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Prof Lumumba to write to AU over his Zambia deportation


Prof Lumumba

Kenyan Lawyer Professor Patrick Lumumba has revealed that he will be writing to the African Union to protest over his deportation from Zambia.

Prof Lumumba was turned away on Saturday at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport when he arrived to deliver a public lecture on China-Africa relations at Eden University.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya later confirmed that Prof. Lumumba was turned away because he was a security risk.

In an interview from Nairobi, Prof Lumumba said he will officially write to the AU this week to protest his deportation.

He said it is displeasing that Zambia, a member of the AU which is advocating for free movement of the people could go against the continental spirit.

Prof. Lumumba also described the statement Ms. Siliya that he posed a security risk as an act of stupidity.

“How do I become a security risk? I only carry ideas. I don’t move with guns. That’s an act of stupidity,” Prof. Lumumba charged.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says the deportation of Prof. Lumumba is unnecessary shame to the country

“We have studied and fully investigated the issue surrounding the deportation of a highly respected academician and Pan Africanist Prof. PLO Lumumba,” Mr Hichilema said.

“We find the action by the PF leadership to humiliate him in such manner at the airport highly irresponsible, harsh, and goes further to confirm what we have been saying that this Government is led by despots.”

“It is such high profile deportations of our citizens of the world that is denting the image of our country on the international scene, hence shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Mr Hichilema said, “From what we understand, Prof. Lumumba has been giving intellectual discourse in many parts of the world, the recent being in Zimbabwe at an event which we understand even cabinet ministers attended.”

He continued, “So what security risk does Prof. Lumumba pose to Zambia as being claimed by the despotic PF regime. To us, the people who pose security risks are the foreigners who are grabbing our land, grabbing our state assets at the expense of Zambians.”

“Zambia is a global citizen, one would expect that they would treat all nationals from other countries with a level respect and decorum. This is for purposes of good diplomatic relations and security for our citizens who are residents in those countries.”

Mr Hichilema stressed, “As UPND, we value fundamental freedoms of speech, conscious, associations and other liberties as enshrined in the local and international conventions for which we are signatories. Thus PF regime is causing unnecessary shame to the whole world.”


    • Professor blah blah blah no wonder Africa is never developes……if the mighty USA bows to China what about Zambia….lets start thinking outside the box….We need development and it doesn’t matter who is bringing in development…if we werever being invaded by Bazungu this silly professor should have been quite….

    • This was unnecessary. Should our country be in international news over silly things?
      Guys ba PF, you could have handled this in a smarter and quieter way. Not like this. Investor confidence is already low, and these actions are not helping.

    • Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame bwana professor..Zambia has put you in the news you’ve been trying hard for years and finally you’re in the spotlight thanks to Lungu…now you can start earning big through your speeches again don’t forget to thank Zambia otherwise you should have starved to death iwe maakakaa

    • This Kasai is very fickle minded. We don’t want you in Zambia, write whomever you want. Zambia is a Sovereign nation. We are attached to any puppet masters.

      Imwe fima Zambians have loyalty!

    • Zambia is in the news bane so now lets see the real opportunists come out of the woodworks….Lumumba and HH this is your time to shine….let do a press conference at my residence in New Kasama and invite silly smartphone/Facebook journalists

    • I would propose to you all that you may not agree or like Lumumba. But you must have the maturity to tolerate diverse views. When I read comments like “A mouth is more dangerous than a gun”, i really worry. Shouldnt ideas be overcome with ideas? Isn’t that how we grow as a culture? Could it be that this unwillingness to openly discuss and debate ideas is the reason Africa has remained backward. While our friends in Europe debated whether the earth was flat or round, we were busy killing those that questioned why chiefs where selling their subjects to slave traders….

    • ….cont…No, Zambia. We will only grow in if we grow intellectually, culturally.
      Let me remind you all how knowledge grows
      1. Someone comes up with a THESIS.
      2. Someone else develops an ANTI-THESIS opposing the thesis
      3. Someone reconciles the two poles by developing a SYNTHESIS

      4. And so on and so on.

      But we want to be stuck with the same THESIS for ever. No,no,no. We can not grow like that.

