the 2.7 million pounds which was meant for beneficiaries under the social cash transfer.

However, the money remained unutilised in a ZANACO bank account.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Relations Amos Chanda says Ministry of Community Development Permanent Secretary Liya Mutale has been in touch with the Department for International Development -DFID- over the matter.

Mr. Chanda says the DFID had demanded for the money they offered to Zambia for social protection and government is obliged to give it back.

ZNBC staffer Michael Kaumba reports from New York that Mr. Chanda said the Zambian government and their British counterparts have been in talks over their future joint financing agreement for the social cash transfer.

The Special Assistant to the President for Press and Relations has further stressed that seven major donors are still financing the social cash transfer.

Yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji held bilateral talks with the British government officials to discuss a wide range of activities in New York.


    • Gremlin Amos Chanda, you have just proven why you work for Edgar, he like retards like Bowman Lusambo. Freedom Sikazwe, Stephen Kampyongo. Don’t be surprsed tomorrow if this Gremlin will say the Kwascha is selling for K9 to a dollar

    • A look why was kabanshi sacked, along with Amos’ cousin? Why have several other been suspended. Are you telling me they didn’t know where the money was all this time? And why havent several hundred beneficiaries not been receiving? Or is it that the money that was stolen was from other donors? This raises a lot more questions than answers.

    • This is what I commented this morning
      Abra..kadabraa….the money is back !!
      No one stole the money
      There you go..the real magician has just talked!!!! BTW do you understand what he means”…further stressed that seven major donors are still financing the social cash transfer.” Are they trying to use other donors money to reimburse the UK?

    • A grouping of retards who make the world look at Africans like baboons….

      How? Africans are the only pure Homo Sapiens Sapiens on the planet. In short only Africans are pure humans. No recess monkey genes in Africans Badala. Your ignorance is not even funny. Africans are God’s blessed people with dunderhead leaders like Kampyongo, HH and GBM in the opposition. Kambwili also.

    • So ECL, not only did he regret receiving the report after 6 months – BTW which was a shame for the man, now Amos Chanda is also proving that ECL was not aware that money was in the Bank, again a shame to the big man.
      It appears ECL is out of touch and someone else is running this country, otherwise, how do you explain this?

    • I think one day ECL akesa butukafye before na 2021. The guy is under stress and can’t believe how rich he has become. Money yakwiba ilapenya. Ask Macopolo Buses

    • Smh! You receive money in Nov 2017 and have the guts to say you haven’t disbursed it? Then a whole ministry of finance needed months to trace “unmoved” money. Hahaha, this is a sh*tshow

    • This the true legacy of Sata,how he managed to get incompetent people to overun a competent government.Sata himself was clueless but at least he had glimpses of discipline,look what he left behind…And this Amos has now taken his incompetence to an international level,even Kambwili advised him recently,anyway he is designed for collateral damage

  1. Let them wait for the education fraud as well because that is another bomb shell. So are they bringing back all those that have been fired?”…“And for almost five months donors were demanding for the money, why didn’t they just say the money is in ZANACO? And why were the beneficiaries not paid when money is allegedly lying in the bank?”
    The authorities have tried to put a spin to the fraud by telling their image builders that the money was intact in a ZANACO account and demanding that the British High Commissioner apologises.
    Jona and his long sticky fingers

  2. What is this man’s job description?
    He has gone to far now and i think on this one he has crossed the boundaries.
    Where is the Minister of finance or Govt spokesperson to issue this statement?

    • It’s Zambia my friend. We need to get these guys out and into jail before icalo disappears. Nobody really knows where the money they are borrowing is exactly going

  3. These *****s have just replaced the money using chinese connections. What kinda confused govt do we have really. All the time telling lies and confusing the blind followers. Where has the money come from all of a sudden and why hasn’t the been used for its intended purpose Sos is EL going to reappoint the Minister who was dismissed in relation to the Social Fund? Amos and his crooked boss are not to be fraudsters, the are simply misleading the nation.

