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President Lungu praises Switzerland’s mining investment in Zambia


President Edgar Lungu shakes hands with to Switzerland Ambassador to Zambia Arthur Mattli at State House

President Edgar Lungu has described the dialogue and patriotism among member countries as key ingredients in promoting humankind.

And President Edgar Lungu has reiterated that his administration will work with all countries that are willing to work with Zambia to enhance cooperation in all social and economic activities.

The Head of State said this when a Switzerland business delegation led by Switzerland Ambassador to Zambia Moritz Burrichter paid a courtesy call on him at state house in Lusaka today.

During the meeting, President Lungu praised Switzerland’s mining investment in Zambia, saying that there is need to strengthen both unilateral and bilateral relations between two countries.

“Your visit to Zambia is timely because you will have an opportunity to witness what Zambia can offer as opposed to reading negative headlines in newspapers and online publications,” President Lungu told the business delegation.

And Mr Burrichter said his country is eager to promote trade and investment in Zambia, as well as help the country achieve its reform programmes that will facilitate economic development.

He stressed that Zambia and Switzerland share the same values and that Switzerland will work with Zambia in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Switzerland’s presence in Zambia dates back to the late 19th century, when Protestant missionaries from French-speaking Switzerland began working in eastern Zambia in 1885.

Switzerland recognized Zambia immediately after it gained independence in 1964 and established diplomatic relations with it two years later, by opening a consulate in Lusaka in 1969.

President Edgar Lungu confers with the Swiss Business Delegation at State House


  1. This is a joke right? According to a 2009 audit report Zambia was losing about $3billion a year through tax evasion from Swiss based mining company Glencore and First Quantum Minerals. Really why the Zambian president should grovel in the presence of the rich Swiss who make us Zambians even poorer is just despicable. Bet Lungu was one of those little kids who used to sing “umusungu ,umusungu” whenever a white person passed them, now his admiration for them just oozes out.

    • Zambia and Africa in general has a great opportunity to benefit from the turf war between the east and the West. The Europeans are being forced to re-evaluate their relationship with Africa Thanks to the growing influence of China in Africa. If our leaders can be strategic, patriotic and incorruptible, they can build an Africa for generations to come. One that will be the next super power after China. We have a massive opportunity. Will we take it? Looking at most leaders we have in Africa, am not very optimistic. But I pray, and I am trying to do my part. I encourage everyone to do your part, in whatever small way you can. Start by rejecting and opposing corruption. That’s something we can all do

    • Search for youtub.e video “STEALING AFRICA” to see how Switzerland has stolen & continues to steal $-billions from us through tax avoidance & use of tax havens.

      When I tell you Lungu is NOT presidential material, PF00Ls insult me.

      In the last 10 years, they’ve extracted copper worth $29 billion but Zambia is still ranked one of the twenty poorest countries in the world.

    • When a poor man steals to survive he if found out will be clobbered, arrested and thrown in jail, for petty theft. Yet these men can steel billions of dollars from a country and spoil the health of a significant part of the population “but thats ok because they are investors.”

    • Journey man, like you I too see the way Zambia and Africa can win from the foolishness of the west and the east. Use this time to get leverage on them, biggest problem is that Zambians do not read past their bibles and school text books. Great comment bro.

    • Really, this must be a joke. What do you know how much Glencoe has ripped out of zambia?? Lungu must be sick, I seriously feel like throwing up. Lusaka times please don’t put up such nonsense online, it makes zambia as a whole look like a country of dummies,,,

  2. He was just short of asking them to contribute to the repayments of the euro bond, so he just opens his trap without thinking, that’s what you get from dull people.

  3. Have the Swiss been briefed of their counterparts’untransparent and unaccountable mining shenanigans? When the President is meeting such investors,he must be surrounded by mining experts(technocrats) to make sure deals reached are a win-win situation as opposed to the current ones which apprently benefit a select few.

  4. Someone comes to reap the precious fruits in your garden and all you do is praise him? What is stopping you from doing it yourself? All they bring is a shovel, a pick and some know-how.

    • @Chale, you know ichibolya? Ichibolya is a former (old) village, there are mangos and bananas, citrus trees left. Always belongs to someone. But many people are afraid to go back there, scared of ghosts and ngoshe.
      So they hire Swiss and Chinese to pick those mangos, and sell to owners of ichibolya the mangos picked from ground. Fresh mangos are sold abroad, and you praise them since 1885.

    • @Nostradamus
      Perfect explanation for PF, if they won’t understand your explanation, they never understand anything under the sun

  5. MUSHOTA please come and praise your president.

    This is just sad, Swiss based companies are the reason Zambia is still poor and our President compliments them. God what did we do to deserve such leadership?

  6. What do you want Lungu to do, the guy has totally no direction, no plans for this country and no stability in his governance, in order to save face the only investors he can get are robbers of national resources, shame!

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