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Government proposes allocation of K2.9 billion towards Public Order and Safety


Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says Security of the country is key to its social and economic development.

Mr. Kampyongo says his Ministry will execute its duties thoroughly in 2019 within the budgetary allocation to his Ministry.

He told Journalist soon after the 2019 budget presentation by Finance Minister Margarete Mwanakatwe that the presentation has shown a road map for his Ministry’s operations in the year 2019.

The Home Affairs Minister explained that current austerity measures being implemented by government will thoroughly be observed by his Ministry as outlined in the proposed budget.

Government has this year proposed to allocate K2.9 billion towards Public Order and Safety in the country.


  1. Are we as a nation so blind that we can not see that our identity document is a 1920,s model.Why is their relactance on an upgrade,i feel its the most important document for every zambian.How on earth would you pride yourself a honorable minister with such mediocrity no wonder the system is flawed,i can bet my last ngwee that that budgetary allocation will all be spent on oppressive practices on people with divergent views.

    • But do you know that Tanzania is one the 45 most corrupt governments in Africa and Zambia is not within that bracket. In case if Mufuguli whatever his name is was to travel like Lungu and vice versa you’re still going to find some nasty things to say about Lungu. So since Mufuguli has banned 700 churches in Tanzania so it will be okay for Lungu to do the same.

  2. By the way do anyone of our self proclaimed experts know that the Section 6 of the British Public Order Act allows the police to stop you from doing what you may think is right.

  3. Well you will not win elections if you do not invest in paid cadre anarchy. Simple because people are tired and may vote you out! So making sure anyone who holds a meeting to explain facts or protest must be disrupted. Also a bit of handouts can go hand in hand with docility! But be careful these millennial kids do not handle things the same way when they are tired of you! Mukapaapa Kalama!

  4. Its not meant for that. This is polemics and semantics at work. The money is required by the police to enforce law and order. Its been politicized to public order to send shivers in the opposition that they will be caught. The money is required for the safety of law abiding citizens from criminals and we all need that. You need to call police and the latest they should come to help you is within 5-10 minutes. We need to purchase all the requisites to be able to do this. Its not for political repression.

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