    • Ba HH busy trying to make a name. PF regime PF regime. Everything PF does is wrong when PF does something good you go and hide in the woods. Am not saying PF is doing every thing good but learn to be objective sometimes to be opposition does does not mean you have to be opposing every thing

    • During His life on earth Jesus was accused of being possessed by Satan and a horde of other evil things by the religious leaders of the day. When he was about to be arrested, one of His disciples wanted to fight back with his sword. Jesus told him “put you sword back in it’s sheath, don’t you think if I wanted to I could summon a legion of angels to fight for me”. The man who had ultimate power was willing to bear scorn, and not unleash his power against those that c walled him names and made ridiculous accusations
      Lesson: Its not always necessary to use your power against your enemies. Sometimes restraint manifest far greater power than force. It’s the power of charector.

    • Patrick Lumumba is a cry baby like HH. Even Laura Miti was recently denied entry into South Africa and deported and the Zambian woman took it like a man

    • Hakainde is an embarrassment. Does he even know that when he dies the Zambian money he has taken to Panama will also die? Anyway, he is CHILDISH. He can’t know that.

    • Firstly I am against dictators and like minded regimes especially those that go to the extent of suppressing free flow of ideas even if such ideas sound incoherent.

      Was at KKI airport for family issues when the deportation of PLO was allegedly taking place and of course had no idea. I have since reviewed a few of PLO’s videos on his speeches and found that those who praise and condemn him alike have no idea what is discussed in pubs in Zed or other places for that matter.

      The speeches are no different from ordinary bar talk. ECL was doing that on a regular basis before going to plot 1 and I am surprised that he should stop others from doing so …

    • A Chinese called Kenyans monkeys. what did this ka bastard professor do? why didn’t he lecture him or he is a real monkey?

    • Prof. Lumumba also described the statement Ms. Siliya that he posed a security risk as an act of stupidity. Who is this chap to call our people stupid, no matter the circumstances. He is stupid himself. Silly professor.

    • Corrupt clueless Lungu is now a liability to Zambia. He’s causing so much damage and shame to our once great country’s image. Obviously he has been bought and paid for by the Chinese. Zambia is now being run by a Chinese shadow government who are making all the decisions that Lungu has to follow. Most likely they ordered him and his henchmen not to allow professor Lumumba into the country. This kleptocratic regime dared to label prof Lumumba a security risk, and yet they let the Chinese run around with guns in our country, shooting innocent Zambians for target practice. This guy needs to be impeached soon and removed from office, if we’re to salvage our country from total ruin. We need to take our country back from this corrupt regime. Impeach this clueless corrupt guy now !

    • Lazy bum tribal illiterate hooligan bully online UPND zealot and son of a polygamist father pooping in public HAGAIN! Someone please give him some DIAPERS. GZR has data on what Corrupt Money Launderer and his SDA team are up to! Thank God CHILDISH also known as UNDER FIVE is not smart. That is why he has been losing the last five times! The sixth time in 2021, he is going into retirement.

    • Pompi – clearly you have not seen his profile…ask President Kenyatta of Kenya…instead of spewing ignorance like Dora and Amos.

    • @1.1 … which US bows to china? just recently your china was warned by the US not to buy weapons from from russia or face consequences.

    • Even Charmaine has confirmed Hakainde’s stoolpidity. The Coalition of the Wicked never said anything about KABILA who denied Moise to enter CONGO DR! Even the UN never said anything or the people whose interests CHILDISH represents! UPND is an UNDER FIVE Tribal H-organisation.

    • Another Professor HANSONI II wants to write to the UN on his University paperhead! Prof. should go to Congo DR and register on the ballot.

  1. Entering any foreign country is a privilege and not a right. Kenya has more issues with tribalism and corruption than Zambia. A mouth is more dangerous than a gun. Prof Lumumba is merely a noise maker who has an agenda and doesn’t even practice what he preaches. He was a lawyer for the KEC defending against the purported stolen elections in Kenya. Let him stay in Kenya and stop Kikuyus killing Luos and the deportation of Miguna. His own country Kenya deported a Kenyan born lawyer Miguna Miguna and he has been quiet about it.

