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Lusambo investigates negligence at Chilenje hospital


Minister in charge of Lusaka province Hon Bowman Lusambo impromptu visit at Lusaka's Health facilities
Minister in charge of Lusaka province Hon Bowman Lusambo impromptu visit at Lusaka’s Health facilities

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says he will institute investigations following a social media posting depicting health personnel at Chilenje Hospital in Lusaka alleged to have abandoned patients in preference to eating breakfast in the offices.

A picture of health workers at Chilenje hospital has gone viral on facebook showing the workers drinking tea at 08-00 hours in the morning instead of attending to the patients.

ZANIS reports that the pictures show a horde of patients on the queue awaiting to be attended to by health workers contrary to their professional calling and dedication to duty.

The Lusaka Province Minister has taken a stance on carrying out impromptu visits at government and other public institutions such as markets.

Late July this year, Mr. Lusambo sent back over 40 civil servants at Lusaka administration who had reported late for work.

The Minister also went on and visited the Kafue District Hospital, the office of the Kafue District Education Board Secretary, the District Administration as well as Kafue District Council Offices.

In October last year, Mr. Lusambo who is Kabushi MP made an impromptu tour of Main Masala Market when he served as Copperbelt Minister.

Mr. Lusambo emphasizes that officers in the civil service should change their laissez-faire attitude towards work and apply their work ethic associated with the private sector without applying themselves fully.


    • Working for Boma has become frustrating. If you remember when Sata became president he made working for boma look nice that most of us in the private sector wanted to cross over. Nomba this govt yabena Bowman is only offering taxes and wage freezes. Bwana Bowman make sure the employees are well taken care of before you consider any action against them. Frustrating working conditions will never produce good services

    • Good question……!

      But I hope you do also understand that Lusambo is responsible for the entire province of Lusaka, yes?! He is more like “Minister Without a Portfolio.” Late Sata once held such a position. In short, Lusambo is akin to “JACK OF ALL TRADES.” He has the mandate to make sure everything within Lusaka province runs smoothly. THAT IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY…. otherwise what is he getting paid for?

    • Insofar as it is his responsibility as Lusaka Minister, there is a Mayor,a Member of Parliament, a Councillor, and also a Minister of Health. Why should a manager be doing the job of an office orderly just because they are in the same department? There is no doubt that Bowman is a showman for political mileage from he that pays the piper… There’s a name for you. Showman Lusambo.

  1. Hardworking working Minister Bowman Lusambo. Am not a PF party sympathizer, but I salute you Honourable Lusambo.H.E. ECL please appoint him as Minister Without Portifolio.

  2. Minister of health chitalu chitololo chilubi, is a duel foolish chip, he can’t manage to supervise the girls he goes out with

  3. Just put up cameras in all government working place and review them once a week. it will help to change the behavior of the workers. Too much talking at work.

    • But you would think these people have supervisors at work. So where are their supervisors? Out selling malasha or building rental homes?

      Unfortunately in Zambia, the so called Supervisors/bosses are the waste offenders when it comes to issues of this nature. Subordinates simply pick up on their Supervisors’ bad behavior. Why would a supervisor allow workers/nurses to take tea brakes all at the same time in critical institution/environment such as a hospital or clinic? And how long should a tea brakes take, eternity?

      I mean, aren’t these the issues hospital administrators are suppose to straighten out without waiting for the Minister or President to show up? Come on now…..where are we going as a Country!?

    • 2.1 Yamba, you can bet your bottom kwacha Kampyongo was not happy with shoring up a corrupt police officer. Chilufya ain’t gonna be happy either.

      In organizations there’s what is referred to as protocol. You can plan a sting operation with your fellow minister and come up with a permanent solution. The raids Lusambo is making will not change anything.

      Zambia has been on this slipper slope of corruption for a while. It needs more than a visit to the a hospital to stop this blight on our culture.

  4. Introduce clocking system at all entry and exit gates, there’s no way the ‘whole’ of him to be inspecting late comers. He should concentrate on very important issues like the much awaited creation of 500 000 jobs for the youth. He should not use his positional power to start finding faults in others or divert people’s attention from what they promised the Zambians. The PF leaders are doing nasty things. We all know about this. Its happening in the PF government. Its really disgusting. But again, I will keep on laughing at YOU, YOU the voters because you were told before that ….. had no vision for this country. Its like a game of chess, you make a mistake your opponent will capitalize on that and punish you. Simple !!!!!

    • You will be surprised with the grassroots they dont care whether he only has G12 certificate and he knows it…they can vote him into State House for his stunts dealing with trivial issues instead of fundamental working policies…even here people think he is the man when he has just come back from a week in China paid for by Chinks and god knows what he signed there in our children’s names.

  5. Make the most of your position now honourable Die Hard Youth. Lubinda Hazooka is the next provincial minister for Lusaka – soon, very soon.

  6. Zambia risks another wave of brain drain with the current hostilities towards Professionals! Are health workers not entitled to a simple tea break? Cheap politics! When health workers sacrifice their Lunch or knock off late, no one seems to notice! It’s very easy to condemn players on the field. It’s another to be the player to know what it takes! Respect your few remaining health workers or risk losing them to other countries where they are respected!

  7. Only a demented person can criticize what Lusambo is doing. You have to be very familiar to understand what goes on in government departments. People don’t work and some of these are busy blogging here instead of attending to what they are paid. One of my outlets serves food and I see both council and GRZ workers coming for lunch as early as 11 hrs only to go back to work maybe 30 minutes before knocking off time. It doesn’t matter which party you support, services which you’re paid for must be given to the people. Lusambo will not be there forever but the guy who may take over will be glad to inherit a jacked up civil and civic departments.

  8. Lusambo congratulations chilenje hospital is the worst ..health workers are relactant and chase people ..my mum whose sick of bp and swalen legs wasnt attended to from 05:00 til the health worker knocked of..same applies to me i was sent away ati choka apa u just disturbing our time.as i am speaking i dont go to the hospital.i dont knw why thy were employed for nurses are ash

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