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President Lungu doesn’t represent Sata’s vision-KBF


Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)
Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF)

Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has charged that the current PF leadership does not meet the standard set by PF Founding President Michael Sata.

Mr Fube said the current leadership does not share the values and beliefs which Mr Sata stood for.

He said the current PF leadership mindset does not meet the standard that was set by the founding father.

“We cannot pretend to represent the moral fiber of the founding father when our views are diametrically opposed to those that he stood for. With such a mindset to leadership, it is impossible for such people to be objective and truthful when called upon to contribute to the decision making processes and such people will only be truthful when they are in small dark corners in their silly little cliques where they conspire to fill there already full bellies while the masses starve. What a shame.”

He added, “This lack of focus and lack of passion, heart and ambition for the Zambian people by most political players within the Patriotic Front Party is the reason so for many of our challenges and failure represent the values and beliefs which the founding father of this party the late President Michael Chilufya Sata stood for.”

Below is Mr Fube’s full statement

From the Desk Of: Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF


I greet you all. This letter is birthed out of a great concern for the majority and poor Zambians and I make no apology to those that shall be offended by my words.

It is a fact that the journey of the Patriotic Front Party has been shared by many Zambians, some dead and some still living. On this journey, there have been both individual and collective aspirations, individual and collective sorrows, individual and collective sacrifices and individual and collective victories and celebrations.

No one person, nor small clique should therefore feel, believe or exercise the privilege of power in a manner that is detrimental to the collective. This must never be construed to mean Patriotic Front members only. The collective is all Zambians, whether PF or not.

PF as a party was founded on the premise of being Pro-Poor. This meant being sensitive and measured when taking decisions; political, social or economic that affect the Zambian people to their detriment. The recent Fuel Increment has lamentably failed this test.

I have observed with shock and dismay the proliferation of silly actions of endorsing candidates for 2021 as well as the making of almost each and every political and developmental activity a matter of 2021. This lack of focus and lack of passion, heart and ambition for the Zambian people by most political players within the Patriotic Front Party is the reason so for many of our challenges and failure represent the values and beliefs which the founding father of this party the late President Michael Chilufya Sata stood for.

The current PF leadership mindset does not meet the standard that was set by the founding father. We cannot pretend to represent the moral fiber of the founding father when our views are diametrically opposed to those that he stood for. With such a mindset to leadership, it is impossible for such people to be objective and truthful when called upon to contribute to the decision making processes and such people will only be truthful when they are in small dark corners in their silly little cliques where they conspire to fill there already full bellies while the masses starve. What a shame.

My one line to the President of the Party and the Republic is that he must choose between his friends and the Zambian people. We have moved from a pro poor party to a pro foreign interest serving leadership. This must be reversed immediately. Zambians must come first at all times.

The Zambian government cannot be taxing the Zambian people at each and every turn when there is a fiscal challenge. It is inhumane to keep demanding that the citizens part away with more of their consistently dwindling earnings and to add insult to injury, the political players who are already indulged with the trappings of privilege, choose to increase their pay within the same stride.

I shall not seek to catalogue the long list of direct and indirect taxes forced onto the people but I will say this; it is only about a month ago that to cushion the effect of the high cost of living on domestic workers, the solution was found in the middle class whose income or revenue streams are already strained, suffering and uncertain. Barely a month later, government has increased the price of fuel and not only did government officials in the upper echelons of power lie to the Zambian people about the increment, officials in the upper echelons of power in the PF have decided to run with “It has also increased in other countries”. So what if it has also increased in other countries? We are Zambia and our responsibility is to the Zambian people.

My open advice is that the people of Zambia do not only expect more from us as the party in power but that they actually deserve more.

We have the majority in parliament and can easily propose an emergency law that can be enacted to correct and stabilize economic threats. For once, can we please see our executive and our legislature cracking their heads in a common effort for our beloved country and its people. I therefore propose the following;

1. Cut out the middleman.

2. Cut out the taxes on fuel.

3. Import the fuel through IDC for the next two years.

4. Use the cheaper fuel to stimulate the economy through cheaper production costs.

It is submitted that this will increase consumer spending and that the government can still make the money they have been making from fuel tax through an increase in other revenue streams spurred by the cheaper fuel and this will also give the people a much deserved and needed break from all these taxes.

This alternative is economically sound and can be employed among other strategies to stimulate the economy but it seems that our current PF leadership is refusing to spend time on thinking outside the box for solutions that protect and better the lives of the majority of the Zambian people.

