Copperbelt PF warns indiscipline members, at it holds Inter party Elections

President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials
President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials
President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials
President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials

Copperbelt Patriotic Front Secretary Mike Manda says no level of indiscipline will be tolerated as the party starts its intraparty elections today.

Manda has since advised candidates participating in the intra – party elections to keep high level of political discourse.

He said all was set for the province to commence ward elections set for this weekend and expects no acts of confusion.

“We held branch elections successful and it is expected that the ward elections will follow suit and violence free. No level of indiscipline will be tolerated,” Manda said.

He said the message to the aspiring candidates is to desist from campaign messages that would injure each other.

He said the provincial leadership has since engaged senior party officials from all the districts in the province and enlightened with guidelines in holding the elections.

And Manda has made mention that the provincial leaders have a cordial relationship with copperbelt based members of parliament.

Manda said the MPs have exhibited high level of interaction and loyalty to the party leadership.

However, he mentioned despite the caucus committee of the parliamentarians is not in the party structures; as it is established to enable members share ideas.

He emphasized that the committee did not rule over party structures.

The Copperbelt caucus committee for MPs chaired by Mufulira Central parliamentarian Evans Chibanda has been labeled to work against the party structures.


    • WAY TO GO
      LT check your pathetic headline. Holding interparty elections, are you sure?
      AnYway good luck PF. That sets you aside. Don’t mind these upndeads, they are dead. 17yrs solid wallowing in tremendous loses. If Mazoka was to reincarnate, he would hell “What an incompetent leadership you got you damn DEADs”. Double h would then mumble.. “Boss it was tough; it’s been rough. I got from number 2 to 3 to 2 again in general elections”. “PF is a thorn especially in my damn a**, damn they are so tough boss”. STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION!

    • KAMBELA – yelling again, “damn boy I warned you about tribalism. The Zambian Enterprise people are elite, they are smart, now tell me have you been holding intraparty elections?”
      Double h – ” boss, I…I can’t. I think it is a waste of time. I just hand pick and appoint.”
      KAMBELA – Face tight, man I miss his wrinkles on his forehead ” hand what? Are you nuts? Boy ohh boy that’s why you’ve been losing. You mean PF does it all the time? No wonder you only get voted for by default voters like like lilo and the rest” he said as he disappeared in thin air talking to himself.

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