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Government’s failure to pay UNZA from August may lead to industrial unrest


UNZA library

The University of Zambia is on the verge of an industrial unrest with potentially adverse consequences to its calendar, performance and ranking due to Management’s failure to pay salaries.

The University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union has disclosed that Government stopped paying the grant from August 2018 for unexplained reasons and the institution is not in a position to pay staff salaries from internally generated resources alone.

UNZALARU General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe explained that for its operations, UNZA survives on internally generated resources and a monthly grant from Government totaling K39 million of which K15 million represents tuition fees from those students sponsored by the Government.

“It is this delay which, earlier this year, forced the University Management to rely on overdrafts through a commercial bank, to pay salaries of employees. This is a very unsustainable and expensive initiative but one that Management had to undertake to ensure industrial harmony at the institution” Mr. Mambwe has said.

He said even commercial banks are now reluctant to extend overdrafts to the University, owing to the unpaid arrears occasioned by the Government’s unexplained failure to remit the statutory grants for August and September.

“UNZALARU has taken the unusual step of issuing this statement to facilitate public understanding of the impeding industrial unrest at UNZA, one that is a result of the Government’s heartless attitude towards higher education.” He said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mambwe said UNZALARU notes with disbelief that salaries of the President, Secretary to the Cabinet and his Deputy, Attorney-General, Solicitor- General, Director of Public Prosecutions, Auditor General and other Constitutional Office Bearers were increased in August and even backdated to January this year.

“This is outrageous when sources of revenue are drying up and the government is failing to meet its obligations to more important social sectors such as education. In the past, UNZALARU members have often directed their actions against University Management when it is the Government at fault”. Mr. Mambwe has said.

He has since demanded that government releases the K78 million owed to UNZA to enable the University management pay the salaries of their members and other employees.

Mr. Mambwe is disappointed that Professor Nkandu Luo who is ever quick to condemn UNZALARU members for going on a goal slow has not said anything to resolve the matter of unpaid salaries.


  1. Be aware of the times in which we now live. ?But know this, that in the last days perilous
    times will come? (3:1) Dangerous times, very difficult times will comes.

    • Good luck to the students

      Here the thing – 20 years ago a degree mean something of substance and including a Masters

      Nowadays these are NOTHING

      Unless you have a PhD you are NOTHING of substance
      I had 29 points and accepted at UNZa natural sciences and refused to go because the standards are low nd I wouldn’t necessarily want to be taught by a black person.
      I remember when I was in grade 5, because i was this much intelligent I was asked to go to grade 6 where I for 689 which was the highest at the time in the coperbelt

      I got 29 points in grade 12 and easily passed to go to grade 10 (388 points) without leakage

      I have gone on to be doing my PhD?



    • Everywhere you see govt failing to meet their financial obligation. civil servants, Unza, local government…. And yet we can still somehow to afford to charter planes for the president and send huge delegations to the US.
      Even more, We can afford to increase the wages of the president and senior govt figures, while in the same breath deny civil servants an increment and pay them their peanuts late. astounding. Mr President, these people, unlike you whose expenses are paid for by the state, depend on the little they are paid for everything including supporting poor relatives. How can you be so insensitive as to increase you salary, which you don’t really need and refusing them and increment and paying t them late. Greed is really a terrible evil

    • Mushota , wrong ….

      These days people with just right apprentice skills training earn more that you , a PHD holder.
      I know kids who finish a 3 year apprentice and are offered £40 k pa while you with a PHD only gets £26k pa as you proudly told us… far for your PhD

    • @Mushota has just confirmed how ndwiii it is. 29 points? And then you wonder how a PHD(if the ndwiii head proving itself here ever completed anything) supports the same sort. If it was not so pathetic, it would be funny.

    • Government is working on that. That is just a small hiccup in the process of governance especially if someone entrusted with selling companies on behalf of the Government took time to enrich himself and shipped that money to a Tax Haven country of Panama. Let’s resolve this quickly, please and God bless you the hard-working government.

    • Mushota uli chikopo “I got 29 points in grade 12 and easily passed to go to grade 10 (388 points) without leakage”. Which UNZA would have accepted you?

    • Meanwhile PF have increased their salaries in that same month August and even backdated to January ….they even have the cheek to return £2million to the donors as if they have such large sums laying about!!

    • They think they are smart but simpletons…very soon even the civil servants that are helping them conceal the truth will not be paid as well then everything will come to light

    • Scientists have found that using cow manure causes brain damage. In the latest research by a South African based Zambian researcher Prof. HANSONI, he tells the ANIMO FARM REVIEW that Animo Farm owners must switch to Chicken Manure because dung is being proved to damage brains of those who constantly work in the environment of it.

    • How come their is no African name in this same novel of yours? You have memorized more nonsense from there than your own history.

    • People who practice witchcraft are known as Satanists. Little boys who practice witchcraft are known as Wizards. Witches and Wizards do not believe in God. Usually, the work of Satanists is to destroy lives. In nations, usually is to bring confusion. The gathering is not called THE COALITION OF THE WICKED for nothing.

    • jay jay you a satanist you know it deep down your heart, you a a social media evil spirit, that is sent from the pit hell to cause disbelief in the word of God. Soon or later shall know that GOD IS GOD.