For example, the marketeers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, commuters, small scale farmers, local common traders, SME’s and the middle class in general will greatly improve their spending power by these measures. Yet the government has decided to take sides and support a very small clique of filthy rich businessmen with close links to senior government and party officials. The few businessmen that would be affected by being cut out of the fuel procurement chain will not starve. They are already filthy rich, anyway. Mr President, let us put the citizens before the business men.

We must remember that cheaper fuel was a campaign promise and if we are politicians worth our salt, we must honor our campaign promises. We must also remember that we promised and stand for lower taxes and more money in people’s pockets.

Politics is about service and not using the people only to rise to the trappings of privilege. So called trappings because privilege often blinds people to the suffering of the non- privileged ordinary hardworking everyday people who often continue suffering because the privileged few have forgotten the plight of the poor masses and have put in place measures that work for the privileged but not for the non-privileged.

To those officials in the Patriotic Front whose only contribution to finding solutions to the many problems being faced by the country is to shout “Lungu 2021” and to threaten other members with suspensions and expulsions, I think the time has come for you to make yourselves relevant to the country and do the jobs that come with the positions you hold.

Our party and our country are in the problems they are in because too many of you are failing at your jobs. Too many of you are corrupt and too many of you choose to flatter the President with lies because if you tell him the truth of how rotten you have made things, you will expose you failings and shortcomings. Some of us would rather stand with the poor than compromise the principles and values that made PF win government.

Your failings and cover-ups are causing suffering among the Zambian people and will only make your much focused upon 2021 elections even more difficult to win.

The Zambians right now are not interested in the 2021 elections but are concerned and interested in finding the next meal for their family and paying the next bill and tax that has been imposed on them.

In view of the foregoing, I am once again calling for an INDABA (PF). I am further reaching out to my brothers Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba to find time so we can sit down. They and others that may have felt aggrieved by some elements within the party must be part of the INDABA. After all CK and HK are still sitting as PF Members of Parliament.

It is time for us as the ruling party to put petty politics aside, get the party in order and serve the country better than we are currently doing as the party in power.

There are so many general members who can contribute to making this party and this country better, but most of the leaders who have run their course and have nothing new, innovative or vibrant to offer are blocking the young general members who have the much needed ideas.

The world is changing and the youths are the driving force of the new age. It is time to allow the youths to come to the fore and take their rightful place in leadership. After all it is they who have the most to lose as they have longer to live with the consequences of inaction.

In conclusion, I ask the why it is seemingly so difficult for government to get the monies owed to us as a country by the mines? Including those monies that should have come to us as a country from the cobalt sales whose numbers we never hear of, and those monies which the courts have said must be paid to the country. Why should the Zambian people be treated so harshly and the mines be treated with kid gloves when the Zambians are the owners of the mineral wealth in the land.

Bushe ninshi mu boma muli abalelyamo ku migodi? Twebeni twishibeko utuntu.

I remain KBF.


    • I would president Lungu’s vision is better.

      For me is the greatest Zambian President we have ever had.



    • Chipante pante Lungu.

      How many drunkards have vision?

      So why would you expect Lungu to be an exception?

      Lungu has taken Zambia back to the dark ages.

    • I read it all.
      These are the kind of guys I get along with. He is as bright as HH and Kalaba.
      Now I want to hear Kelvin’s voice, I hope not annoying as HH.

    • KBF may have a point, but he is speaking out of bitterness. if he had a seat at the table where our resources are being plundered, he would have been silent as a mouse. Now that he has no share, he is aggrieved because he feels that he worked hard to help Lungu win and he has been ignored.

    • The problem with Sata is even though he knew he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer he didn’t want anybody to talk about succession …he would have used that time to nurture his juniors but instead he handpicked a drunkard moron with absolutely zero leadership skills in the name of Lazy Lungu thinking he was going to simply be cured in UK and comeback as if nothing happened. He then had his friend Scott as Veep knowing full well that there would be complications in any event. Sata’s vision of infrastructure development without fiscal discipline is the root cause of all this….lesson to all don’t elect a Grade 12 in such positions.

    • @JayJay, but wasabaila boyi. Are you drunk already? You mixed good points with imiponto and insulting the people whom we have already said “MHSRIP”.

    • Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      My mum told me the other day that these PF corrupt dimwits have asked her to pay for the borehole she installed on her plot. Doesn’t make sense… she used her own; the council haven’t installed any running water where she lives; the borehole and the tank are on her plot, so why the h€ll does the govt want her for? I thought the govt are the ones who should be paying her and compensating her for failing to take running water to her suburb. This is cr@zy man, unbelievable!

    • Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Should read “…she used her own money….”.

      By the way I told her not to pay… just because they are govt doesn’t mean they can steal and rob people in broad daylight.

