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100 tonnes of cannabis confiscated in Mpika



The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has unearthed over 100 tonnes of fresh cannabis in Kamwendo village of Mpika district in Muchinga province.

The contraband involved about 120 bags weighing more than six tonnes of loose cannabis have since been confiscated while the uprooting process of the fresh psychotropic plants has commenced in the same area.

DEC Public Relations Officer Kamufisa Manchishi, says the contraband was unearthed in three fields which were discovered after an intense joint operation involving the Department of National parks and Wildlife, Zambia Army and the Police

Mr. Manchishi stated in an interview with ZANIS in Kamwendo Village at the psychotropic plantation where the contraband was unearthed that 18 suspects have since been arrested.

The suspects are currently detained at Mpika police station waiting to appear in court soon.Among the suspects include Stanley Kazembe popularly known as ‘Satana’, a sub headman who is allegedly be key suspect behind the illegal cultivation of cannabis in the area.

“ The illegal plantation of cannabis is also believed to have been supplying the Copperbelt, Lusaka as well as Muchinga provinces in exchange for goods and other products, “ he said.

DEC has for this reason sounded a strong warning to farmers in the area involved in the illegal cultivation of cannabis to desist from engaging themselves in the illegal vice.

“ Whoever will be caught practicing the illegal cultivation of cannabis will surely face the wrath of the law, “ he said.

As a remedy, the Drug Enforcement Commission is working hand in hand with some stakeholders to support small scale farmers in engaging in genuine farming activities in order to improve their livelihoods and thus discourage them from illegal practices.

The joint operation has since proved to be one of the most successful operations in Muchinga that has unearthed over 100 tonnes of cannabis plantations in the province.


  1. Are we waiting for Donors to tell us that Marijuana is okey for us to stop arresting people for a plant God created. Around the world the benefits of Marijuana are being are being expounded and it is being legalized. Zambia could make alot of money from marijuana but I guess we are waiting for White man to tell us about the medical benefits.

    • Can’t be true, as usual you are exaggerating numbers like PF money.
      100 tonnes = 200 bales of tobacco (kaponda) or = 400 bales of Salaula or = 2 long shipping containers.
      Of ibange???
      When did Green Party start that mass production?

    • Africans are so ignorant. With all the natural resources needed by the government to create wealth is being wasted.

    • Which Police or DEC safe house is going to safeguard that many bags …this will disappear like that Mukula off impounded trucks.

  2. The figure looks exaggerated. 100 tones is 100,000 kg. Or 2,000 bags of 50 kg each. Would require 10 trucks of 10 ton capacity to carry. How many hectares of land would be needed to harvest that much?

  3. Isn’t it strange to call something natural and mediicinal illegal? Meanwhile western countries are buying all the shares on the stock market and by the time we wake up to legalise it, they would have already bought off the rest of our little plantations.

  4. That marijuana would have brought in more foreign exchange than the same amount of maize or tobacco or wheat or soya and helped to bring down the exchange rate. DEC is detrimental to the zambian economy. Legalize marijuana now!!!

  5. yeah weed stocks are high (no pun intended)
    recreational use of weed becomes legal countrywide here in exactly 2 weeks (oct.17)

    • If they legalized it you’ll be the first id.ot to condemn. Since when did you agree with what govt does. You’re not the right id.iot to tell govt to legalize it. Just shut it.

    • Since when have these empty tins ever done the right thing…I have been calling for legalising it way before you Sly Dr Chilufya became minister.

  6. “ Whoever will be caught practicing the illegal cultivation of cannabis will surely face the wrath of the law, “ he said.

    Seems from this statement there might be a LEGAL way of cultivating this much sort after plant? May be these farmers need the legal route explained to them…just thinking

  7. “the contraband was unearthed in three fields which were discovered after an intense joint operation ”

    Sure 😉

    Sherrif John Brown always hated me,
    For what !?
    I don’t know…

    Every time I plant the seed.
    He say kill it before them grow.
    He say kill them before they grow…

    And soo…

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