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Government pays back 2.7 million pounds to the British government


Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House
Special Assistant to the President (Press and Public Relations) Mr Amos Chanda addresses journalists at a Press Briefing on the impeachment motion by UPND, at State House on Friday, 23rd March, 2018. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House

State House has disclosed that Zambia has refunded the £2.7 million to the British government which was meant for beneficiaries under the social cash transfer programme.

The Department for International Development had requested for a refund following revelations of alleged Social Cash Transfer abuse at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services which led to the dismissal of the Minister responsible Emerine Kabanshi by President Edgar Lungu.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda confirmed to Journalists at a media briefing that the money which remained un-utilized at ZANACO was paid back on Monday and no government money has been used to refund DFID.

“Government will continue disbursing money to the beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer through its 75 percent allocation in the National budget towards the programme,” Mr.Chanda has said.

He emphasised that the refund does not change the course of action and an inquiry into the alleged abuse of the money at the Ministry of Community Development will continue.

Mr. Chanda added that Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Rowland Msiska will soon issue a comprehensive statement over the misapplication of Social Cash Transfer adding that no allegations of corruption have been leveled against anyone so far.

At the same briefing, Mr. Chanda announced that President Edgar Lungu has appointed Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso as Deputy Inspector General of Police taking over from Malcom Mulenga whose contract has not been renewed.

He said Diamond Likashi will take over from Mr. Kapeso as Southern Province Police Commissioner with immediate effect.


  1. Let’s do it! We should also create The Copperbelt Metal Exchange in Kitwe. This way no country can abuse our resources. Well done government for good governance. Let’s develop this thing! It is unelectable!

    • That is just pocket money from our Copper and Cobalt, not forgetting the emeralds. It is time we as Africans learned to use our resources properly.

    • What do you smoke kanshi, people are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine and other supplies. Others go for months without pay, students can’t get funding the list is endless. You are busy saying fyototo fyototo pocket money from our Copper and Cobalt.

    • I am totally confused.

      If the money was not stolen, and it has been there all along…why continue the investigation of abuse of funds? Which funds are being investigated ?

      Ah I get it.

      The money was indeed actually stolen, and government is covering up a refund.

    • These people have problems with communication. On one hand, he says “… the money which remained un-utilized at ZANACO was paid back on Monday and no government money has been used to refund DFID.”
      Then he goes on to say: “…the refund does not change the course of action and an inquiry into the alleged abuse of the money at the Ministry of Community Development will continue.”
      Was the money missing and if so why the inquiry? Is the money that was refunded part of the donated by DFID or they used money donated by other donors since GRZ did not spend any money? Every time Amos opens his mouth, more questions come in.

    • general Kanene – The $2.7 million is not all the money that was donated. This is the money that was purported stolen (presumably hidden in an account with the purpose of stealing it in the long run). What you should asking about this money is the fate of the interest that it accrued. There are other monies that were misapplied – paying retirees, buying vehicles, etc, etc. That is why investigations are in progress. Also, there needs to be an investigation as why the $2.7 million was lying idle in a ZANACO Account instead of being disbursed.

    • The reckless are very swift to payback when they are cornered just shows that there is more people higher up involved in this saga…these people are rotten to core..only god knows what they are doing with GRZ money…last time Dr Chilufya did the same with the million dollars at Medical Stores…very quick to cover up than reveal the truth. They have failed to pay back illegal salaries ministers accrued.
      I cry for Mother Zambia …how did we end up with such heartless thieves!!

  2. Now when I steal money don’t arrest me. I will just be keeping it until the owner finds out it was me and asks for a refund and only then will I refund it.

  3. Is this how simple the issue is. Mr. Chanda makes the issue sound too simple and straight forward: but is this the case? Government PR need to up their game

  4. Guys this is 2.7 million pounds not ka 20 kwacha that went missing in your jacket only to discover the pocket lining is torn and so the ka 20 kwacha was swallowed up. Guys, muntu nikunkala serious!

  5. PF and lungu are lying, there was no money in ZANACO , this refund is from other GRZ funds.

    They need the donners to reinstate donations as this is how they win votes.

    • They can not even show a statement …anyway ZWD will manufacture one then they will come out and rubbish it without evidence like they did with NY shopping spree of that UN trip.

    • Sharon you irritate me,why are you so obsessed with HH?I come from the same province as Edgar at no time have I ever voted PF. Infact in last election my household and I voted for HH

    • The issue is 2.7 million pounds, and nothing else. Independent people like me want some intellectual arguments, not pure childish comment. If HH ( of course not my favorite individual) has got anything to do with the money, just state it. Really, as Zambians, let us discuss with focus; otherwise, we will be chipante pante. I am apolitical, but I like following coherent discussions, not the Sharon thinking really. Dear Sharon, you are welcome to pass negative sentiment only when HH has issued a statement, or has been quoted somewhere.