  4. If the money was there Amos, why was Kabanshi disgraced and fired? Show us genuine balance sheet from Zanaco and in who s account is this money kept. You cannot be lying to the nation like this. Also why was it Richard Sakala that disclosed that the money was in Zanaco? What role does he play in the government?

  5. Chanda don’t expose the president to ridicule so much. He is not as incompetent as you want to sound. This is being treacherous. Presidential spokes person pa Zed awe sure, what is wrong with them. Mwamba did a quick one on Chiluba, Chela change statement kaba Sata and now you.

    • He has already done his part BUT docile Zambians are still sitting on their hands cowering and watching from the behind the bushes when thieves are stealing from their children!!

  6. Why is Amos issuing statement on this issue??Don’t we have a ministry responsible for those funds? This is a clear indication that ALL government transactions are controlled by state house!!!

  7. This is very childish indeed. What message are these goons sending to the donor community? If the money was meant for the SCT ,why has it been sitting in ZANACO A/C for that long without being utilized? How about the interest that it has accrued all this while, were has it gone? 2.7 million pounds is a lot of mula bane. Why was the minister fired if there was no corruption? On one hand you institute investigations and fire some people on the other hand you claim the money is still intact. This is paradoxical. The donor community will not take you morons seriously and they wont support you in future. So the only money you stole was for Finland Sweden and others and not Britain? They don’t brook nonsense that’s why kkkkkk.

  8. I think Amos should let the responsible ministry in conjunction with the finance minister do the talking. He is causing more confusion please.

  9. Full of drama like a soup opera.
    Arrogance and pride come just before a mans fall from grace.
    I feel sorry for ECL and his corrupt inner circle.

  10. Even a Grade 7 cannot be as dull as these guys. Just admit that the money was stolen and now it has been reimbursed. Why was this statement not given the moment we heard about the allegations.

  11. ECL must hold conference. Not chanda boys. U5 must be invited so that he can also ask questions.

    U5 must also ask why he was thrown in chimbokaila

  12. So since the president already knew about the stolen funds from June 2018 you took almost 3 months to quickly mobilise funds meant for salaries and put them in the zanaco account as replacement. No wonder civil servants are not paid up to now.

  13. They have gotten 2.7 million kaloba from China ati it’s still there kiki. Can u believe these clowns. But lungu chishupu chaba silent

  14. Failing to account does not means misuse or abuse.
    The Minister was not in control of her ministry.
    The money in the bank was a grant from Britain but other support from other donors is what is putting govt official in problems.

  15. So, is this reason to fire Lungu? How many people are suffering in Zambia? What is the money doing in the bank? Whose interest is it gaining? If the money was there, why did Lungu fire Kabanshi? Is this a Knee-jerk reaction from a president? Zambia is not safe.

  16. Just give it back. We don’t need their money with all those strings attached. Get African confidential to wire it back to them.

  17. I’m amazed at how you Mr Amos Chanda have been reporting over the issue of the donor funds that were given to pass on to the needy, but failed to do so and here today with all the pride you talk about giving back the money.. Where does that leave the poor in the country that depends on this money.. This is greed at its highest.. You even say you are working for the poor with this… Give the money to the poor and stop talking about refunding.. Donors gave you the money not to keep in the bank but to give poor people.. Use the same zeal you have when reporting about refunds to convince them to allow you to give the poor and in future stop this mentality of keeping money for poor, give them accordingly..

  18. I have read most comments, but what i find is pure ignorance of the highest order. I think Zambia has far much bigger problems rhan people missappropriating $4 nillion. Those with ears must listen.

  19. Why was the Money not disbursed to Beneficiaries in 2017? Where is the interest? Was the Money reimbursed and credited back to the Account when the Cash Transfers Crisis exploded? The damage has already been done.

  20. Amos Chanda, the official state house jester of the Endemically Corrupt Leader.
    Shameless bunch of cheap crooks masquerading as the government.
    And yet, there are !mbeciles which believe in this thieving corrupt bunch which has brought Country and its institutions to the international ridicule.
    What next? From one unsavory act to another crooked ridicule?

  21. Is Zambia that rich that we can’t even notice 2.7million pounds in an account and a local account for that matter. Please tell us the real story.

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