      Next they will be asking people to pay for the air they breathe.

    • It is fine. The two are different individuals so it would be foolish to think that the other would do what the other would have done even though there may be similarities. Please get aside and let us work. Mr. President you have done very well. Keep on doing the work. We will be glad to see you what you will when 2026. A milestone that none could have done, I think you will leave a great footprint on Zambia especially that the little boy is UNELECTABLE.

    • @Nostradamus
      Should invite Fube for a drink?? , I will call him manje manje, give me a signal brother, I know you always have special tequila for special friends and brothers only,,, not for thugs like kaizer & company

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father pooping in public HAGAIN! Anyone to give him a diaper HAGAIN please?

      Are you done?
      Umutwe wamubiyo chalo chimbi.

    • Organisational vision baba
      No-wonder even toilets are launched by our presidents because they want everything to be attributed to their so called great leadership

    • Need we say more. After all Mr Sata left us uncle Alexander Chikwanda. ….what a vision. Fube is like a yoyo. He supports Lungu each time he thinks he might be appointed, but changes course when someone else gets the position he hoped for.

    • President Lungu is not President Sata. Please don’t confuse us! While they can share some views President Lungu is his own man! In 2026, we shall look back and see a great imprint of this President on Zambia! Let’s develop this thing! It will NEVER be president.

  1. Pride comes before a mans fall
    We are in deep Sh*t as a nation
    We must minimize calling our presidents as excellencies, i think a lot goes to their heads and they assume a very high platform that gives them a sense of unaccountably to the people they are supposed to serve.
    Who says a president can not address the nation? just because he has a spokesperson to hide behind, i feel sorry for the young chap its one of the hardest Jobs around whist the the top guy gallivants and only makes drunken statements at runways.
    Zambians wake up and hold these people accountable scandal after scandal.

    • Bozo
      Even Mwanawasa was called “Your Excellency “but it did not get to his head.The incumbent has just failed,changing his title cant help,it is however gratifying to note that even his colleagues in the party are now speaking out.All he is focused on is 2021,personally i want to see how he will steer the ship to 2021,obviously nothing will change…

  2. The driver is sleeping and dozing while the vehicle is going down the drain.He was given a bigger vehicle without gaining proper experience on how to drive it.There were capable drivers who would have driven it in a prudent and careful manner.
    He is now driving the vehicle in a potholes of poverty and hunger.It is high time he was told that the vehicle is too big for him.Let another driver take over.Otherwise,he has lost direction and focus.The vehicle is in total mess.This is the reason of putting a person without focus to drive a big vehicle.When he will be through with it,it will be a wreck.It will be very difficult for the next driver to operate a wreck of a vehicle.

    • To this date I wonder why SATA entrusted Zambia to a man with no experience, it has been a disaster and by 2021 we will have no Zamia to talk about.

    • Ba Titus naimwe,Sata is the architect of our misery, which leader can see leadership qualities in Kampyongo, Chitotela, Kapata and the like,personally my regret is that he took the easy way out he should have been alive so that we could now show him the real cabbage between him and Mwanawasa.

  3. But why should he represent SATA’s vision? Edgar Lungu is his own man, I may not like Edgar Lungu for literally destroying Zambia but you can not compare him to SATA.

  4. Ba fube should refer to the letter that was purportedly written by Mwanakatwe. That letter was clear & full of facts. Sata was a thief. The current pf has just followed the same thieving layout set by sata. In other words pf, including you, are a disapointment to the masses because you are thieves. If you also has a ministerial position we know you would have been quitely stealing.

  5. He represents his own drunkard stupor visionless and directionless dununa reverse. It amazing that people in PF have failed to fathom this simple fact yet they cling to it. There will be very serious repercussions come 2021 as most of these ministers have no immunity to shield them from prosecution. Educated elite people like KBF can speak their minds because they know how the visionless came into power and the feel no one can intimidate them. Tutwa and KBF should gang up and challenge this misrule.

  6. Actually, it would be a grave mistake to continue with Sata’s policies. Sata is responsible for all the problems the Zambian people are going through. He brought public debt, reckless spending, violence, above all he recruited most of these corrupt people who are stealing from the Zambian people today.

    • Yes MCS believed in “action” without considering the consequences or where the money will come from. Let there be a road here, let this be a district .. its done! Clap! clap! clap! No one would dare tell the great leader that this is not in the budget because of the fear of those famous words being fired with ” immediat effect” The chickens have now come home to roost.