    • @Habeenzu
      You don’t know that guy is just an opportunist….he’s been yapping trash for sometime now on YouTube and now he has found an opportunity….if he is really a good man why not deal with his own country’s issues instead of running to Zambia….well i guess Zambia is in the spotlight and he wants to be part of the news

  2. When Lungu was a lawyer he was suspended from practicing law,that was his business his negligence was not our business,today he is president his negligence is now our business all these mistakes he is committing on a daily basis now hit our wallet,can he be serious,whilst we pay him for all his needs and he is comfortable he is injuring us,he is literally killing us as a result of his strange way of ruling


  4. The deportations of Tendai Biti ,Musi Maimane and PLO Lumumba suggest the PF govt is very afraid of popular foreign figures.No consistency as each is deported /denied entry on dubious excuses.Watch out Julius Malema.

    • Every country chooses who enters its country and who doesnt. @Enka you know very well that as a foreigner you can’t say anything that the Americans deem a threat and be allowed to enter the USA. Lumumba made a stupid comment about Zambia and he still expected to be welcomed, no. With the advent of social media you must be very careful of what you post online because it will haunt you in future.

    • Was South Africa afraid of Laura Miti when they through her out of their country?Madam Miti merely went to South Africa to attend a conference but was unable to be allowed in.I never head HH complain about this incidence involving our own respectable lady!!

    • Ba Enka please keep quite and respect the rule and law of your country. How many people did trump refuse entry in the US who had varied visas and documents? You never said anything you went into hiding because you were afraid of been deported. But on Zambia you’re busy yapping this and that. Learn to respect the laws of your country whether good or bad. Americans are busy supporting the bad laws of the government, you’re busy selling your country because of sausage and chicken. Shame on you.

    • @Dominic, SA immigration said Laura had problems with her resident permit in her Passport.Her issue is completely different from the stu.pidity of Dora Silly. Unless you too are stup.id to comprehend that.

    • Dominic – Miti was refused entry due to RSA passport issued before 2004..she is not the only one RSA embassy is looking into it

    • This is the problem…the govt takes advantsge of our docility and gullibility hence making far fenched comparisons with RSA.

    • Tribal thinking and of course Hallucinations with brain damage due to dung. That is the reason I use chicken manure and not cow manure.

  5. There is something wrong with minister Dora, how come that people do not appreciate her intelligence? The latest remark is from an outsider, the professor who has used the word “stupidity” and this is the definition:”having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense”. This is the lady that has a degree in something and she is expected to think like a graduate. if it was Mumbi Phiri yes, we would agree but not you that has seen the university class.I feel so bad when people always disagree with Dora, not that they are wrong but that our minister does not put things she says iinto the test tube of thought.

  6. “Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya later confirmed that Prof. Lumumba was turned away because he was a security risk.”

    When did it become security risk giving a lecture about China.

    • Yaba. Did she say the lecture was a security risk or the person was? I am totally against the deportation but it does not mean we should represent what was said. Of course it could have been a silly accuse but follow your own quote

  7. This man is fishing in a dry pond. How many people world over have been denied entry into respective countries? Zambia isn’t governed by international laws but by its own laws.
    American, the most powerful nation on earth does that on daily basis, have you ever heard any running to UN to complain?

  8. For sure, this was an act of $tupidity and cowardice! It won’t be long before other countries start hitting back deporting ordinary Zambians from their countries in retaliation! Learn from your Zim friends whose leaders and public officers used to deport and disposes foreigners for no good reason! The ordinary Zim friends were the ones to face the music when they were being hunted like wild animals for deportation in Botswana and SA! To every action, don’t forget that there is an equal and opposite reaction! Don’t support $tupid actions of $tupid leaders carelessly! I think it’s time we had travel bans for these our misleaders! $tupid

  9. He needs to let it in sink in, he wasn’t wanted

    I unfortunately dated a Zambian guy like this professor, when I told him it was over, he didn’t want to know!

    Whats wrong with Black people?
    My body is NOT there to be shared is it?



  10. Even haluza after mukobeko wrote to everyone, he ran everywhere until he got tired. Now he quite. The only time we are reminded of his existance is when he appears like a prophet & announces that “zambia is headed for hard times”. Chapwa! Thats all he sees every time he loses. 10 times a loser soon!

  11. Just recently Laura Miti was denied entry to SA , Tendai was deported back to Zimbabwe and Miguna miguna was denied entry to Kenya , WHY HE DiDNT WRITE TO AU..?
    Again WE don’t want Lumumba to speak on our behalf concerning bilateral relationship with China.
    In fact his father was killed because of the same attitude.Now he’s behaving like his father ( Patrice lumumbashi , ancestor of lumumbashi province Or katanga province in DRC).


