Saturday, June 15, 2024

Amos Chanda and Dora Siliya Full Press Briefing



    • @Nostradamus
      I remember you helping this boy Amos buying mealie meal for his children, does he even call you now advice??,,, the boy is losing it every day

  1. The best way to counter the British agenda to tarnish Zambia’s reputation to investors abroad to promote regime change is by; avoiding their tainted bilateral donor AID money; terminating business involvement with UK companies ie Cancel and put to tender the Tullow Oil Petroleum Exploration Licence 28, which covers a 55,000-square-kilometer (21,236-square-mile) onshore block in northern Zambia. and disqualify Glencore Energy UK’s exploration bid to buy a majority stake in Zambia’s Indeni Petroleum Refinery. The less we have to do with the British the Better off we are.

    • Do you !mbecile realize that the arbitration (ICSID/UNICITRAL) compensation for the expropriation will be more that the current foreign debit?

  2. I agree with Ndoleshyafye, Get rid of all British associated businesses they are just creating problems here in Zambia, Identifying corruption etc. who cares about the 2.7 million pounds. Facts needs to keep his facts to himself. Lol

  3. Haha couldn’t help it are you also eating with Dora. How are they going to win a case with so many inconsistencies, they will ask your corrupt party why they fired some people if there was no corruption. You also don’t know what evidence they have against you to be so proud. We need to be humble instead of being proud like we don’t live off handouts

  4. Dora is one of the most brilliant minds of our time.She can absorb all your cheap verbiage while she moves the nation forward.All you cowards step up, run for office so we see how quickly you will be running for cover! I love you Dora!

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