  7. KBF has driven the point straight home. But who listen to such timely advice. PF did damage to the economy and no amount of damage control will save the current situation. We allowed it because we are not proactive. No matter what vision one had in the absence of proper planning and strict management of the little resources at our disposal nothing will be achieved. We need to reflect upon ourselves as Zambians and chart the way forward. This is not the subject of PF, UPND, MMD,NAREP etc. But concerns all Zambians, let us put our heads together or else we

  8. Chiluba, for all his failings, advised that he be called simply Mr President. I believe that was a psychology hack to make himself approachable and relevant in a new dispensation. Alas, we have gone all the way back to where it was almost a miracle to see the President in the flesh without a layer of cadres and irrelevant praise singers. KBF has braved it – I hope he will have a decent audience and support. Listen to the cries of the people for just once in your fcuking lives you so-called leaders!? Kansi muli bwanji a mambala!?

  9. Ba Bwalya Fube Fube is sensible now! let’s purge the current crop of politicians of the corrupt enterprise. Power to the people of Zambia!

  10. This is a bitter pill to swallow.

    It’s unbelievable that PF today has dusted him off the scene. He feels ignored like a doormat and can’t stop ranting about his displeasure.

    Mr Fube why can’t you join pastoral team..?

  11. KBF is a bitter man …..kkkkk I bit him. ECL is the best presudent Zambia has ever seen. I have been around all the six presidents none is compared to ECL.
    Sata did his part we thank God. Its time ECL to do his part.
    The foreign policy or Zambia’s international relationship is at its best ever.
    Why should you compare ECL to Sata these are different people with different why of doing things and I like the Edgar way more.

    • Pls do justice to the inept
      You started off by saying he was a christian nope,God sent nope,humble nope,Now the best? Lets be serious these are not issues to joke about but of serious consequences.
      Lungu never managed anything of more than 3 people during his law practice days, being tasked to fill mwanawasas boots is an impossibility its even difficult to mention them in the same sentence kano na ba Sata efyofine MHSRIP.

  12. Just see….. at his level sharing such comments about your leaders. Next he will write about his wife and parents.

    I have no respect for this man anymore and i now understand why he is being sidelined.

  13. KBF was around when Sata was president but he never appointed him even at deputy minister level while Edgar has all key positions to himself.e.g. Party Secretary General, Justice Minister, Defence Minister at the same time.

  14. ECL told reporters he had no vision for the country, why do you think the man cant even hold a simple press conference, he always speaks via his mouth piece the Chanda boy, the problem is that even if hardship hits people in the face they will still vote for him which is problem we face in Zambia, we vote in tribal lines and not on performance. In other countries this chap we have never seen the instruments of power, people already knew he was a drunk and they knew he had a questionable past ( stole money from a widow and he was a disbarred lawyer) that should already have been a red light.

  15. When the PF are through with the construction of Airports, Roads, Hospitals, Schools and Universities Zambia will be a nation to reckon with as we will have enough money in our pockets. Only the supporters of HH are bitter with the development happening in Zambia and they are blind to see the efforts being made by the PF to put more in our pockets. Zambia will be a prosperous nation and a middle income nation by 2030.ECL don’t let these destructors put you off the course otherwise, you are doing a great job

  16. The only point KBF has made that is worth of note is asking Edgar to choose between Zambians and his friends. What KBF should have added was that Edgar should choose between God Almighty and jemasoni for God despises drunken leaders. You can’t make national decisions in a drunken stupor. The rest is what these new chaps in the 3rd Wave are saying. They will sweep Zambia clean. It’s like KBF just copied and pasted, ukwali insoke takwafwile umuntu

  17. KBF is just an opportunistic theif….when he needs to eat he supports lungu…when he grows fat and has wet dreams of the pf leadership, he tries to look good by pontaring , just wait and see when he gets squeezed how he will be dancing dunnuna with lungu….

  18. What vision did that Sata have apart from lying to the Lozi people about implementation the Barotseland Agreement ? That man was rude and undiplomatic ! His successor behaves live a villager in a suit begging the Turkish president for money on national TV ?

  19. KBF was President Lungu’s darling.What went wrong?.Is it a case of sour grapes?I remember how he single-handledly plotted to impeach the Linda Kasonde led LAZ Executive because of her seemingly anti-PF/Lungu stance.Away from there,I agree with KBF on his proposal number three(3) where he says crude oil/petroleum procurement should be done throgh IDC afterall it is the main conglomerate chaired by the President that controls most State Owned Enterprises(SOEs) including INDENI.With this done,those alleged middlemen will be put to’ rest’ and I hope they dont ‘resurrect’ .I think the Government should open an Export-Import Bank of Zambia( Exim Bank Zambia) whose mandate/function will be exclusively to facilitate exports (and/or imports) and help finance export dependent companies when…

    • and help finance export dependent companies when local banks are unwilling.BOZ is a regulator and oversees monetay policy and should not be reduced to handling exports.I think the newly formed Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank(ZICB) which bought assets for the defunct Intermarket Banking Corporation can be restructured into Exim Bank Zambia and champion Zambia’s export market including taming the miners arrogance by making them tax compliant (as it will be an official tax collection agent) since it will have the mandate to oversee all exports and imports.