  12. Stupid per se is near to Academic Staff Club, especially over a glass of Tusker or Mosi. It is better to remain calm, even when under extreme provocation. It is clear that the two sides were inspired. The professor was saying one thing and certain Government officials were saying another thing. It is better to produce invitation letters at the port of entry (KKIA). As for the university invitation authorities, it is better to meet the professor at the airport. It is better to discuss over the phone. Making things clear is necessary to avoid misunderstandings. In my view, fear of a professor is not unusual. By definition, professors are critical of status quo. They work for a better society and in doing so they offend more Conservative elements in the political establishment.

  13. I remember mbili A’bel and Tablea, on inauguration of Jomo kinyatta ( first Kenyan) president, she SANG a SONG called Nairobi Harambe . The song was all about Unity and to keeping the SONS of Patrice Lumumba Sr who was killed in coldest battle with WABISO CANDIDATE Mobutu ‘s Night junta.

  14. Muleke Umufulo ba Pafwaka!
    Twachila Pafula!
    Twebeni Security threat mulelandapo Pali uyu umuntu!
    Failure to explain to the nation this Security threat means Mulifinangwa fyeka fyeka!

  15. Anonymous which world do you live in ,since when did America bow to china ?Are they not the ones that are crying because of US tariffs .Please if you don’t know things stay in your lane ..

  16. Why didn’t Lumumba address the Africans in Kenya?
    Why come to Zambia as if this is where the pulpit is?

    Keep your issues to yourself and the few oppositions who are supporting you.

  17. My view on the prof is simple, we Africans dont like to be told the truth we f##king hate the truth. Prof dont worry u will come one day, power is temporary these thugs will go.

  18. I have heard this man before. Its a good idea not to allow him in the country. His ideas are disrespectful to protocol. How can he talk about other countries without giving the leaders a chance to replay? He fuels tension which we have enough at the moment. In the meantime government owe us an explanation on whats going on with China not ECL’s attitude of dismissing issues. If you dont give your daughter money for her needs other people will. Address our needs BOMA before bene Lumumba come in

  19. That prof is hopeless.I dont like the fact that he likes talking about things he doesnt understand and speaks half truths.
    Not long ago,he was full swing supporting the incarceration of HH.
    He did a very ignorant lecture in South Africa and particularly on the ANC.
    How far does he want to go embarrassing himself?
    Who is he to question a sovereign state?

    • The never complain when Uganda, Rwanda and Congo DR do their stuff! Silly little boys. Afuna kuguritsa ziko! UNDER FIVE. He will NEVER be a president! Leader of a tribal gathering.

  20. If people are alert and listen carefully from this guy you will not the fatal errors he makes. The only problem is that people don’t listen attentively. Retrieve the Mandela lecture, The talk that included Kaunda, you will notice that your this guys takes chances. We expect arm chair critics like HH of Zambia to come out very strongly since his strength is on the social media and not in the ballot box. For Lumumba that is his new found career after loosing cases that he presented.

  21. The Anger from Lumumba is understable his new found fame of TALK shows is probably bringing him more cash than being in Kenya.

  22. Zambia indeed is full of deplorebles, we can understand why the country is among the world’s top three poverty stricken countries, it is as a result of low IQ. If this is the best government they can afford to assemble to run the affairs of country, yes then let the Chinese come colonize you, this country has no capacity to find leadership in itself, it was a big mistake to have attained independence.

    • I agree with you. You can imagine how low the IQs are that one can support the deportation of a harmless man like Prof Lumumba. He travels countries to give those same lectures to students and academicians, only in Zambia is he looked at as a threat. When will it sink in this leadership that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH DIVERGENT VIEWS. I am non partisan but feeling extremely disappointed

  23. Sorry Professor the AU is a wrong forum, they will just throw that letter in the Nile River. Donald Trump is also not an alternative. ..he’s made it clear that each country must define their destiny. Sorry but you can try Jesus Christ.

  24. The guy reserves 2.5 billions kwacha to suppress freedom of speech. Freedom of information. Freedom of association.

    Kambwili cant even attend traditional ceremonies today. Even going to church is hard for kalaba.