    • Who taught you about whats evil and whats not? Where in the bible does it speak highly of your culture or pyramids which were built way before your religion…wake up from your docility and study about self.

  2. Edgar please, fund government institutions, at least give them salaries. government institutions have gone for several months without salaries, how do you expect employees and their families to survive…

    • A large chunk of spending goes to funding salaries of civil servants as its a blotted workforce inefficient workforce…these foools have been creating districts everywhere. …hard time are coming. When we told you the loans were unsustainable this is what we meant, more and more money will go to debt servicing leaving nothing for you only senior civil servants will get paid.

    • A large chunk of it was stolen during privatization and was shipped to PANAMA according to Privatization Papers. This was done by HAKAINDE HICHILEMA leader of the tribal COALITION OF THE WICKED.

  3. Just request for a refund from the fire tender they will pay back since they managed to pay back money for the people who needs it more.

  4. PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE: The result of voting a government based on tribal lines not on ideas. We are saying, this is just the beginning hard times are still ahead. Someone is going to swallow his tribalism and confess that the Almighty God who created all beings is not a tribalist neither is he a respecter of men. Who are you to assume that your tribe is more privileged than others. Who are you to look down on your fellow men and hate them because of their tribe, are you bigger than God who created them? Can you tell God what He should create and what He should not? Why are you insulting, on what He had desired to create. Can you prosper without His blessing? 1John 3:15, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.”

    • The problem of voting 100% UPND. No country has no challenges. This too will pass! “If HH were the coach of Zambia, Zambia could have won the FIFA world Cup at least 10x,” Larry Mweetwa.

  5. DUNUNA REVERSE ; you even dance for ichidoli mu plot one, sell one wheel barrow and pay the students!!! muzamuziba yesu

  6. Lungu just spent $4 million on hiring s jet to the US for the UN …..

    And UNZA has/had enough land and should not be short of any money…..

  7. Next elections Zambians vote for a leader with brains not because he hails from a certain region. This goes for every Zambian regardless of tribe. Consequences of tribal voting.Mwamoneni!

    • HH is a privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers and unless he repents his evil sins of greedy he cannot win elections in the 6.5 provinces

    • PRIVATIZATION thief was entrusted with the kitchen and the living room, he looted the house! Do you think if you entrusted him with the bedroom too the house will be spared? NEVER give him the key to our bedroom! Ask Paradise Papers for details! HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

  8. Is UNZA still depending on handouts from Government to pay its workers? Thats rather strange because Universities worldwide earn a lot of money by researching, working and collaborating with industries. The sad thing is even our lecturers now cant help industries in the real world find solutions through research. U University is highly ranked based on the quality of research it undertakes with tangible results which effectively earn it huge monies. Now to hear in modern times that UNZA is spoon fed makes sad reading. This is why our country cant even add value to most of raw materials because there is very little research attached to these institutions. Times have changed and those that arent ready to adapt will go go into extinction.
    UNZA, just like Councils can make serious money if…

  9. contd
    This is why our country cant even add value to most of raw materials because there is very little research attached to these institutions. Times have changed and those that arent ready to adapt will go go into extinction.
    UNZA, just like Councils can make serious money if only they can put their act together. So dont blame Government on things others are capable of doing.

    • My brother, its not government handouts, its the very unza money which govt owes the institution through unpaid tuitions of grz sponsored students

  10. Yes like other people said the money has been used to refund the funds stolen from DFID so there is no money for salaries right now. Be patient just now we are in the process of acquiring another loan to pay your salaries.

  11. Privatization false narrative will not work this time arround, we have more proof of the corrupt pf government selling national assets to China, eg. ZESCO and other renowned national identity assets, something which even Zambia’s neighbors are quietly angry about, they consider it as a shame for a country to do. As for this privatization rubbish, where is the evidence, it should have been something that must have record of which pf government can easily access, and show to the Zambian people how HH benefited from it, why is it so difficult? PF IS IN GOVERNMENT, PULL OUT THE PAPERS TO EXPOSE HOW YOUR WORST ENEMY BENEFITED FROM IT OR SHUT UP!

  12. PF ni party yaba pompwe, all of them not one of them is honest starting from the debarred lawyer who stole from a widow all the way to the ward chairman rotten to the core.

  13. Mushota you are BIG LIAR. Which UNZA accepted you in Natural Sciences with 29 Points? Even at Evelyn Hone you wouldn’t compete with those results.
    No wonder you have a PhD (Permanent Head Disorder).


  15. the government has found the missing millions —– they can use that to pay UNZA lecturers !!!!!!!!!!!! Show us the money !!

  16. Journeyman I cannot add more to what you have said. You are 100% right and I agree with you 100%. This government is too insensitive and thats what will kill them – greed. Its greedy at the highest level. Just how do they manage to do all these evil things and still want to behave like humans.

  17. Fedup l also made a plea for her to be banned but only got myself blocked. She must be tasila or someone at the embassy trying so hard to keep and sees HH she talks about as a threat to her ill gained riches

  18. Much as I feel for the students, I also hate the thing of them rushing to the road side and start throwing stones at motorists. Why must we be there victims when they have a misunderstanding with the government. We pay tax which goes to them and on top of it they want to risk our lives? Imagine a mother in a car with children, how she can panic when stones are thrown at her. Please be considerate as you do your protest.

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