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Godfridah Sumaili warns political parties not to stop people from attending National Day of Prayer

Headlines Godfridah Sumaili warns political parties not to stop people from attending National...

Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs Hon. Godfridah Sumaili during the 70th Anniversary of the World Council of Churches (WCC).
Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs Hon. Godfridah Sumaili during the 70th Anniversary of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

Government has warned political parties to refrain from stopping their members from participating in the National Day of Prayers, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation.

ZANIS reports that Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili said no political party has a right to stop people from worshiping and praying during the national day of prayer on 18th October.

Reverend Sumaili stressed that politicians who don’t want to pray , repent and reconcile with the rest of the nation should not stand in the way of people they lead because faith is a personal conviction that has nothing to do with political affiliation.

She pointed out that political leaders shunning to pray to God who gives all authority are not worthy to lead God’s people.

The minister explained that the National Day of Prayer is not a political activity but a spiritual one that citizens should use to reflect and seek God in their lives.

Reverend Sumaili said people from all walks of life must be allowed to exercise their religious freedom and not be held to ransom on account of their political affiliations.

She urged the church in the country to continue praying and engaging political parties and other stakeholders in dialogue and reconciliation for a common agenda of unity and prosperity.

She said the National Day of Prayer can unlock blessings upon the country which can be translated into tangible development that lifts the living standards of people in the country.

The minister urged Zambians to come out and participate in the Day of Prayer in their respective provincial centres and districts.

Reverend Sumaili said Zambians have every reason to be thankful and prayerful to God because of the peace the country continues to enjoy amidst a diverse people, society and culture.

She added that, the country needs healing so that Zambians can return to God’s ways and stop stealing and abusing the country’s resources.

The minister paid glowing tribute to Church mother bodies and their member churches for taking up the mantle of organising the day of prayer in collaboration with her ministry.

On Thursday, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said that the opposition party will not be part of the October 18 national ‘prayers’ because prayer without action does not yield results.

Addressing journalists at the party secretariat in Lusaka , Hichilema, when asked whether or not he could encourage UPND members to attend the day of prayers, responded: “Some of us pray every day!”

“Some of us go to the Sabbath every Saturday. Some of us go to Church every Sunday. So, why create a fictitious day of prayer? So, it means maybe those [in the PF] before that day (of prayer), they are pagans. They are even doing negative things, including stealing from nkote (the aged). Then on the day of prayer, they will go and pray; we are not part of them – we pray every day,” Hichilema said.

“Prayer without action does not yield results; prayer must be backed by action. So, let those who create Christians for an individual, other than Jesus, continue doing that. We are Christians for only one God – the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.”

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  1. Godfridah why don’t you take your Day of Prayers and go pray at State House in your silly cabinet meeting…you returned money for the disabled back to the donors because they challenged you on stealing.

    • Is the filthy pastor from “bread of life” who filmed himself showing his dirty plonker going to lead the so called prayers?

    • Malabishi…why would you force people to pray? just bring back our stolen money and stop mocking God. PF your days are numbered, mark my words. You are the worst government Zambia has ever had. How did we get here?

    • Godfriah has absolutely no shame at all this silly wicked woman with zero morals…she even has the cheek to issue warnings at this point in time when her corrupt incompetent boss is cowering behind the door. I mean what type of a President can not show himself and address the nation after a student in her fourth year at uni suffocates in her room and another is disabled after jumping out of the window.
      Only docile gullible nincompoops will attend such bollocks.

    • In Christianity there’s is only one Judge who makes a ruling on someone’s life, it’s not your minister of religious affairs , pastor, elder etc. She was the first one to cast a stone at the upnd, when she said she was looking forward to see the them participate and not to shun her 18th of October, now that they have responded diplomatically, she has been smitten like those chaps who were snitching on Daniel in Bible. Madam just go bow down before your golden calf fattened courtesy of Chinese loans.

    • The goodness is the HAZALUZA HAGAIN. He is not mature enough. Very CHILDISH little boy. When you lose you concede. When the president motorcade wants to pass, you yield. When entrusted with public funds you remain faithful – no inside trading or money laundering or siphoning the loot to a tax haven. When invited to pray you come and you humble yourself before God. When in private life you do not own Three Mansions. When your people begin evoking tribalism, you denounce it. When you lose a few times you call for election for others to challenge your legitimacy. The little boy has a long way to go. A lot is needed for him to grow up!

    • When its time to be accountable and transparent about their dealings they are absolutely absolutely nowhere to be seen or inconspicuous or state that that information is not for public consumption…I mean these empty tins spent 10 days in China 10 days the whole cabinet including the Finance Minister (only Old Hen Bo Inonge was left at home) with their boss did they report back to the people of Zambia what they signed or did; nothing…now prayer date is approaching they want to encourage you gullible lot to pray for them to your White Jesus..really laughable…your docility is your downfall people of Zambia.
      They are lucky they have a useless opposition …if we had one they would have published how much is spent on this utterly useless woman and her ministry every year by taxpayers.