    This guy will drink his own medicine very soon. All these coward hynas surrounding him will desert him.

    His ONLY voice with be the former Post which he shut down with Kambwili.

    • So what value does it add to your life if Edgar is imprisoned or killed? You are behaving like those child soldiers of Liberia who enjoyed spilling blood but didn’t know why they did it.

  25. Zambia is Zambia with its laws. South Africa Recently Deported our Lady and We respect their Sovereignity. USA deported Mexican and Arab nationals. but when it comes to Zambia to deport someone it becomes a tab why? to deport someone does not mean that you have committed a crime but as that nation wish to except you or not
    Zambian let us Love and our nation not matter what. evil ill will never prevail against ZAMBIA

  26. Yaba. Did she say the lecture was a security risk or the person was? I am totally against the deportation but it does not mean we should represent what was said. Of course it could have been a silly accuse but follow your own quote

  27. He is a security risk for surer . The questions are.
    What was the motive of the host of the talk show when everyone is aware of the current trade war against China by the West. And zambia being used as a pone for selfish reasons. The government have the duty to protects it’s gains from people like Lumumba and his financiers. What talk about Chinese investment in africa here as if we can’t didst it ouse lives especially at the hight of sustained media campaign again China and zambia as a point of reference based on a rumor and hatred for China success. Who are his funder. I will not be suprise that he is being funded by Taiwan of or known enemies of China. Did he seek permission to come and talk against China in zambia. What will China think if he is given a platform to come and work…

    • @soso You have a point. Bloggers talking about the IQ of our leaders are actually insulting the collective intellect of Zambians that voted for them. What is so special about a talk show-man (Prof. Lumumba)? our leaders have more important work of developing the nation by building roads, clinics, schools and protecting our country from vultures who are looking for carcases killed by various carnivores. Those supporting the talk-show man should ask him (Lumumba) to send them a you tube video. Zambia has more serious issues to attend to than entertaining a talk show-man. One issue, one can refer to is that the talkshow man wants to write to AU, this shows that this man is an infant. What does he expect the AU to do? ask Zambia not to deport him? who is he? He should also be told that Zambia…

  28. Who cares?this fake Prof Lumumba can write to AU,UN,Trump or whatever but he wont gain anything nor neither will Zambia lose anything-period!!
    Let this useless Prof.go and preach anti-china messages at Kainde’s house in Dundumwezi or anywhere outside Zambia!!No country in the world can do minus chinese money today,so who is this fo0l to come and bite a finger (china) which is developing mother Zambia?Lumumba can go to hell!!

  29. “How do I become a security risk? I only carry ideas. I don’t move with guns. That’s an act of stupidity,” Prof. Lumumba charged. It is not only people who carry guns who starts was. People like you who carry ‘words’ have started conflicts and millions of people have died. For example a person might just say “MY VOTES HAVE BEEN STOLEN” and the whole country can be on if people believe it is trues.

  30. “How do I become a security risk? I only carry ideas. I don’t move with guns. That’s an act of stupidity,” Prof. Lumumba charged.

    It is not only people who carry guns who starts was. People like you who carry ‘words’ have started conflicts and millions of people have died.

    For example a person might just say “MY VOTES HAVE BEEN STOLEN” and the whole country can be on fire if people believe it is trues.

    “grabbing our land, grabbing our state assets at the expense of Zambians.”
    ” It is ironic that Mr Hichilema whom he described as the Chief of Privatisation could point fingers at innocent people with regard to privatisation”, Lusambo.
    Because of what you said, citizens wants you in court to tell how the 3 CONCOURT judges are corrupt. You use your mouth to command arsonists. Wrong Ideas could destabilize a nation. Why was Lucifer tossed from heaven? Double h is surely under5. He is not there yet. He thinks like a baby, politically. How low can a so called leader sink.

  32. Zambia you will pay the price for your act against Professor Patrick Lumumba deportation. We are all Africans the coming of the Professor was announced days before he could come. If at all you held problem with him, it was better to have him informed to cancelled his journey than allowing him to come and be humanized in your country. Shame on you as a Nation and people.

  33. Patrice Lumumba was very deeply prochinese which lead to his murder by the CIA backed Mobutu army. This professor since he’s antichinese should instead call himself Mobutu.