  20. How do you represent the vision of a dead man who used to smoke dagga. Zambia is in all these problems today because of sata and no one else

  21. It’s true , what vision did sata have ?

    Sata made a convicted fraudster, lungu a minister of justice , what does that say ?

  22. birds of the same feathers…dont trust them…. they change colours…..
    he engineered the election and judiciary in favour of Lungu…. call opposition as evil…. you are reaping what you sow…………
    Zambians dont trust Winter, Nawaki ,Lungu, Msoni, Tayali, Edward Mumbi and clergies like Joshua Banda and Pukuta Mwanza….. These chaps want good things for themselves only…..

  23. Mutasha umuntu ngafwa ba Sata mwalebapontela. We know you Bembas you all want to go to State House its only person.

    • It has just been rumor that ECL was hand picked. If MCS really wanted him to succeed him(MCS) why didn’t he make him vice president or so called running mate.

  24. Late Michael Sata was a standard 4 and never had an qualifucation from any known school,so how can Mr Sata have proper knowledge than learned Edgar Lungu, a UNZA graduate?In case you dont know,it is actually Mr Sata who messed up our economy because all Govnt experts were fearing to advise him properly,hence this mess!!

    KBF is frustrated with ECL because he thought he will be rewarded but alas,his studidity has costed him the money spining job in PF Govnt!!!

  25. #36 bodman, so you ” know” that he is a thief? Give us the evidence pleeaassee! So that we support you Pleeeesee

  26. The Mastermind behind Mary Tshuma of FIC’s leaks based on her husbands mention in the first divorce filing. An obvious attempt to discredit PF in a personal vendetta.

  27. A leader must lead change not legacy. To expect Lungu E. C. to live by Sata M. C’s vision is firstly implying, Michael Sata was the preserve of knowledge and secondly that HE Lungu E. C or anyone else is incapable of being rational unless he follow the ideologies of his predecessor. With all due respect to the late gallant Michael Chilufya Sata, he was not the preserve of knowledge. He did well by his vision like all the National presidents before him.

    Fube K.B must understand that leadership is to a great extent personality. Therefore, leadership styles are bound to differ from one person to the other. I don’t believe the people of Zambia are expecting H.E Edgar C. Lungu to live by Sata’s vision, rather they want and expect him lead a change that will improve lives and make Zambia…

  28. Well said . I don’t know about him being gallant ? He used the Barotseland issue to get into office! and ironically the same group of thieves ( MMD) he was trying to replace are now running the country anyway ! Zambia is a kleptocracy….

  29. #40 The Patriot, you are very right in every respect except one: H.E. Edgar C Lungu declared and has repeatedly reminded us (including yourself) that he is following Sata’s vision. From his own mouth and it is on record.
    Let me hadten to state again that I have never had much regard for Sata’s vision. I believe as ever that he was essentially incompetent to run the affairs of this nation and I saw and said it then, that his actions would lead us to the massive problems that we have now. Remember that he came to power on the basis of either populist lies or ignorance. What does that tell us about those who follow Sata’s vision?

  30. Let me hasten too, to remind all what I have stated repeatedly that Trib.al Hacks is NO option for Zambia based on his past deeds and his tri.bal base, his ascention to power on t.ribe, his etc etc tr.ibal etc etc. There is no worse evil for this country than triba.lism, with tri.balism entrenched (as it is in upnd) any economic, or social progress or investments that Zambia makes will shortly be destroyed, leaving in huge debts and requiring more huge debts to recover and rebuild. That is not the Zambia we aspire to be. And there is no doubt that upnd under tri.bal Hacks has taken our country to new unprecedented heights in tri.balism and national division.

  31. For some reason which can only be stu.pidity reinforced by chieftainess mukuni, upnd leaders thought they could ascend to power on that basis, only to realise too late. Attempted some cosmetic changes but as they say, too little too late, they require another thirty years to repair the damage with tri.bal Hacks as leader, maybe 25 years less if tri.bal Hacks is replaced now.

  32. I almost had a heart attach. Sharon making a comment without mentioning HH? But I see true to form that HE has found the time to mention HH!

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