  6. The British Government was informed by senior government officials their money had been abused. This followed some audit query. PSes from both Communicatons and Community development, who were left out of the transactions, let the cat out of the bag hence current drama. DFID requested to be refunded if money indeed abused. Now that the money ‘has not been used’, Zambian govt should have gone to DFID to explain that the money had not been misappropriated and would therefore, be appropriate o distribute it to the ooor who needed it. But what happens? ‘Get your money back; those poor people don’t need it.’ What kind of thinking is this?

    • The United Kingdom needs more friends now than ever before. The British High Commissioner would have done well to keep cool about this until the Zambian government had concluded their investigations. The EU was smart and through the UK under a bus. Well, now who has egg on their face?

    • @ Duda

      Do you really think that in a functional democracy, backed by rule of law and right of information, there is single Government official willing to risk his/her position for actively participating to the CRIMINAL THEFT of tax payers money?
      By the way, what are you? Associated plunderers and ardent supporter of the Epidemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers federation or just another simpleton suffering from genetically induced !mbecility?

  7. But why didn’t the sadist and racist Cochrane tweet that the Zambian government has refunded the British their tuma funds.

    The British want to behave holier than all when they are guilty of having plundered and stolen Zambian resources through the evil slave trade and colonialism.

    The British hypocrites. Wait the time is coming, you will be chased from this country like the criminals that you actually are!!!!

    Zambia is INDEPENDENT……. You British bafoons

    • British “bafoons” ? Zambia is independent?
      What are you, failed clown or die hard !mbecile?

      Learn to use spell-check or go to British Council to learn how to spell official language of your INDEPENDENT (LoL) Nation

    • unfortunately the children of the current leadership will come and face the poverty which there parents are creating. Just early this year one them stole a mobile phone.

  8. These British criminals raped our country unashamedly.
    Today the they are calling us criminals.
    Wonders will never end.

  9. What a load of b.ull! Spin after spin. Lie to cover lie to cover lie. Trying to give the impression that the only thing that happened was that the money was not spent. Audits already indicated use of the money for even purchases of luxurious vehicles. The whole system and processes are abused left, right and centre – this is in fact a tip of the iceberg of how much resources have been squandered.

  10. The fact that 100% is being refunded is a sign GRZ is guilty .Anybody well meaning would’ve already spent about 20% and maybe a 1/4 finished project to show they were on the clean and right track.

  11. The money was stolen. All those who took shares were ask to bring the money back. If money is allocated for project, why was it not delegated to its proper beneficiaries. It took the government 2weeks and to know that the money is sitting in the bank? not possible. Those 2weeks was enough time to gather the stolen money for replacement. YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN NOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. ZAMBIANS YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFULL COUNTRY, DONT LET A FEW THIEVES AND GERIATRICS RUIN EVERY THING.

  12. Stoopid reporting: in the same report you sayThe money remained unutilized. But you also say there were revelations of alleged Social Cash Transfer abuse at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services What is the truth?

  13. It is all lies….

    If that money remained unused as alleged , let the UK foringe office audit that ZANACO account…..of invite auditors from any donner country to check that ZANACO account….

  14. If they refuse to have that ZANACO account audited by independent auditors , don’t resume funding…..

    we think PF and lungu are covering their tracks of theft of donner funds….

  15. Well done! where is this fake news confidential? why are they not insisting on exposing the misuse they so confidently reported? Vi ba zungu kupusa together with their vuvuzelas. Mwanyala te? We don’t need them and their fake charity…to hell with you. We will take care of our own people with our real money.


    • Your vulgar language just exposes how shallow and mentally unstable you are. These are typical symptoms of someone suffering from mental blockage due to colonialism. Don’t worry we shall continue to fight and free the likes of you 100% from your zombie state of mind.

  16. Eggs in the face for those with a subversion agenda to undermine & remove pro-masses Pf Govt.

    All this was well orchestrated starting with the not so Confidential Reports to the tweet that purposefully created an impression that former colonial master & partners had withdrawn hundreds of millions of pounds from Zambia creating a panic run on the $ leading to fuel price increases and so on.

    Now the Financial Intelligence Centre should do proper work tracking the wet dollars from those Islands that would have flowed back to create a bounty to cause further mischief.

  17. guys look this is logical:
    1. if the money was not stolen why was the minister and zampost officials fired…
    2. He is again saying the investigation will continue over the abuse of funds? why if the money was in Zanaco?
    what is he smoking?

  18. Can PF now pay back the money they stole from the Eurobond and from China? It is payback time. We demand they pay back all the money.

    • Can the Queen of England now pay back all the wealth Britain stole from her colonies in Africa and elsewhere around the globe? It is payback time. We demand they pay back all the money.

      Frankly speaking, to the British government the African continent is and will remain, for the unforeseeable future, merely a supplier of raw materials for their industrial strength.

