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Government to conduct a National housing census

General News Government to conduct a National housing census

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says government will next year undertake a National Housing Census in order to establish the current needs and requirements of accommodation in the country.

Mr. Chitotela said the national housing Census will be conducted in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office and will assist in monitoring housing developments and also establish housing deficit in Zambia.

He said in a statement that the census will also enable both the public and private sector to adequately participate in provision of housing in the country.

“We want to know the exact number and type of houses in the country so that we know our latest deficit and requirement. Once we have this data we shall be able to plan adequately knowing where need is and where we just need to improve.’’ Mr. Chitotela has said.

Mr. Chitotela added that in an effort to address the housing deficit in the country his Ministry has embarked on slum upgrading in Lusaka.

“The slum upgrading in the capital city is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and other stake holders such as Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company and the power utility company, ZESCO.”. Mr. Chitotela explained.

He added that Misisi, Kuku, Chibolya, Bauleni and Kanyama settlements have been proposed for upgrading so that residential areas are well planned with all social amenities.

He also added that in regards to slum upgrading, a comprehensive Urban Renewal is expected once the preliminary activities are done.

The Minister further said in view of this his Ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with various stake holders.

He said pre and actual feasibility studies for the slum upgrade or renewal is expected to be carried out at no cost at by a Romanian company, Rio- Aid by the end of this year.

According to statistics from the World Population Review, it is estimated that Zambia’s current existing housing stock stands at around 2.5 million houses catering for about 16 million people while the housing deficit stands at 2 million houses.


    • Mmmmmm just looking for tax opportunities. Mwalaumfwa ati roofing tax. Uli onse nomutenge kufwapo.
      Hahaha! more money in the pockets

  1. What needs an urgent update is the valuation roll. Most of the properties that have sprung up every where are not captured despite the Ministry of Land and Councils approving the building plans. It should be followed by the redesigning of most townships. Rhodes Park which is a low density area without a central sewer system has seen multi storey structures that have put a strain on water supply and sanitation. There’s a higher probability of underground water contamination.

  2. The issue with Zambia is that not a single Zambian company or organisation can conduct such an excersise.. we have to go to Romania!!
    Very interesting indeed..
    Have we not got planning and environmental experts in the country that are up to the task??


  3. Housing Census in Zambia? Start with Chibolya, George, Kalikiliki, Misisi (or is it Mrs?), then go to Kapoto and Kamatipa in Kitwe. Shanties first. They should also count pit latrines.

  4. What a Nation! What a Government! What a Continent! What a people!! Wicked, crooked, retrogressive, laughable, docile, gullible, imbecile, backward, corrupt, leadership crisis, retarded, subversives, vision less, idea less, abandoned, direction less, cadres, bootlickers, parrots, navionelanji, rupiah banda, chagwa lungu, same!!!

  5. This census is a waste of money!
    This country is cash strapped and you want to spend money on research? Can’t you use that money to actually build low cost houses rather than spend it on an academic exercise? Be practical sometimes naimwe Ba Boma. Twanaka nenu!

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