    • I will never support a national prayer of thieves by thieves!

      Lungu and his thugs should stop mocking God because one day he will be no more president.

      Lungu must go.

    • Actually i cant wait to watch them maybe the only time i will watch them on ZNBC this year apart from the time when i watched a Zambia match recently,i want to see Pastor “”Ububomba Mwibala”” change his tone from encouraging people to steal[which is a sin]to praying and encouraging people to pray.The man has reduced everything to a joke…how from telling people to sin [steal] to leading them to pray you have to be an ***** to be there

    • Even Hitler had clergy telling him it was all very Godly to send 6 million Jews to gas chambers. Even during the American civil war (1860-64) that was fought over whether to ban or maintain slavery, there was no shortage of clergy who were preaching that slavery was okay. Why should it be different in the present? Students of history know this very well.

    • A ministry meant to give a friend a job. What has this ministry contributed to Zambia’s progress? Can this ministry sontapo? Where do Zambians wait for this ministry to come and offer a service? How much is it costing Zambia to appease Lungu’s friends? Is nepotism a positive part of the Bible?

  2. Uko!
    You can not pray for the economy mama, economics is quantitative of quality leadership.
    The Skeleton Key

    • Satanists mock God but a day of reckoning will come when they will have to mock themselves for not believing in CHRIST.

    • The circus continues;
      Government sources have revealed to the Zambian Watchdog that people surrounding president Lungu want to arrest Hichilema and link him to the sporadic riots around the country.
      There has been sporadic riots on the Copperbelt and Lusaka involving the Police and vendors and the University of Zambia students where a female student died after police brutality.

    • @Sharon, can you please collect my $500 I donated to build their PF-Church of All. They came here to fundraise, we gave them money, no church has been built.
      UK got their money back, we want our money back too.

    • The Church is coming soon and we will invite him HAGAIN to attend to pray. If he is not afraid that the demons would manifest, he will be there.

  3. These people should be apologizing now for a life lost because of their negligence and greed. They pay themselves on time and even backdated it while civil servants, students and the poor entitled to social fund go unpaid. Why even force people to go and pretend to pray with thieves that’s like mocking God. This woman and her unnecessary ministry now want to force people to pray like it’s a forcing matter, people are free to choose

  4. To HELL with this woman, all she’s doing is trying to keep her job so she could mint millions from poor Zambians through this Pentecostaling tricks. Please my dear brothers and sisters, boycott this so-called day of prayers. Go out to work and/or look for food to feed the young like animals in the bush do. Singing hallelujah won’t take you anywhere

    • Everyday is day of prayer if you so choose.You need not go to the Mosque,, Synagogue , Church or Idolotary deity to pray. You can always pray peacefully in bed as you play or anywhere you prefer.No orders necessary.Let us prey. Amen.



  7. These empty tins had they refused to payback money they accrued illegally as ministers even stating that they are no proper channels to do so but were swift to return money to donors when cornered …even lied that it was in the account all along without showing evidence now they want people to pray with them after they have increased their salaries and allowances.
    Really laughable …go and pray with them with your empty stomachs.

    • “An empty tin makes a lot of noise!” Larry Mweetwa! “Never argue with a fuu, people might not notice the difference,” Sharon.

  8. A day for hypocrites, the Lord will not hold you guiltless for using his name in vain. What has changed about the PF leaders since they started observing this day, other than continuing to abuse national resources, corruption, stealing from the down trodden, inciting violence, stigmatizing the sick etc. The Devil knows how much you look forward to justifying the importance of this day by searching for signs and he will surely oblige you for he can also perform wonders.

  9. Godfridah Sumaili has doesn’t think properly, a national event doesn’t exclude anyone but Godfridah has banned Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others from attending her prayers. There many Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others still sponsoring the PF. There are many supporters of PF who aren’t Pentecostals, so it’s hypocrisy for Godfridah to expect others not to reciprocate what she has started. Just got and recite your meaningless prayers and get your allowances. We will lock you up later, ask Rev. Zita Nyirongo.

  10. Comment:
    l don’t think if people are benefiting from the ministry of guidance and religious affairs. This has come to our attention that our resources are wasted too! there a president can declare the national day of prayer for what. That day won’t be attended by the real Christians unless the gentiles.

  11. I have bought enough alcohol to sustain myself on this day. While you the corrupt Christian politicians pray that you shouldn’t be caught for stealing public funds, we non-believers will be dancing to dununa reverse privately. Pun intended.

