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FAZ to construct more synthetic playing surfaces in Zambia


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), says it intends to construct more synthetic playing surfaces in the country to help the national soccer team and clubs adapt to playing on them in international engagements.

ZANIS Sports reports that FAZ Secretary General Adrian Kashala said the local soccer governing body is committed to realizing the project because it will assist players from clubs and the national team to adapt well in playing on both natural and artificial grass.

Mr. Kashala noted that there were concerns from the technical bench on some players failing to adjust and adapt to playing on the artificial turf in Windhoek, Namibia when that country hosted Zambia in the one all draw 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

The FAZ Secretary General said one of the remedial measures is the construction of a minimum of two artificial playing surfaces in the country.

Mr. Kashala said the project will take off once FAZ mobilizes money from the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), to finance development of the project.

He said FIFA can only fund another development project once construction of the ongoing School of Excellency Project in Ndola is completed.

Mr. Kashala explained that sponsors of developmental projects have procedures that need to be followed.

He said works on the School of Excellency Project in Ndola are advanced and once completed, it will enable FAZ send a completion certificate to the Confederation of African Football (CAF), so that other projects can be considered.


    • Its AVIC that’s built them not Tasila ..its a kickback for the overpriced contracts and loans her corrupt Daddy has sent to the company.

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  1. Countries that have artificial pitches have them for certain reasons to do with weather its not an option and you are more likely to be injured playing on you don’t need to construct more of them as even the standard of our natural pitches is below par even with abundant sunshine.

  2. Armpit smelling nation has plenty of water and unlimited sunshine, but still laying artificial turf. Well… 3rd world country in action.

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