    • They will pay you back in the currency you used before theirs arrival and will deposit in the existing Central Bank of the State they colonized!!!
      By the way, can you return Barotseland to its rightful owners and return all plundered resources?

  19. Please pay back with interest you wicked servants who buried money in your ZANACO account while people who were intended beneficiaries have since perished! This is genocide you $tupid idi0ts! Your clinics and hospitals have no Panadol and poor patients are just given Prescriptions! What do you think happens to the poor who have been surviving on cash transfers? The wind of change is already blowing and you better get ready to give an account for all your atrocities!

  20. What was the money doing in ZANACO account when it was supposed to be transferred to the recipients. Who was keeping it in ZANACO and why? Who was chewing the interest?

  21. ECL and his government have paid back what they were alleged to have stolen and have put the matter to rest, but HH has not paid back the money he stole during privatization his allegation remains active in the minds of majority Zambians that they cannot entrust him for state house.

    • And you think those paid back funds came from their pockets? We are also waiting for them to pay back salaries and allowances gotten illegally as ordered by concourt

  22. If PF and lungu were sincere about finding that money unused , they should invite independent auditors to audit the account.

    We think donner countries have found out that PF and lungu are infact using donner funds meant for the poor as a campain tool to keep them in power and entrench China’s grip on Zambia further…


  24. Amazing how feeble minded some people pretending to be Zambian can be. You want to instigate an audit on the so called stolen charity money but you fail to call for the same audits to your stolen billions held in Swiss banks, stolen from you through tax evasion? Ushe ndimwe vibuba vya bwanji? Seriously, this is not even about PF or UPND, this is about Zambia.

  25. I’m told HH has bought into a silly ‘defence line’ which says he was 30 years old when the mines were being privatised? Well, well, well!! This is desperation of the highest order. HH was 30 years old in 1992 and then, privatisation was just on paper. First company to be privatised was Chilanga Cement in 1994, bought on a debt-equity swap by CDC. No cash was involved. HH worked for Coopers and Lybrand before it became Grant Thornton and he was not even Managing Partner. Mines privatisation came in the late 1990 and by then he was a chi ndanga (old enough) to know what he was doing.

    • What is there to tweet about. This was money meant for the poor and the so called rich Christian leaders decided to hide it in the bank with intention to steal and you think the British Govt will be excited and start tweeting and holding press conferences left, right and centre that the money has been returned like your Govt is doing oh no my dear they are saddened that the monies never reached the intended recipients unlike your Govt who are not even remorseful over what transpired but busy trying to cover up. It is actually very sad …. tweeting my foot.

  26. Why is Amos even excited about paying back the $2.7million when we are the one’s losing out. What was the exchange rate when we got that money and at what exchange rate are we paying back? Britain has managed to make a profit on us through difference in exchange rate while we could not make any profit on interest and Govt is busy screaming we have paid back.

  27. let those colonialists tweet about their refund.
    In fact,there are many pipo that the dirty colonisers can give that money to in dudumwezi.

  28. The British tax payers have gotten their money back that’s fair enough as that’s what they demanded when they were informed that their money had been abused. The Social Cash Transfer is a pool that is replenished by both donor and GRZ funds. The GRZ enters into an agreement with the donor to contribute X kwachas as counter part funding. As the pool grew the custodians of these monies meant for the very vulnerable began to divert it. This is what led to the out cry. The PM General, the Minister and other officials were authorizing the use of that fund for unintended purposes. The question we ask is what type of account at RABO bank held this cash? Did it attract interest? Under what instruments was it held in this account?

  29. This is stupidity. Arrest people who stole money, get the money back and use to refund.
    Now you dig another hole to fill one.

  30. Repaying money that was stolen is a show of arrogance and this should have been handled better. A genuine apology and allowing the British to conduct a thorough investigation is a better courtesy. Repayment should have happened later.

  31. lies ….. lies…. to hoodwink Zambians……………… you have a dishonest government……….
    these men are scared little men who lack self esteem , integrity and morality… when you wanted the money you went to UK and after misapplying it, you tell lies…. Never trust evil men……………….

  32. The best way to counter the British agenda to tarnish Zambia’s reputation to investors abroad to promote regime change is to avoid their tainted bilateral AID money, terminate business involvement with UK companies. Cancel and put to tender the Tullow Oil Petroleum Exploration Licence 28, which covers a 55,000-square-kilometer (21,236-square-mile) onshore block in northern Zambia. and dosqualify Glencore Energy UK’s exploration bid to buy a majority stake in Zambia’s sole 24,000 barrel per day Indeni Petroleum Refinery. The less we have to do with the British the Better off we are.

  33. Boasting na njala, the UK donated money from their tax payers to the poor people of Zambia who cannot afford a decent meal in a day but due to your greediness you stash the money away and now you are proud ati you have given it back, shame on you

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