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Fully participate to ensure successful implementation of the 2019 national budget, Mwanakatwe tells private sector


Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

Government has called on the private sector to fully participate in ensuring successful implementation of the 2019 national budget.

And Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe has urged the private sector to be patriotic in its quest to help grow the economy.

She says it is government’s agenda to see the private sector flourish and help grow the country’s economy.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe was speaking during a post 2019 National Budget Dinner organized by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

And, Mrs. Mwanakatwe further adds that the Public Finance Management Act of 2018 will be more enhanced in the 2019 Budget implementation.

Meanwhile, World Bank Country Economist Zivanemoyo Chinazara said continued engagement between government and private sector is a priority in the successful implementation of the 2019 budget.

And, Price Waterhouse Coopers Tax Partner Director, Jyoti Mistry said there is need for government to drop leading rates further down to see much needed private sector participation in the growth of the economy.


  1. Margaret please ask your Boss Edgar how the deportation of Prof Lumumba will help the Zambian economy in the short term. The Kwacha is losing value and how will it perform when Prof Lumumba features on CNN and BBC. Is you moronic cabinet able to analyse these decisions with the necessary depth or Kampyongo and Bowman’s thinking overrides?

    • So how much was dinner allowances, was that in 2018 budget or you have already started spending 2019?
      Stop it, I am already tired of this budget fantasies.

  2. Great advice Madame Minister. Can you please clarify how YOU can reconcile your point No. 36 with point No. 199?

  3. One of the fundamentals to growing an economy is the repayment of debt. Citizens that borrow must of necessity repay what they borrow otherwise the circle grows and someone else picks up the debt paying from resources meant for growth. Similarly the high indebtness of Zambia is now no longer just a national issue it gives institutions such as the IMF sleepless nights on how the global financial out look will be in terms of world growth the larger economies such as Nigeria and South Africa are also not giving hope as they are on the brink of a recession, Zimbabwe is in the same or worse bracket, Ghana is reeling under the punches of financial strain…after Greece, Spain, Portugal…the world is nearly down and out.

  4. Free water bills

    Free fuel

    Free talk time

    Free accommodation

    4 new SUV s with drivers

    Allowance s

    Komboni trying make a living from street vending you set dogs on them frm council

    These are things Lumumba speaks against

  5. Removing VAT is brilliant. Set sales tax at 7% for common people to benefit.

    When are you going to demand that everyone files a tax return? If the poor manage to buy what they eat, why is there a tendency to exempt them from paying for other services they use? It’s a huge burden on the few that are conscientious to work hard. There should be no pity for lazy moaners.

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