  34. I hate orators. Kwame Nkuruma could move crowds to tears when talking about how the British had oppressed his people. He would convince the most anti African independence groups at international fora. But come independence, the man became worse than the colonial power. Instead of living an ordinary life, Nkuruma started to live a super luxurious life like sleeping in an all gold bed. The army got fed up and overthrew him. He died in exile.

  35. We have ba masai walking around our lovely country putting on sandals made from used folk lift tyres. Why not continue using that funny opening in your country to make it conducive if you care?

  36. I may be missing something here…but I am now thinking there is something rosy about my land called Zambia. The Chinese have rushed here in their truck loads selling wares, mining except siring children, the Zim farmers left under Robert and rushed here and still are, Zodwa wanted to come dance here, Kofi also preferred to perform here, seerer One backed by Major 1 also cried foul when denied entry…even Biti a man still free in his homeland cried something….and now PLO is writing to AU perhaps to have Zambia kicked out and whilst he is at it why not write to the Commonwealth, SADC or even Comesa…uhm…am missing something here…my land is lovely or we wouldn’t have so many falling all over themselves to get here.

    • This professor can’t even attempt to enter Angola or Ethiopia the African countries that have the biggest loans from China. Oh why not try Zimbabwe? He can’t even think about it.

  37. PF is slowly handing over power to UPND and Zambians will vote for HH from Nakonde to Livingstone Chipata to Solwezi. This will be a sweet victory for HH only second to MCS victory over MMD under RB. And tribal politics won’t be at play this time around because the low to which we have fallen is for everyone to see. Zambia will unite like no other time. Watch the space, we need sanity to our country these thugs have gone too far. And no one should jump ship but account to every act. Much the same way KK went down when the nation arose so much in the time we shall arise as a nation One Zambia One Nation ????????

  38. Stupid professor ….just good at talking rubbing instead of coming up with new innovations to lift africa..!! Its only in africa where people cheer up fools like this professor for talking but shoot down action oriented people.

  39. The western world is busy laughing at us. The poeple we glorify- the so called professor Lumumba. He is just a conman. Listen carefully you will note how he messes the debts of events. But because Africans we are so bad at reading we accept those terrible mistakes and we cheer. How can 1961 be so close to 1969 and the man just mentions dates and nobody cares to listen or counter check. This the so called professor who says that Kaunda had only $ 8,000 in his account when he lost power after rulling for 27 yrs, can anyone believe that crap from this conman? Infact he was insulting our leader KK.

  40. Misplaced Heritage as Africans,imperilism is bak in africa except and suffice to say in the form of partisanship & investors,whlst i have a great respect for patrice lumumbas interlect on the continent,the manner his deportation was handled is questionable much as government and leadership must answer to its citizens,what is Zambia hiding?? Why would a discourse on chine be a security risk…because lumumba could have been cleared by customs securitywise..Lets weigh issues, be awake for our Childrens & those after them…no partisan politics Will heal damages caused by leadership covering check and balances,,,like those chiefs who sold our Brothers and sisters to slavery,let voices redeem Before doom!! I love Zambia and proudly a zambian.

  41. Has anyone thought of what the minister meant by security risk? What if the govt knew of a plot to kill the prof while in Zambia? That is a security risk. The fallout would have been worse than the denial of entry as the prof says. He was not deported. He was denied entry, maybe for his own security. People have been killed for less.

    I have not heard of anything the prof says that is brilliant enough to topple a govt. I doubt the govt. feared his words. More likely the thinking was that a person who has not even read his works or heard the prof speak might have been tempted to harm him.

    “”I would propose to you all that you may not agree or like Lumumba. But you must have the maturity to tolerate diverse views. When I read comments like “A mouth is more dangerous than a gun”, i really worry. Shouldnt ideas be overcome with ideas? Isn’t that how we grow as a culture? Could it be that this unwillingness to openly discuss and debate ideas is the reason Africa has remained backward. While our friends in Europe debated whether the earth was flat or round, we were busy killing those that questioned why chiefs where selling their subjects to slave traders….””


  43. Professor Lumumba is one of greatest speakers I have ever heard. I hope he makes it known worldwide that he was deported because the PF don’t want the people of Zambia to know what disaster lies ahead by giving Zambia to the Chinese. I hope all investors have seen or heard about this let them all withdraw their investments from this Country which is being led by a dictator and thieves!!!

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