  12. The National day of prayer is organized on a working day. I am a briefer in He LORD Jesus but do not approve we can lose a working day for prayers. He that does not work Should not eat. Besides, when did politicians take center stage asking for people to gather for prayer? That is why the Christian Faith has been termed opium of the people simply because Christians are used to support the corrupt ‘Tsar’ regimes. The Church should simply invite these politicians to churches for prayers and confessions.

  13. The National day of prayer is organized on a working day. I am a believer in the LORD Jesus but do not approve Losing a working day for prayers. He that does not work Should not eat. Besides, when did politicians take center stage asking for people to gather for prayer? That is why the Christian Faith has been termed opium of the people simply because Christians are used to support the corrupt ‘Tsar’ regimes. The Church should simply invite these politicians to churches for prayers and confessions. This is nothing but hypocrisy. Pastor Godfridah Sumaili houkdngo back to church and leave that ministerial position. That is not how we count blessings of the LORD

  14. Like all them corrupt acts will be washed and just start a new chapter. Then next we shall be singing praise to Mother Zambia for her Independence like we don’t know how much she bleeds..

  15. Hakalusa Hagain!!He has never praised any government sincehe took over the party harriedly transformed it into a tripartite bantustan under the tutorialege of one sijani.Anti tribalitsts ,Matongo,Hachipuka,threw in the towel! He can never make a good leader.Once voted into power ,he will be behaving like trump the trumpet!!

  16. Shameless Jezebel! You have not even issued a statement on your recent state killing of a defenseless student at UNZA! Which God would accept prayers of unrepentant murderers offering incense with hands dripping blood? You are simply Looking for another excuse to divert attention from real issues! Looks like we may have early elections. We have mocked God enough and it won’t be 2021 but much earlier! Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin!

  17. The corrupt are calling for prayers?

    These guys are theives and murderers.

    PF do not use the name of the Almighty in vain.

  18. I think 2 prayer and fastings have been held so far and corruption has doubled. And a third one will triple corruption. Let us pray individually instead and also for the leaders to be delivered.

  19. JaJay is on the spot. Cannot add more only to say these PF satanists will finish us. They want to remain alone in this country to continue looting and stealing using the Chinese.

  20. “She added that, the country needs healing so that Zambians can return to God’s ways and stop stealing and abusing the country’s resources.”
    …..very suggestive Madame Sumaili and insulting really….. me am not one of the thieves, I don’t own any sudden wealth, maybe you mean your fellow leaders kabili ubaziba banzako mu cabinet.

  21. Mama Godfrieda, just clap up and keep receiving your salary from your useless created ministry. Pray for what? You people think we Zambians are fools as at when things are bad you say let us pray? do not blaspheme God. Things are bad in zambia. Pray for yourselves as the day of reckoning is going to fall on yous like a ton of bricks and you can then conduct prayers from Mukobeko prison. Why mention political parties? politics and religion should not be mixed. Please pray for yourselves and whilst praying weep for yourselves as well because of the retrubition you will get. False preacher.

  22. Jay Jay, what happened to the upnd convention which we were promised to confirm whether its members still endorse your fellow tri.bal Hacks? Let’s not allow T Hacks to distract our attention, basically he is an illegimate president who has no right to talk about national affairs…..not that Zambians really pay attention to trib.al leaders but all the same guide your trib.al brother.

    And where is GBM anyway? Tri.bally sidelined and angry, I hear? Forcing T Hacks to condemn tri.balism without apologising for himsef.

  23. Hey you all chill ! I’m presenting to you the alternative truth.The honorable Reverend was actually appealing to playas to dedicate their energies that day to showtime! So, Playas ,on that day show them “This is how we do it”as playas . It’s all about skin on skin , Adam n Eve, not God and Evil ! Got it?Let us prey and recite the Lo’ s playa! “Our father…..

  24. The alternative fact is that the Reverend is reminding us of the national day for players.A day to celebrate and enjoy skin playas! So let us prey !

  25. You do not force people to attend prayers and it’s not about some party telling people not to attend it’s about what people are seeing. What kind of people should come before God to pray? It’s people who are spiritually clean before Him. What are people going to pray for with all the dirt in the lives of those who are leading the nation. God cannot be mocked. You reap what you saw and you cannot cheat God. There are so many Christians who are not happy with what is going on. Do not hide behind pray and please stop mocking God because He cannot be mocked.

    Minister of religious affairs. What is that anyway? It’s not even Biblical. Search your hearts first and be right with God and then you can pray and God can hear. As it is that’s just a waste of God’s time. I would rather pray…

  26. God gave us brains so that he can rest, just change ur attitude u *****s and stop talking rubbish, u are busy stealing, filling up ur pockets and now u want people fasting on top of poverty, when u u finish praying, u quickly rush on ur fat account, withdraw and buy all u can, really I don’t know even what u are asking from God, maybe u want more money from donors or u want when u steal, no one knows, stop been foolish and start thinking, *****s.

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